Priyanandanan in The Hindu, on making films that matter

Priyanandanan | Photo by K.K. Najeeb
Pix credit : The Hindu/KK Najeeb

Priyananadanan is one of the moviemakers I adore, just for his daring, for starters. The Hindu edition in my city today carries a brief interview with the Director by Prema Manmadhan, in conversation post-release of his latest Bhakthajanangaludey Shraddhaykku, a no-holds-barred in-your-face narrative on the new opiate called Godmen/ Godwomen.

Priyanandanan says,

This fad of going behind godmen is something that’s happening all over Kerala and I felt the masses needed to be told about the goings on inside these institutionalised places, and the misconceptions, whatever the religion. Piety is something very different. What better way to drive home this point than cinema?

Read the complete article here.

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