CID Films in Malayalam | CID Nazir (1971)

CID Nazir - Title Montage
Please ! This is not a Video.

CID Nazir (1971) is arguably the best (smiling here) movie of that genre –  the script was the perfect template, the actors outdid themselves in their parts as ‘secret’ agents, moving around in costumes that were awesomely chucklicious and they  mouthed lines that would send any self-respecting script-writer into self-loathing. But mind you, it was pure fun. As I mentioned earlier, this was Venu’s second attempt at the CID ( The Crime Investigation Department ) genre and he did get it right this time around. Every time I watch this movie, my desire to own a pair of that vintage  Rayban Olympian II shades rides up a notch. Man, what a pair of exotic coolers is that ! CID Nazir (1971) was based on a story by Umadevi (!), dialogues by  PJ Antony,  which was scripted, produced  and directed by Venu. The music was by MK Arjunan, the lyrics for the songs were by Sreekumaran Thampi.The background score was by RK Sekhar and that added to the whole manic experience. It was pure rocknroll 🙂 !

The movie begins with a high-voltage  night-time attack  in a solitary bunglow by a lone masked intruder, and at the receiving end is the lone occupant, CID officer Chandran (Raghavan)  who is murdered.There is a terrified and shocked witness, his domestic help Pappu (Bahadoor), who can only hide and watch as his master gets beaten up and smothered.CID Nazir - a Secret Agent gets smothered With their case officer dead, the  ‘Force’ now turns to their ace-in-the-hole, CID Nazir, who is just back from a  difficult investigation, and is apprised of the situation. He promptly agrees to investigate the murder and taker over the original case the slain officer had been involved in. The CID officer does all this still under the extraordinarily effective disguise of a traditional Punjabi male, and it has to be seen to believed. :). Did I also mention that his code word id is 007? Oh, yes !

CID Nazir - Agent 07 reports for duty The CID officer is promptly despatched to Kerala but there is danger lurking around the corner. The “Syndicate” seems to have gotten wind of his itinerary and plans to take him out after leaving the airport itself. His chauffeur and car is waylaid and the impersonators receive the CID Nazir -  Agent 07 is being followed‘unsuspecting’ (!) CID officer. But being the CID Prem Nazir he is,  their hours are numbered.It isn’t long before the sharp pair of eyes behind the Rayban finds another car following them and his own driver acting fishy. What follows is a fight sequence never before seen in Malayalam cinema, that employs some incredulous overpowering techniques about which I will be posting separately have now posted it here.It is too important to be passed over. The Officer manages to get hold of one of them and drive to the new headquarters but alas, he is discovered dead at the destination. “Paisaaaannn !” the CID officer surmises. Taking it in his stride, he proceeds to his new residence, the very same bunglow occupied by Chandran and does an extensive recce of the place. It isn’t soon that the ‘House owner'(TS Muthaiah as Shankarapanicker) and his pretty daughter  ( Jaya Bharathy as Shanthi) pays their new tenant a visit. CID Prem Nazir is taken aback for a moment . “Isn’t he one of them in my set of Suspects’ Photographs?” He smiles to himself. Danger is everywhere !

CID Nazir - The Owner of the bunglow and his daughter come callingMeanwhile at our desi “SPECTRE‘ headquarters, the “Baass” ( Boss for newbies)  is livid, struggling with a controlled nuclear explosion of emotions in his head. The team’s mission has been a failure and that is unacceptable. The team leader is promptly despatched with a shot, and the rest left off with a stern warning to get CID Prem Nazir at all costs. We are also introduced to the ravishing, buxom Ms Lovvelly[ Sadhana] (Lovely for newbies) who is entrusted with seducing the officer and taking him out.

CID Nazir - Sadhana as Miss Lovvelly CID Officer Prem Nazir soon falls in love with the beauty of his new location (the house owner’s daughter included) and also finds time to sing out as an when the mood overpowers him. In a visit to his house owner’s place, Shankarapanicker lets him in on his life’s tragedies. His elder brother Sivaram (now smiling from the living room wall) seems to have been murdered by his nephew who is now on the run, and whom, he strongly feels maybe in charge of all the mischief and mayhem around. It isn’t long before Adoor Bhasi arrives, ‘reports’ to his senior officer, and disguised as an elderly out-of-job waiter finds a job at King’s Hotel, the suspected hub of the ‘Syndicate’s’ nefarious activities. Officer Bhasi also CID Nazir - An Invitation to Sinfinds time to woo his pretty neighbor (Sreelatha as Sreelatha). PN 007 pays a visit to the hotel and s delivered a cryptic note by Bhasi, the restaurant waiter.

