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Vijayasree in Ponnapuram Kotta

Vijayasree’s four-year reign had the best of Malayalam’s movie directors churning out productions that had to have her as the centre of its starry universe, not forgetting who the leading man already would be, Prem Nazir. her movies always had a heady combination of great songs, mostly by Sreekumaran Thampy. I have been able to compile 40 movies of hers, and Any additions to this list, as always, would be gladly welcome. She did the maximum number of movies with Sasikumar, closely followed by the Udaya Studios’ kitschy industrial dramas that went by the name of Vadakkan paattukal on celluloid. Interestingly, she was also the leading lady in Ankathattu, directed by TR Raghunath, which was a clone of the ones put out by Udaya, and the sole reason for the movie being there, on hindsight, seems to be Vijaysree’s brand power.

Her Lead Actors.

There is only one answer to the most popular one amongst that – Prem Nazir. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement that guaranteed success at the box-office. She got to ride shot-gun on his star power and the Evergreen hero got to bask and refresh himself in the glowing aura of this new phenomenon on screen. Because it was the most viable ‘team’ onscreen of that period, it isn;t a surprise that they got to sing together some of the best songs of that era together. Vijayasree also got to pair opposite Vincent, Raghavan and even Gemini Ganesan – but that is a minority.

Her Directors.

AB Raj, P Subramaniam, Sasi Kumar, M Krishnan Nair and Kunchacko – all vied a share the fame pie. her saving grace seems to have been a handful of movies that came in between, notably, KS Sethumadhavan‘s Adyathe Kadha (1972), Ramu Karyat‘s Maya (1972) and KS Sethumadhavan’s Jeevikkaan Marannu Poya Sthree (1974) – if I remember right. I am told that Vandikkari (1974) and Youvanam (1974) were both posthumous releases, and were incomplete, but P Subramaniam went ahead a released them anyway as a single entity with the 2 movies back-to-back, with some sort of a beginning, middle and an end brought at the editing table for both the movies. Need to confirm this ! Any inputs are welcome.

Speaking of P Subramaniam, its hilarious to watch him make Vijaysree in Kaadu (1973), to recreate the same old magic that Miss Kumari did with Anna Valarthiya Vanambadi in 1960.

Miss Kumari in Aana Valarthiya Vanambadi (1960)
Miss Kumari in Aana Valarthiya Vanambadi (1960)

The premises basically the same, and she even cavorts in the jungle in almost the same attire that Miss Kumari had in 1960. Parts of some sequences of the songs in the movie even has her doing the exact same things in Anna Valarthiya Vanambadi. Its almost as if P Subramaniam told the Props & Costumes guy, “It’s a jungle movie. Pull out all the stuff from the closet we have from the Aana Valarathiya Vanambadi movie, alter them to fit Vijayasree and that would be it.” 😀

Vijayasree in Kaadu (1973)
Vijayasree in Kaadu (1973)

Get the idea ?

Please let me know of any additions, deletions or iterations.



Pooja Pushpam 1969
Detective 909 Keralathil 1970
Othenante Makan 1970
Palunku Paathram 1970
Raktha Pushpam 1970
Achante Bharya 1971
Bobanum Moliyum 1971
Lankaadahanam 1971
Marunaattil Oru Malayaali 1971
Siksha 1971
Adyathe Kadha 1972
Anweshanam 1972
Aromalunni 1972
Maaya 1972
Manthrakodi 1972
Maravil Thirivu Sookshikkuka 1972
Postmane Kaananilla 1972
Professor 1972
Pushpaanjali 1972
Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge 1972
Sree Guruvayoorappan 1972
Taxicar 1972
Anjaathavasam 1973
Paavangal Pennungal 1973
Pachanottukal 1973
Padmavyooham 1973
Panchavadi 1973
Ponnaapuram Kotta 1973
Prethangalude Thaazhvara 1973
Swargaputhri 1973
Thaniniram 1973
Thenaruvi 1973
Thiruvaabharanam 1973
Kaadu 1973
Veendum Prabhaatham 1973
Alakal 1974
Ankathattu 1974
Jeevikkaan Marannu Poya Sthree 1974
Vandikkaari ( Posthumous Release ) 1974
Youvanam  ( Posthumous Release ) 1974

Do write in.

