A Chai kettle that powers journeys and shared interests

Chai from Nandurbar, Maharashtra
Chai from Nandurbar | From Slogan Murugan's "Tea चाय தேநீர் चहा ಚಹಾ" Series

Often, one needs to take a breather to get a firmer grip on things. It sure helps when other reasons gang up together, conspire and then perch themselves on your shoulders. The point, its just over a month since something indigenous was served up here, and there were a couple of concerned notes and calls. Thank you for all of that. Really touched by your collective kindness.

Surprisingly, nothing seemed to have ‘stopped’ here, in a metaphorical sort of way. There was the usual engagement, the usual pilferage (plagiarism), the usual caught-with-your-pants-down-down sheepish smiles afterwards, and more hearteningly, the conversations between the regulars never stopped around here. I watched with delight as individuals who got in touch with each other through these columns make plans to meet up and pursue activities to further their intense love for Malayalam cinema history.  I am on first -name basis with a multitude of constant readers of this blog, most of whom I have never even met in my life !

Some days bring e-mails from the farthest part of the globe, from older generations who cherish their black-and-white youth and try to relive it in the sparse mentions here. Other days I am greeted by calls from cineastes who have painstakingly tracked me down through a “friend’s- colleague’s- friend’s-brother’s-associate ” and  strike up a conversation, in a manner that they have known me all their lives.

Am I delighted ? You have no idea Sire, how much !  🙂

So, in between, as I reflect on the relevance of this small nook in the cyber wasteland, on the purpose it has by now come to posess in a manner of speaking, and I am more and more drawn to the metaphor of the humble Chai kettle. [  Viju, you may please stop smiling ! ] The Old Malayalam Cinema blog, in effect is that ubiquitous chai kettle in a seemingly quaint haunt that you have slowly grown to occasionally frequent, for its piping-hot, sepia-flavored chai. As long as the kettle is full and piping hot, there will be regulars and the stragglers ( a multitude of the latter, if you ask me ), bond together with the shared passion for Malayalam cinema.

I have, by now, slowly come to terms with the reasonable responsibility as the Keeper of the Kettle, and will try to keep it going, a-serving. There are also some exciting collaborations and new columns by some brilliant archivists of Malayalam films starting soon.

Its business  as usual, folks 🙂 .

7 thoughts on “A Chai kettle that powers journeys and shared interests

  1. Yay! OMC is back in action! Look forward to the upcoming posts and the next entries in the Nruthashala series! (And, by the way, I finally organized and am backing up all my digital storage this weekend so I expect to have some dance info to contribute in the near future. :))

  2. >>There are also some exciting collaborations and new columns by some brilliant archivists of Malayalam films starting soon

    pour it soon!

    1. Dear Rajesh,
      The first of the learned scribes, Susie Pazhavarical would be going live with her column on the Playback years of Malayalam films – her perspectives specifically, and hope to have more joining in soon. Come to think of it, what is keeping YOU from putting your thoughts down, Sir?..You get where this is heading, don’t you? :)..regards..cm

  3. Keep the kettle piping hot CM….. Will be here for a breather which quite often these days…. There are a few post which I need to reply…. Kind of get emotional…. so couldn’t bring myself to pen down….. one such post is Kuttiedathi….. will jot down my thoughts about that movie which I have not seen, though I have it with me and with reasons why I don’t intend seeing it….. Yes! Read this with a smile on my face….:)

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