The new Rathinirvedam website updated | Honor and Sanity restored..almost

Apparently, it did work.

The creative team behind the new Rathinirvedam website suddenly managed to get someone capable of doing a brief and presentable rewrite of the welcome text/ synopsis of the movie. Thank you folks ! with the welcome text  revised, corrected and updated

It was Soni, a fellow contributor who updated yours truly on the revised and updated version of the site early afternoon. Social media works, what say?

To the Creative Team.
Now that honor has been restored with due credits to the legendary-duo and sanity restored, would you also go through your other content pages, especially the Blog module with its own About Us page and the rest ?

It contains invaluable literary nuggets like “ He becomes fantasized about the women the boy tries to win Rathi ‘s friendship which she resists in the beginning

The new version is slated for release in the first week of June 2011. Here is wishing you all the best, folks.

Krishnachandran as the young Pappu | Kaalam kunjumanassil – Rathi Nirvedham (1978)

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What do you think ?

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