20 thoughts on “Anil’s Malayalam Movies’ Quiz | One

  1. It is not at all fair that Adoor/his team leave his first ‘baby’ into an orphanage ! ( docu drama). It is indeed a ‘Prathisandhi…..Is it a shame to him that his first film is ‘Prathisandhi ?… Thank you R.Gopalakrishnan sir …

  2. I saw this page today only….Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s first film is PRATHISANDHI….not KAMUKI or SWAYAMVARAM…This film was produced and directed by Adoor on behalf of Chithralekha. This film was one of the 18 films which competed for state film award in 1971. Sri. K.A. Damaodra Menon was the jury chairman. Other members were N. Krishna Pilla, Prof. P.S. Velayudhan, Dr. Kaviyoor Revamma, K Sankaran Nair, Kambisserry Karunakaran, K Vasudevan, Kozhikoden, Kalathil Varghese, C.R.K. Nair, Nabeesath Beevi Purushothaman and Sri.N Mohanan.
    At that time there was an award for the film which was completely shot in Kerala. 2 films competed in that category…Udaya’s PANCHAVANKADU and PRATHISANDHI. But none of these were considered for that award.
    if you want, I’ll give the list of all the films which came before the jury members.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Thank you for this update.Strangely, the Filmography list at the official website of Adoor Gopalakrishnan has 8 documentaries, 2 Short-fictions and 1 docu-drama listed before his first released feature film, Swayamvaram in 1972. Prathisandhi is listed by him as a “55-minute docu-drama” and not a feature film, and its curious how it could get bundled up with a full-out feature film such as Panchavankadu for a Competition category in 1971. Thanks again, cinematters

      1. His official website says so, it’s a big blunder.
        The list of 18 FEATURE films which came for state award 1972 were – Aubhavangal Palichakal, Abhijathyam, Sarasayya, Vithukal, Karakanakkadal, Ummachu, Oru Penninte Kadha, Muthassi, Inquilab Zindabad, Lakna dahanam, Vidyardhikale Ithile Ithile, Vilakku Vangiya Veena, Marunattil Oru Malayali, Prathisandhi, Bobanum Moliyim, Gangasangamam, Panchavankadu and Sindooracheppu. Three Documentaries also came for competition. They were Our Food, Temples of Kerala and Kerala Panorama….

    2. What Gopalakrishnan Sir has said is absolutely right. When I met him some time back, I saw the entry which he said right now with my own eyes. I remember GK telling me that to get a print or even some snaps of this movie would be an asset for his work on Malayalam cinema encyclopaedia…..cinipedia. GK had in the past recreated Balan (from the obscure remains) and also took a major step in giving Vigathakumaran the regard it deserves.
      I think it will be possible for him to get some info/ images of this movie
      And GK Sir have you contacted Kulathoor Bhaskaran Nair (residign at Kanjirampara, TVM), noted litterateur. he was actively involved with Chitralekha

  3. Thank you so much for your participation.The correct answer is Kamuki (1967), with PJ Antony, Usha Nandini and Madhu in the lead.The shooting of the project was around Budhannoor (near Chengannur ), but Adoor was unable to raise sufficient funds to complete the project. His first commercial release was Swayamvaram (1972). You can find available details of the film Kamuki (1967) here.

    1. I dont think Kamuki was completed.
      Please refer http://www.cinemaofmalayalam.net/adoor_df3.html

      Im pasting relevant part:
      “Did you ever think of assisting other directors? Were there any offers?
      Never. Assisting another director never occurred to me. As for offers, there were none. We had approached some people for financing, but nothing was working out. Then one of our friends who worked in Kuwait agreed to produce a film. And we ventured into the film Kamuki. G Aravindan was associated in its production. We travelled a lot on his scooter to scout for the locations. I had reworked the script that was originally written by the noted Playwright, C N Sreekantan Nair. I even shot for three-four days. But by that time our producer had diverted the money to some other venture, and we didn’t know that. He never told us about it. Then he thought that we would get some distributors to invest in it and started showing the rushes around. But it didn’t work either. We had cast a new face as heroine, along with established actors like Madhu, P. J. Antony, Adoor Bhasi ete. But nothing came out of it.

      What was its theme?
      It was an ordinary story, very conventional. So I did some repairs on the treatment. I had a bad experience with that. Someone who saw the shooting went and told the author that we were not shooting what he had written. And it created a lot, of misunderstanding amongst good friends. I too lost interest in it. Eventually, the project was abandoned.

      But I learned a great lesson from it: never start shooting a film unless and until one is sure of the money for completing it. We also had problems arising out of lack of work experience. It was during a rainy season that we decided to shoot. The moment the camera was set, the rains would start pouring down. It happened again and again, and the sun hardly showed up.”

      Infact there is a mention on Kamuki here qn 24:)

      1. Dear Rajesh,
        The question is his first directed film, which is undoubtedly Kamuki. His first commercially released film is Swayamvaram. Kamuki was never completed, there is absolutely no argument in that. Even the MSI details and the Wikipedia page scant details also reaffirm it. There is NO ARGUMENT on that. But Kamuki was his first venture into direction. Hope this clarifies. :)..regards..cinematters

        1. Yup! since i know QM is always right, i never contested the answer 🙂 I just passed on some info 😀

          I was just checking the MS link. Is this the only Adoor movie to have songs?

          1. >>I was just checking the MS link. Is this the only Adoor movie to have songs?
            checked again. There is one more – Prathisandhi (again unreleased)

          2. Hehehe.The man seems to have a chronic aversion towards the melodic aspect of life :).I guess those were the two, though I faintly remember a folk song excerpt in the background of Vidheyan. Will reconfirm after watching it again..thanks..cinematters

  4. A Great Day
    I believe this to be the first movie. Swayamvaram, is the first feature film in the regular sense

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