4 March 2012 | Akashavani Utsav 2012

Regional Theater Thrissur
Courtesy : http://www.elatrip.com

From a Press Release and inputs from Jayashree Thotekat { Thanks so much! }

Thrissur station of All India Radio will organise Akashavani Utsav 2012, an exhibition and cultural evening, at Regional Theatre on Sunday in connection with the 56th anniversary celebrations of Akashavani.

The exhibition Prakshepanathinte Nalvazhikal will include rare pictures related to the station, old radio sets, tapes, recorders, rare photos from the Golden era featuring Prem Nazir, Sheela, PJAntony, P Bhaskaran, V Dakshinamoorthy and others. There would also be CDs of music concerts telecast by radio and Dooradarshan.

The cultural programme will begin at 4 : 30 pm. Aroor PK Manoharan, Amal Antony, Ganesh Sundharam, MS Manoj Kumar, K Girijavarma, TA Shobha, Manju Menon and KS Maneesha will participate in a music concert. A radio skit titled Palarum Palathum will also be held.

If you are in Thrissur on Sunday, missing this would be criminal if you love Malayalam Cinema and its colored history.

Gopalji, would you be there ?

One thought on “4 March 2012 | Akashavani Utsav 2012

  1. Hope Gopalakrishnan has seen this…. and would attend the function….. only hope of getting some goodies…. 🙂 Wish it was a couple of weeks earlier….. 😦

    Thanks CM for the notification….

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