Shobana’s new musical KRISHNA opens on Janmashtami, 22 August 2011

Krishna | Shobana's new musical for 2011
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When : 22 August 2011, from 6:30 pm onwards
Where : Music Academy, Chennai

Shobana Chandrakumar is back with her grand musical, and this time she has delved into the epic Mahabharata and come up with Krishna – The Musical. Promising a canvas that extends from Vrindavan, through Mathura to Kurukshetra, she and her disciples intend to portray Krishna, the Man, His philosophy and why he is beyond man’s understanding.

The publicity hand-out cautions to rise above the prejudiced notions of a commonplace “smoke and mirrors” production. She reiterates this to be the coming together of discipline and artistry into “a parade of vital, pulsing talent, of 15 to 18 performers, some, as young as 10 years old !”

There is a host of celebrities from the movie world lending their ‘vocal’ support to the production, with Arjun voiced by Surya, Gandhari by Shabana Azmi, Radha by Konkona Sen and Draupadi by Nandita Das.

The Sound Design is by Resul Pookkutty.

From a musical standpoint, according to Shobana, the whole production will be based on pre-recorded music with scores from classical as well as Indian feature films. Now, THAT, would be a treat for your senses.

As per the publicity stills, the ticketing partner seems to be Book My Show for the musical, and with a bit of hunting was able to trace out the Reservations Page for the event.

You can buy the tickets online for Shobana’s Krishna, the Musical  here.

Strangely, her website seems to be mum on this most important aspect of the program, buying tickets ! If you are in Chennai during Janmashtami,and an avid lover of the the classical sensibilities in a current context, you know where to head to.

A Preview of Maya Ravan, her last production.

The poster of her latest grand musical – KRISHNA

Official Poster of Shobana's new musica KRISHNA
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4 thoughts on “Shobana’s new musical KRISHNA opens on Janmashtami, 22 August 2011

  1. Hi,

    Wanted to know when this show is going to be staged in Bangalore…..Have been waiting and wanting to buy tickets for this show.
    Need more details and help on this.


    1. Hi Shubha,
      Thank you for writing in to OMC. There isn’t anything forthcoming other than what is conveyed through her website, regarding the Program details. You could contact Shobana directly, as per her website at actress(dot)ms(dot)shobana(at)gmail(dot)com . You could keep yourself updated through their website,

  2. Hi..

    Eagerly waiting for this play. Not able to book tickets online though (on Need support on this..


    1. Dear Zain,
      Thank you for writing in. Unfortunately, her website, which at these moments of distress should be rightly addressing these issues is sadly silent ( I wonder who manages that site for her). The Hindu has given these addresses for the program tickets, so you could try there too. “Tickets for ‘Krishna’ are available at Landmark (Nungambakkam), Nuts & Spices (Anna Nagar, Velachery and Kilpauk), Fashion Folks (Adyar), Kalarpana ph: 92824 01135) and The Music Academy.” Do write in with how it went..Regards..cinematters

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