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Welcome to Surasangeetham.

I would like to share with you here, a few of my favourite Malayalam movie songs of love. When we pick favourites, the ones that come first to mind invariably turn out to be from our young, teenage years. I have yet to work out whether it is because the songs of that time were genuinely great (which they undoubtedly were) or because we are extremely impressionable at that age (which we are). It may even be a potent combination of the two. In my case that period turns out to be the early 1960’s to 1970’s. There were no televisions to watch the video clips, there was freedom to visualise these songs however I wished. In later life, when I actually got to see some of the original video clips of these songs, some were disappointing. It made me wish I should have just stayed with my music player. But there were some which did live up to my expectations.

Now, if I select my favourite songs of that period, the first 100 would definitely be those sung by Yesudas. I am very biased that way. But there are so many other beautiful songs sung by all those great, talented singers through the years, and I have decided to include some handpicked songs which cannot be ignored. Let’s start with LOVE.

My Best Five Love Songs of all time.

1. Praana Sakhee Njaan Verumoru

Prem Nazir in Pareeksha (1967)

As a young girl I used to dream about my knight in shining armor on a spotless white horse picking me up and disappearing into the sunset, to live happily ever after in a castle. This song was as close as I got to that dream. The sweet tremulous voice of Yesudas still conveys so much romance. MS Baburaj provided heavenly music to the love-filled lyrics of P Bhaskaran for the movie “Pareeksha“. This is a song that adds a little more warmth to your soul every time you listen to it.

2. Premichu Premichu Ninne Njaanoru

Courtesy : M3DB

The ability of Vayalar to immerse us in a sea of emotion with a few well chosen words amaze me to this day. Devarajan‘s music combined with Yesudas‘s voice conveys a lover’s impassioned promises so intensely. This song from the movie “Thokkukal Kadha Parayunnu” has never failed to transport me to a dreamy heaven.

3. Thaaraka Roopini Neeyennum Ennude

Prem Nazir in Shaasthram Jayichu Manushyan Thottu [1973]

I have to confess that its only recently that I have started to appreciate the contribution of a male singer other than Yesudas to the Malayalam movie music scene. When someone sang this song to me, I was literally blown away. ( The greatest in my opinion for a Valentine’s Day serenade! ) KP Brahmanandan was such a talented singer. He has made this song a classic through the genius of Dakshinamoorthi and Sreekumaran Thampi team for the movie “Shaasthram Jayichu Manushyan Thottu“.

4.Omanappaattumaay Onappoo Maalayumaay.

KP Ummer and Sarada in Archana (1966)

For those who have been, or are, in love, an anxious wait for a reunion is nothing new. If you haven’t heard from the loved one for a few hours, or a couple of days, you begin to think they have forgotten you. This song conveys those emotions perfectly, with a sense of happy expectation. L.R.Eswari is a singer whose voice has always fascinated me. Most of the songs she has got to sing were seductive numbers in cabaret scenes. But the songs in “Archana” were different. Credit goes to K Raghavan for discovering that LR Eswari can sing tender, romantic songs well, too. The other song she has sung for this movie is an equal favourite of mine: “Ethra Kandaalum Kothi Theerukillenikkethra Kandaalumee Chithram“. When I later discovered that Sarada was the heroine in the movie singing these songs, I liked it even better. Sarada is my most favourite actress of all time. These songs were written by Vayalar, and set to music by the legendary musician K Raghavan. Comparatively very few songs have been created by this team, although most have been classics, and have stood the test of time.

5.Thurannitta Jaalakangal Adachotte

Prem Nazir in Dathuputhran (1970)

All the nail-biting anticipation has finally paid off, the big day has come.” This song from “Dathuputhran” sung by P Susheela evokes the joy of finally getting together with the lover. Everything is being made ready for it from closing the window, to making the nuptial bed ready and putting the lamp out ! P Susheela‘s magical voice is perfect for this Vayalar-Devarajan gem.

So, there you go. I hope you enjoyed them. Do write in with those of yours that reduce you to jelly, starting with your knees. Be back soon with some more of my favourite fives.

10 thoughts on “Songs of Love in Malayalam Films | My Fabulous Five

  1. Down the memory lane! A soothing feeling in today’s treacherous world! Love for music is a gift of the Almighty. Thank you for the wonderful gems. I would add “Thamasamenthe Varuvaan” as one of the most evergreens. The velvet voice of the one and only one Yesudas is inimitable! Even Yesudas can’t re-render that mellifluous song!

  2. Great Susie… made for some interesting reading… but in all honesty I have heard only a couple of songs in this list so got an opportunity to hear the other classics…


  3. I am in full agreement with the first three songs Susie.
    But you have justified your preferences so well that the reader cannot dispute with them.
    As for me the first song that comes to mind is ‘swarnnachaamaram’ from Yakshi-A song all about losing oneself in the object of one’s love.

  4. 🙂 Thanks for this clip, CineMatters. Although I love this song, I don’t think I have seen thisclip before…Ragini’s eyebrows are so mobile, and Nazeer so young…

  5. I guess I love the ones with a more direct approach, and the one that takes the cake is so direct and to the point that I don’t think whoever is at the receiving end 😛 could even miss any point of the whole song :).

    Keep them coming, Susie .

  6. excellent selection Susie!
    I am sure every one of these songs has been accompanied by some fluttering hearts 🙂 it is the innocence of the love expressed in these lines, the idealization of the beloved and the tenderness expressed that raises them to another level… off the top of my head, i would add ‘pakal kinavin sundaramam’ (a sense of the bonds of love trailing through births and rebirths),

    Chandrabimbham nenjilettum (again, such tenderness)

    Urangikkidanna hridhayam (dasettan just whispers straight into your heart… need i say more?) i could go on…

    1. Hi Alakananda

      Thank you for your comments. 😀 The songs you have selected are those I love, too. Especially “Urangikkidanna Hridayam” and “Pakalkkinaavin”. I allowed myself only five here, and a second instalment with another five will follow soon. There are also songs from other genres which I am going to include, not just love songs. So many favourites….. 🙂

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