Remembering Sathyan | The Videos

Actor Sathyan's Family Portrait
Pix Courtesy : Chitrabhoomi Magazine

Thanks to Soni for digging up a Youtube Channel called AsianetCableVision which had me hooked for a good amount of time unearthing little treasure soundbytes as this.  This is a three-part video from their ‘Ente Achan‘ ( My Father) Series, where the second generation of the illustrious ones that left a legacy in Kerala’s cultural landscape remember them as a father, far above the astral levels that we have kept them in our hearts. Satheesh Sathyan, the eldest of the three sons of Sathyan takes us through his childhood till Sathyan’s passing, and one can’t be but feel an increase in respect and admiration at this actor who was a loving, caring father, who diligently wrote letters to all three, correcting them on their language in his respective replies, never hesitant to use the rod when needed, but a wonderful father, all the same.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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15 thoughts on “Remembering Sathyan | The Videos

  1. This is a request to Dr. Elizabeth Menon. Just as you said, Sathyan mash is the only real actor in malayalam film industry who caught admirers with his rough look and way of acting. He proved that a hero need not be a chocolate boy. OMG!, Oru penninte katha, Mudiyanaya puthran, etc awesome. But Madam, I want to see ‘Karinizhal’. Can you help me ?
    Expecting a positive reply.
    And this site is a real stunner, if not where we people get a glance of our hero/heroiones of yesteryears. Thanks


    1. Dear Anna
      To my knowledge, the film Karinizhal is not available in the market in CD Form. However, in the VCD era, i remember the film available in Video Parlours. Somebody having a copy of the film in VCD will be the last person to have this film

      B Sajith

  2. True, Even after so many years after Sathyan Masters death, and watching great actors such as Mammotty, Mohanlal, Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu etc. Still I feel Sathyan Master is the ever greatest actor of Malayalam. Yesterday I watched his Karakanakadal. What a great performance!

  3. I was in 7 th std when Sathyan master passed away. My father used to take for many films of Sathyan master at that time, His expression comes in eyes and acting is so real.


  5. He was certainly the best of all time Malayalam actors. I still remember seeing his movies in my childhood days(was only 6 years old when he passed away), notably Sarasayya, on 14th June, ’71 first show, the next day the papers came out with the sad news of his passing!!! What a great actor, he literally lived as the character in the movie, it was tough to separate him from the character, such was his mastery in his craft!!!

    1. Dear George,
      Undoubtedly, yes. It was what you could say, a sort of “Parakaayaprevesham” that he did with his roles onscreen. And I remember an interview with the legendary director M Krishnan Nair last Onam ( or was it the year before that?) where he spoke about Sathyan’s uncanny knack for homing in on the perfect character for himself from the script after reading, how ever inconsequential it might be. It didn’t matter whether he was the lead or in a supporting role. He just knew. Thanks..cinematters

  6. Today, 15 June, I think of Sathyan with tears in my eyes and my thoughts are with his sons! Sathyan and my father joined Travancore State Police on the same day and they were room-mates at the Training School in Trivandrum — unfortunately I don’t have any photographs! I have almost all his films and there is no other actor who has the same calibre, and never would be!

    Thank you for including the family photographs.

    1. Dear Doctor,
      Thank you for writing in. Truly, when it comes to family, Time really never heals completely. The photograph was courtesy of Chitrabhoomi which ran a special edition on Sathyan this month.Completely agree with you on the difficulty in finding an actor with the same calibre, but, might as wellleave Sathyan to himself. In close to 150 ways in a period of 20 years, he kept surprising us with characters that wore faces of those who were as ordinary as ourselves, yet we watched in awe. Thanks again..cinematters

    2. Your observations on Sathyan Master is awesome. Yes, as once the talented actor Mohanlal mentioned, that throne of Sathyan Master is still unoccupied and none will occupy too! Besides films, if one forays into others matters, in these days of selfishness, Sathyan Master’s family life is a reference book for people. One recollects the accident during the shooting of Chemmeen when Sathyan Master nearly faced death! and he shouted “Jessy” when he felt that it is almost over!! What a relationship! I vaguely remember the news on that accident in Malayala Manorama on the right hand side!

      While on the subject, I presume, you wrote a most appreciative piece on Dr. K.J. Yesudas! And I had commented on that too! Might be that was a decade ago!

      1. Thank you for your most kind words! I am so glad that you remembered the article I had written on KJY. It was sheer delight to write about Sathyan and DKJY, as they both stand way above the rest! Comments like yours make it all worthwhile!

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