A new initiative to archive the Font Styles of Old Malayalam Cinema

An effort called Celluloid Calligraphy.

Thaazhvaaram Film TitleThis was something that had been swirling around in my attic for a long time, along with a few million other rudderless ideas. But something prodded me into action and I thought it has to be now or never.

There was a time when the titles of the movies – I mean the decorative and stylistic elements of it used to evoke a certain unfathomable curiosity about the story and the what the movie offered. They were a set of unformed , smoky, swirly thoughts inside your head, that in a way added to the whole movie going experience. I am not saying that its value has diminished. The color palette, style and typography has its own place even now in the movie-going experience. But, it has undergone a sea change in the past 71 years !

Even now, the graphic style elements of Thazhvaram, Vaishali still evoke that open-mouthed admiration that one just doesnot get from Photoshop and his band of Merry Men. I am in no way denigrating the capabilities and the possibilities of the most modern software that aids bring to life what one imagines, but the handpainted title cards and the fonts had a degree of quaintness and elegance that is irreplaceable.

My objective – is to archive every single movie title I can lay my paws on, and present it in a reasonably neat way, categorised so that it becomes easy to riffle through the different styles that arrive through the decades.

I have started them here at http://malayalamfilmtitles.wordpress.com/

Look forward to your inputs, suggestions, favorites and as usual, your part of the stories.

– Cinematters.


2 thoughts on “A new initiative to archive the Font Styles of Old Malayalam Cinema

  1. Prettu good and a unique initiative. I first thought that you were introducing some new font for the blog 🙂
    Let me see if I can pitch in with some titles

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