It says,”Meet me at the Swimming Pool.” The dashing officer  meets Luvvelly here in cosmic, surreal circumstances. Possible queries like “How does he know it was her who sent the note?” and “How does he know who in Lord’s name is Luvvelly ?” are all irrelevant . All you doubting Thomases, remember, he is CID Nazir!

The flirting has to be heard to be believed.

CID Nazir - Cellulite and Attitude
CID Nazir | Cellulite meets Attitude

Sample this !

CID Prem Nazir : ഭവതിയുടെ സൌന്ദര്യം എന്നെ ലഹരി പിടിപ്പിക്കുന്നു !
Luvvelly : Really ?
CID Prem Nazir : യെസ്! dofinetly! [ The emphasis is from the Movie 🙂 ]
Luvvelly : താങ്ക്‌ യു.
CID Prem Nazir : ഭവതിയുടെ ഹൃദയം ഈ വെള്ളം പോലെ പരിശുദധമാണ് !

At this juncture of the movie where raging hormones, polyester, conspiracy and sassiness collide, one is at a loss in deciding whether Ms Luvvelly is a  a double-agent or an assassin. She could be either, or both. CID Prem Nazir is now playing with fire, with added cellulite.CID Nazir - Mr Sivaram needs a Whiskey

Into this ‘difficult circumstances’ enter Sivaram ( Jose Prakash, who else ?) from Sinkapoor, who is a regular occupant of Room no 42. And who else to chaperone him, but our friendly-neighborhood steward Bhasi. The CID officer, neck deep in investigations at this point gets proposed to by Shanthi, becoming visibly flustered and embarrassed as he sits through that, and on top of that, gets attacked by an unknown assailant as he gets back home. The assailant, this time has managed to disappear right under his nose ! Its a frustrating day for our CID Prem Nazir. But that is just about to change. Ms CID Nazir - Nellikkodu Bhaskaran as RajuLuvvelly pays her new loverboy’s place a visit the next day. The suave CID is at his flirtatious best while his hands are busy rummaging through her purse and snucking away documents from it. Aha ! A card with the address of one MA Raju scribbled on it suddenly seems very important amongst the contents.  The CID officer decides to pay him a visit, as Hussain Sait, an NRI merchant from Sinkapoor (again!), willing to invest a huge, fat load of cash in Raju’s ( Nellikkodu Bhaskaran, dashing and handsome) businesses.CID Nazir - A sideburned investigation Do rich Muslim traders from Sinkapoor dress like that? Damned if I knew, but it looks awfully cute :). In another part of the city, Officer Bhasi gets waylaid enroute to his evening shift at work at the King’s Hotel and he does employ some innovative methods to shake off his attackers. The Syndicate is getting desperate. The Baass asks Luvvelly to get him CID Nazir to the hotel. They order coffee but there is a secret signal in the crockery that denotes danger! The CID is quick to cut short the meeting and leave abruptly.(The movie gets chopped here – my VCD that is, and the next scene finds both the officers in bandages, who have obviously survived from yet another attempt on their lives.) Worse is yet to come. He narrowly escapes being electrocute in the bathroom from the bath tub fixtures, but in the process stumbles upon a secret exit. On a hunch he follows through the jungle in the general direction in the wild and meets a figure fleeing in haste. It is Shanthi ! This is getting complicated.

CID Nazir - A Jobseeker at midnightSoon, CID Nazir is woken up in the midnight by a jobseeker who ” knows how to type and badly needs a job !” Whoa, at the midnight hour. It is Das ( KP Ummer) and comes heavily recommended by Shankarapanicker. He is promptly appointed too, as his secretary. Who doesn’t know about  the paperwork that sometimes almost threaten to deluge CID investigation work ? Now, Prem Nazir can fully concentrate on his investigations. But wait, there is another motive too. He is recommended by one from their Blacklist, and even Das too figures in it. Get the idea ?

Actor Jayaram recalls his one of his favorite moments from CID films.

