When you steal from this Blog, it hurts.

Please dont steal my stuff
Pix Credit :UncleWeed

Referral links are a godsend.Without them, I wouldn’t have been aware of this in the first place, and of course, Google, the patron saint of Search. First it was the handiwork of a gentleman who had blatantly cut, copied and pasted entries from the Chitrashala Category (which was the easiest, when I thought about it, for a wiki page on the subject). Wikipedia was quick to take action against copyright violations brought to its attention. The gentleman was already flagged for multiple copyright violations in textual as well as pictorial content. They went ahead and banned him from Wikipedia.

And this morning, I was amazed to find a blog which proudly passed of 85 percent of its content, ripped from this very OLD MALAYALAM CINEMA Blog !
metrofocus with content stolen from oldmalayalamcinema blog

It calls itself MetroFocus for reasons known to it best, focusing on Malayalam Cinema, and as far as I can see, with stuff stolen from this very blog.

The blogger, on last count, has ripped 11 posts from this blog and passed off as his/her own. The rest have been from the Cinema of Malayalam website, and the latest entry is cut-pasted from metromatinee.com. 

I went ahead and wrote in to the owner of MetroFocus ( as him/her  wasn’t generous enough to have an About Me page that describes the owner and the purpose of the blog) as a comment on a post, requesting  to remove the contents immediately. Nothing has happened, as expected. Maybe any publicity is good publicity.  I flagged the blog on grounds of copyright violation to Google, the owner of Blogspot, citing post links from this blog to substantiate my case. I donot expect any miracles, knowing Google in this business.

What hurts me is the callousness that drives ‘escalator-junkies’ like this, or the petty thieves of content who are the cyber equivalent of parasites in the physical domain, feeding off on someone else’s blood. Every single word in this blog is a labor of love, driven by passion for an artform that has overwhelmed me with its profound power to touch and move one’s soul. I go that extra mile to ensure waht I write, my perspectives and views have atleast a foundation based on verified facts or ones that can be substantiated with reasonable accuracy based on related facts. Of course, the videos shared are the ones available in the public domain, uploaded by others who chose to put it out there at the risk of copyright infringement, and I have been very vocal in expressing my willingness in removing any file shared here, at the request of the original copyright owner. The telegraph wires have been quiet till now.

So, it really hurts, when someone passes off your labor of love in words as their own, and garner ill-placed recognition for the efforts that you worked for.

It isn’t fair, it isn’t right, hell, it ain’t what civilized people do !

I wait and watch as to what Google is going to do next – knock off the blog or simply chuck my note to them with disdain, to the cyber dustbin.

As an equally passionate soul on Malayalam Cinema, what would you do, in my place, dear Reader?

Addendum (29 Aug 2011)

Was amused to find a small courtesy credit note in a recent article copy-pasted at Metrofocus from the English edition of manoramaonline.com, offering “Thanks to Manorama News“. So, the petty thief IS  darn scared of the Big Boys who will hound him to Hell and then decimate him. So he knows!


20 thoughts on “When you steal from this Blog, it hurts.

  1. Hi

    Not surprising because there are some smart guys who strongly believe that there are short cuts to success. Perhaps the end justifies the means!!

    Here also we need some Anna Hazares!!

    Best of luck


    1. Hi Anil,
      It’s a relief when you think about it now, and pretty glad and surprised at the sped at which Google acted on it. Wheels do turn 🙂 Thanks for writing in..Regards..Cinematters

    1. Hi CM,
      You can say that again.The list of remakes, inspirations and plain rip-offs is fodder for a movie, if you ask me..You could sweep it under the caroet earlier, but now, Youtube is happy playing the super sleuth…Thanks..cinematters

  2. i have no idea why your email doesn’t come through, i don’t have special settings, i have noticed though that vsnl addresses can never be emailed from my yahoo account they always bounce back.

    1. Hi CM,
      This, thankfully didn’t crossover to print. Google, surprisingly has been fast to act on it and has removed all the copied content from the ‘blog’. Thanks for writing in..Regards..cinematters.

      PS. Could you also check on your mail settings as my replies to your mail have bounced back and I retrieved this from the blog spam folder.Thanks

    1. Dear MH,
      If only I could agree with agree with that 🙂 What enrages me is the callousness with which they go about doing this, behind the perceived anonymity of the Web. As of this morning, Google has cracked the whip. The entire set has been deleted. Thanks for writing in..Regards..cinematters

  3. What you have described, OMC, is, in my opinion, a reflection of the deeper malaise affecting us Indians, especially rampant amongst the educated- this deep lack of ethics, dishonesty, and penchant for covering up their shortfalls.
    I run a manufacturing company, and over the past 10 years or so, I have encountered enough of such ‘highly educated’ Indians, who’ve falsified their resumes, hid their ignorance by plain bluff and bluster, and sometimes just can’t seem to be able to remember anything from their own ‘great PhD thesis’.
    Copying and plagiarism is commonplace, and often taken as a sign of genius! And we are used to law taking it’s own time and course, and so, every such ‘researcher’ feels safe and secure.
    I have seen many Indians who come with nothing but a supremely receptive (read: empty) brain, but capable of absorbing/assimilating everything he saw/heard at company expense, while one corner of his twisted mind rearranged small bits here and there and passed off the result (for the next version of his resume) as his own original research!
    I bet that metrofocus guy will read these lines and know, for once, get an insight into the true nature of his dark mind.

    1. Dear Krishnan,
      Couldn’t agree with you more. And the ‘supremely receptive brain’ couldn’t be more perfect as the idiot has published my comments on the posts that he has stolen, informing him about my subsequent course of action ! I mean, how daft can you get ? If all fails, I wouldn’t even think twice on donning my Black Hat ( Coding ! )..Thanks for writing in,. Means a lot.regards..cinematters

  4. My apologies, OMC but what we see now happening with the Metrofocus guy is just another expression of the same malaise affecting us Indians. I don’t have a good opinion of any ‘research’ purported by an Indian.
    I run a business and in the past 10 years, I have met enough highly educated Indians who’ve twisted their resumes, falsified references, and sometimes just can’t seem to remember anything from their own thesis!
    Right now I’m apprehensive to hire an Indian PhD ‘Doctor’ because all he comes with is an empty head, eager and ready to fill up with whatever he can read/listen/see which is then converted by another twisted part of his psyche into something original for the rest of the civilized world! His PhD is a ‘copy and paste’, I suspect, at worst. And the level of deviousness increases with the length of the tail of degrees behind his name.

    1. Dear Rajesh,
      I almost thought he did. But he has published my comments on his site informing him about by Report of Abuse Action of the Blog to Google. What exactly do these geniuses carry between their years would make interesting study..Regards..cinematters

  5. OMC – I couldn’t agree with you more on this issue. I’ve seen folks lifting parts of the web content like a few sentences, a paragraph etc, but this is a blatant violation ! I hope Google takes this issue seriously and takes appropriate action.

    1. Hi Felix,
      Thanks for writing in. Hope the vacation was fruitful 🙂 What enrages me is the fact that the idiot has now peppered the site with Google Ads, like a parasite, bloating on someone else’s hardwork. Hope floats..regards..Cinematters

    1. Hi Vijay,
      Google, being the juggernaut it is, isn’t not exactly service-friendly, going from the interactions with it, from my experience. One can only hope. Thanks for writing in..regards..cinematters

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