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28 thoughts on “Vijayasree | Filmography

  1. Thanks vinodh. I didnt say much eh ! Even as a littile i am very much interested in filims. I remember as a child i always take the Kerala Kamudhi paper and just look in the back side of the paper last page where usually the filim posters were displayed.and i remember saw the ad of ‘padmavyuham’ the vijayasree movie 50th day 60th day and lastly 100 days and i thought it must be good movie .in tha tmovie she played double role i think along with nazeer and vincent is it like seetha aur geetha may be i guessing wrongly . (about two sisters i am guessing too much!). Hmm I want to have the old issues of Nana , filim magazines( an old kamudhi magazine) cinema masika, Cinerema , etc. where could i get all those issues can u help me i asked in the old book sellers shop at eastfort and sellers near public library . I am dying to read that old interviews of 70s and 60s and photos . did u have the copyof old nana filim weekly may be i will get the photocopy to read. ha u may be think i am crazy. I am also in the lookout for janayuam , malayayanadu, and manorajyam etc old issues. ok freind nice to chat with u

    1. Dear friend,
      I was only 14 years when She passed away. Vijayasree performed well in character roles, unfortunately she couldn’t have chances for it. Sorry I don’t have copies of the old publications, but I remember the revelations she published in “Nana” weekly. When I reach India for good, I have plans for the resurrection of memory of the “Marilyn Munroe” of South India.

  2. Vijayasree was an everlasting talented actress of all times, not only because of her beauty and charisma, but she proved quite differently in character roles. She was bold enough to react and face the so called big directors and film makers who made money, abusing her talent and charisma. Same time she was innocent at heart. At last she had to pay her life itself for the sake of the dirty minded who benefited from her talent.

    1. Hi Vinod,
      As I have mentioned earlier, within the short active period she was in Malayalam and Tamil cinema, she had proved her potential, which is quite obvious from the number of films that she did during the period.How events turned out in reel and real is beyond us, but as an onscreen performer, she was extremely popular in her times.Thanks, cinematters

  3. Certainly all the available films of Vijayasree, the ever remembered girl, should be recirculated by all means of medias as all of them are vey precious and rare. She must live in the hearts of the present generation and their followers. No doubt she will enetr in to every type of film lovers. She has a magnetic waves to enchant human mind.

    1. Vijayasree has some of golden songs to her credit. I remember she danced and acted in these below mentioned songs .

  4. I am seven years old when she died… but the coming years i had seen her films..
    especially ponnapuram kotta, pushpanjali, aromalunni, lankha dahanam. make me dreamy with her appearance. thats the days …. yesterday i had seen the film Nayika directed by jayaraj… a small portion mention about her death .. thats because while shooting ponnapuram kotta accidently she become undressed. story tells that leads her to suicide …

    1. Dear Kumar,
      The very fact that you made it a point to watch most her films speaks volumes of her timeless appeal. Thank you for writing in to Old Malayalam Cinema. Hope to see more of you here. Regards..cinematters


    1. Dear Beaunny,
      Thank you for your deeply personal and emotional response.As mentioned, she forged a unique path as far as her career was concerned in Malayalam films, a blazing 4 years of prolific output and gone, just like that.She would always be remembered.Thanks

    2. Dear Beauny,
      As you told Vijayasree sacrificed her life, for the Greedy Producer/director who exploitted her by offering share certificates of a glass factory in Tamilnadu, instead of cash. MGR was Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, at that time. The plot was concealed to the bottom level, by the plotters. If Jayalalitha was Chief minister, it would’nt have happened, she did’nt even spare the fraud Shankaracharya.

  6. Cm

    I still remember the film was titled Youvvanam – Vandikkari. The film came from the Maryland Studio. The song Swarnapoonchoola sung by Yesudas and Janaki was heard in the evening during those days from our local cinema theater Sree Karthikeya. Vandikkari was not completed and the part that was shot was included in the film. In the song book also the front portion shows Youvvanam and the back Vandikkari.


    1. Dear Sajith,

      I think it must be a unique occurrence in Malayalam cinema, to have two movies – one incomplete bundled with a another release to be shown in movie halls. Come to think of it, I wonder how it would have been if the Jayan starrers under various stages of production had been released together this way as a collective. Thanks so much for sharing..regards..cinematters

      1. CM
        I think the same tragedy occured for the film Vimochana Samaram. I heard that the story writer totally changed the plot to suit the sudden demise of Sathyan. You know anything about this film? The music was composed by M B Sreenivasan and the film is credited with a few good melodies.