The CID escapes another attempt on his life at the King’s Hotel where Bhasi arrives in time to save him. The Syndicate isn’t about to give up. Luvvelly meets him soon after in an evening rendezvous, gets him drunk till he passes out in the room and leaves.The assassin who follows into the room post her departure is met by the officer, ready for him. He isn’t drunk ! But as he is overpowered, he escapes ! Meanwhile, Das comes across his employer’s muse and stops dead in his tracks. She is none other than his long-lost love but she went by another name then. She looks right through him. Surely there must be a mistake? Or does she harbor bigger secrets inside ? The symapthetic employer with a heart of gold, picks on the signals of distress and plugs in this aspect into the already explosive-ridden case schedule. He manages to unite them with some good, old-fashioned past-regression techniques ( an old song they used to sing as lovers, capiche?) and also finds time to pay our MA Raju another visit, this time with a solid investment assurance.
CID Nazir - A Laundry Offer The brazen Raju, puts across a counter-offer – “What if we substitute 80pc of your currency with counterfeit in trading the goods?” The generous laundry man even hands over a lakh in fake notes to this rich Sinkapoor trader as goodwill. Tada ! The CID just got his evidence hand-delivered. The big moment to gatecrash into the the villian’s lair comes soon. The CID HQ gets wind of the bosom pal of the Baas, arriving from Sinkapoor with his wife, preumably to meet him in India. ( Questions such as “If they knew him, surely they would know the identity of the Baass too ?“, and “Why not manipulate him to get the Baass out of the Lair?” are all irrelevant – remember, he is CID Nazir. Strange are the ways of the CID Officers.) CID Prem Nazir intercepts the couple at the airport, and along with Bhasi takes their place as they are driven to the Lair. Remember, CID Officer Prem Nazir is a master of disguises. But plans go awry at the Lair as Bhasi is discovered and all hell breaks loose. Louvvlley springs a surprise as she takes sides with the CID. She is after all one of them !  Aha !

CID Nazir - Louvvley lends a handThe Baaass escapes but is chased up a drainage pipe, across a creek and into the house of Shankarapanicker where he is shot dead by he officer. He was after all, his presumed dead brother ! The explanations that follow on the conduct of various characters are enough to give you a splitting headache so I would rather stay away from it. All it matters is to lie back and enjoy the manic ride.

Is there a VCD /DVD available in the market?

Sure, there is. You can buy it online here.

Next : The Gadgets, Gizmos and Techniques of the CID Officers.

33 thoughts on “CID Films in Malayalam | CID Nazir (1971)

  1. I am eagerly awaiting to watch Old classic malayalam movies such as Chembarathi, Sathi, Madhavikkutty, Sindooracheppu, Asthamayam, Adimakachavadam, Yudhakandam, Vadakakkoruu hredayam, Chiefgest, Rajayogam, Bhoomidevi Pushpiniyay, Achani, Kamam Kridham Moham, Anubhavam, Ulsavam, oonjal etc. etc. But no channel is willing to show old films. They almost neglected these . Why?

  2. Dear CM,

    There is a Happy News for u.T Series has released the VCD of ever green detective movie “Panchathanthram” .The movie is different with regard to its story,songs,music,stund,comedy,suspence and direction.After all Naseer Uncle had made it brilliant and sexy in his role…I didnt watch this VCD.and dont know how much they have deleted in it.
    Highness Videos has released Kandavarundo directed by Mallikarjuna Rao(director of Naseer Uncles’ Pattabhishekam).Unfortunetly the VCD don’t have S.Janaki’s famous song”udukku potti paadum kaate”.I dont know y they deleted this song.Kandavarundo was a combination of all d commercial aspects of those time movies.Sweet Romeo-Vincent(for me) and Renuka had starred as hero and heroine.Standard Herald (KLC 2827 and left hand side driving rare model)car has been widely used in d film.Masaala role of Sadhana and LR Eswary song..”kanikonna pol” adds flavour to the film.
    Madhu’s “Ithile vannavar”,Jessy’s Rathrivandi,Madhu’s “Police Ariyaruthu” has also been available in d market.Kindly watch these films and enjoy.

    Again,I saw Naseer Uncles’ Agnimrigum.Ravichandar ,Ummer,Sathyan ,and Sheela had done major roles.But i didnt know what has happened to the picurisation of famous song…”karkuzhali…karinkuzhali”(B.Vasantha)

    1. Dear Manu

      The song Udukku Kotti in the film Kandvarundo was included when the film was telecasted by Asianet. I remember that the song was also included in the classics teleasted by Asianet Plus. Anyway in the VCD version they might have removed it. The Songs in this film is composed by R K Sekhar and the best song in this film, for me, is Priye Ninakku Vendi sung by P Jayachandran.

      I agree with you on the picturisation of Kaarkuzhali making it lengthy

      The film Panchatantram, i believe was not subject to cruel deletions since i have seen the film in the theatre


  3. i am glad to share some the details of rare CID movies like KALYANARATRIYIL, DIAL2244, KAYALKARAYIL, KANAATHA VESHANGAL, etc.. inform me if anyone has interest to read..