    2. 12 reels of YOUVVANAM and 2 reels of VANDIKKARI along with the the last journey of vijayasree were shown in theatres at that time (when YOUWANAM released later, the portions of VANDDIKKAARI and last journey of vijayasree were removed from the negatives of YOUWANAM )

      Samething happened during the release of ANUBHAVANGAL PAALICHAKAL.. after the conclusion of song Agniparvatham pukanju… Satyan master’s funeral was shown.. later these sequences were removed from its negatives…

      1. Dear Gopalji,
        Thank you so much for the reconfirmation.Any chance that the footage of Vandikkari and Vijayasree’s final journey be in your archives ? 🙂 Just a

  7. VIJAYASRI.. was.. is and will always be my dream heroine in malayalam… i have collected many movies and songs of vijayasri right from the girl friend role with sivaaji in DEIVA MAKAN to lat released youvanam… though vandikkari never got completed, whatever completed scenes were shown along with YOUVANAM..

    great work C M… i will add more rare videos of vijayasri soon.. along with story synopsis of super hitz movies of vijayasri like, RAKTHA PUSHPAM, DETECTIVE 909 KERATHIL, THIRUVABHARANAM. PADMAVYOOHAM etc… and many more….

    1. Dear Gopalji,
      Glad to hear that :). Also, was Youvanam completed, or was it a case of two movies almost-complete shown back-to-back? Look forward, as usual, to your valued additions from your media archives..thanks, cinematters

    2. Dear friend,
      I am vinod, from Kannur. Can you share with me your collections of Vijayasree ?

      1. In my knoweldge i think Youvanam was a completed version. vandikari was very much incomplete. only few scenes are there.

        1. after the youvanam movie finished, the song from VANDIKKARI.. (edavapaathi.. sung by madhuri ) was shown where vijayasri was riding a bullock cart or a carriage singing this song.. along with this song a few completed scenes of the film was also shown as a tribute to vijayasri.. and this extended version was available in the video cassette format of YOWANAM too.. i have seen the video cassette and ie why i can say it with authority…

          1. Hi Mr.Kishore,
            I would like to hear from you regarding the movies which acted by Vijaya sree.
            Do you have any prints of them, including the last journey of the great female artist ever seen in malayalam industry? Really cruel scoundrals pulavrise her life with unknown or unwanted matters.(I heared one of the giant producer (M..F) mess up her.

      2. of course in the intervel of Youvanam the few scenes are shown or before the starting of youvanam . because i was a littile boy then .

      3. Hmm . Vinod . I dont have stories to say because i was a littile boy at that time .. In my memory only the movie youvanam was there we went to see that movie as family purely out of the sentiments she died. i have a distant memory of reading in Kerala Kamudhi paper as Vijayasree committed suicide. I then knew one and only fact she died . yes she died young and beautiful may be she was in her 24 yrs or 25 yr old she was too young to die. of course though women felt that she was too beautiful they dont like her because of her over sexy outlook and dances . , But the suicide changed all that and may be before that also once she changed her camp to Merryland and filims with madhu like Swargaputhrii,and her mature role in Jeevikkan Marunna Poya Sthree where she played the wife and also the mother of mohan(ofcourse sheela was the heroine but vijayasree also has a notable role in that movie . And she has done her job neatly especially in that extra ordinary dance scene. .I still remember woman gasping ‘oh how sweet she looks when they saw and heard her singing Madhura Meenakshi Anugrahikku in that song scene of Youvanam and old ladies saying pavam thankam polethe pennu deviye ploe thanne irrikkunnu .yes at that time people love and hate overnight. and also very sensitive kind hearted people also.. though she is a malayalee i think somebody else dubbed for her sometimes T.R. omana but most often some tamil dubbing artist whose malayalam was horrible and terrible. May be it was her own voice I dont know. most of the 70s heroine though malayalees who had a madras base has tamil accent to their malayalam. except vidhubala and jayabharathi ..

        1. Kishore, even as a boy you felt her remembrances with a heart. I am a feminist, Do you know, she often distributes chocolates in the sites if she saw children around. She wrote in “Nana” her hardships and exploitation by Film producers and directors, no heroine or actresses dared it. Once she had to beat an old popular actor openly. These are not stories.

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