    1. Dear Gopalji,
      I just couldn’t figure out what you exactly meant by “interest to read”, but I would truly love to read what you write, if you ever intend to start off ! 🙂 Please, please do….regards..cinematters

  4. BEFORE LOVE IN KERALA, THERE WERE MANY C I D GENRE MOVIES IN MALAYALAM, MERRYLAND MOVIE C I D (1956) was the very 1st film in that category.. followed by MINNUNNATHELLAM PONNALLA *ing SATHYAN ( remake of 1956s classic dev anand film C I D) but the real trend setter was KARUTHA KAI of merryland production released on 1964. INSPECTOR, MAINATHARUVI KOLACASE, KALYANARATHRI, etc were other classic C I D crime thrillers before LOVE IN KERALA.

    1. Dear Gopalakrishnan,

      There is absolutely no dispute to the existence of the CID genre movies before Love iN Kerala, but what I’m trying to say is about the gadget, gizmos and the generously borrowed templates from the James Bond movies that I so love. And amongst them, I wanted to pick out my favorite three. Tha’s all. presume you would be having the copies of the above mentioned movies too? :D..regards..cinematters

    1. Dear Sibi,
      CID Nazir came AFTER Love in Kerala. Love in Kerala came in 1968 and CID Nazir in 1971 :). I consider Love in Singapore as the torch bearer in the 80’s of the CID genre, with Jose Praksh and his alligators , ( greatly inspired fronm the Bond flicks) atleast kept the basic format as it is. But I really missed those RayBans :)..regards..cinematters

  5. I reached here through the link you sent me – I haven’t stopped laughing! I remember Prem Nazir’s CID films with great fondness. They were all thoroughly entertaining, even if totally illogical! But then, who goes looking for logic in this genre?

    ‘…sings as and when he feels like it.’ Priceless!

  6. This series is great; I’m loving the education about this genre of classic Malayalam cinema I knew nothing about. Too funny! Though I admit I did have to google what “CID” meant. 🙂 As always, love your work!

    1. Hi Minai,
      Glad that you liked it. Stupid of me not to mention what CID meant upfront . Have updated it now, thanks ! There are more coming, and hope to generate a lot more chuckles and one has to admit, respect. 🙂 Regards, cinematters

    1. Dear Vinjk,
      You need to, you absolutely need to ! This is a genre that we can’t afford to miss 🙂 All those stand-up routines on Jose Prakash about “Mistah Perrreeerra, ” and “Muthalukkulam” all owe a big note of thanks to these early capers. Specially my favorite trilogy of CID Nazir, Love in Kerala and Lankadahanam. You should get yourself to watch it. Thanks so much for writing in.Regards..cinematters

  7. I have a collection of old movie CDs. I want to have the following old movies too. Can anyone suggest me from where I can procure these also:-
    Taxi Car
    Kannore Deluxe
    Prethangalude Thazvara

    1. For your kind infomation, now a days every saturday and sunday night at 11.00 pm Asianet Plus telecast old classic movies. last saturday only they have telecast CID Nazir. Before that there was Kannore Deluxe, Danger Biscuit, Marunattil Oru Malayali etc. These B/W films are worth watching. But for office goers like me, it is difficult to sit in front of the TV till 1.30 AM. I will let u know what they r going to show in the coming saturday & sunday.


      1. Dear Prakash,
        Thank you so much ! Will check on the schedules from now on. Regarding the titles, due to my geographical location, I mostly depend on online sites like and friends on vacation to Keralato get the movies. I usually have also found a reasonably good collection in Kottayam, Thiruvanathapuram and Ernakulam – in the time I had in Kerala. Will surely keep you posted as and when these are commercially avbl. Thanks again..cinematters

  8. I remember seeing Lankadahanam once long back in DD and then once in another channel within last 10 years. Were the other 2 movies shown at any time. And going a bit off topic, do TV channels air old movies nowadays?

    1. Dear Rajesh,
      CID Nazir had come in last Saturday in one of the TV Channels late night. I have not watched any of them on TV but I have caught many old reruns on the Kairali We channel post 10pm and on DD TVM, for that matter, even Amrita Tv 🙂 ..Regards..CM

    2. Dear Rajesh,
      Asianet Plus telecast old classic movies every saturday & sunday nights at 11 PM. Recently they showed oldies like CID Nazir, Danger Biscuit, Kannore Deluxe, Marunattil Oru Malayali, etc. during the last few weeks. Keep watching the schedule for the next week if you can watch them late night.

  9. My Monday morning blues vanished after reading your post. My mind is reeling….. now I absolutely have to watch this film. Among other things to look out for, I cannot wait for “what follows is a fight sequence never before seen in Malayalam cinema, that employs some incredulous overpowering techniques….” 🙂

    1. Dear Sunny,
      Glad that the CID was able to even handle a case of the Mondays 🙂 See, its already working. Jokes aside, I feel you should watch all three. More on that soon..Thanks ..cinematters

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