Old Malayalam Cinema turns ONE !

One Year Young !

Thank You.

I started this blog ( rant also would do just fine) a year back, tired and frustrated of searching for information on old classics from Malayalam cinema, with an intent to share whatever I came across through this platform on them with generous credit where due.

To borrow a half-dead cliche’, it has been an amusing and eventful journey through the blogosphere. Eagle-eyed cinephiles took me to task for bungling on names and figures, while some reached out from half-way across the globe, offering more details and personal details where information was sketchy.

From the Driving Seat.

It also brought in some delightful guests like Kiran Verghis, the ‘young’ hero of Kakkothikkavile Appooppan Thadikal who left a cryptic, chuckle-worthy message here, after reading about the movie , or for that matter, fellow travellers like Richard – who can quote The Travancore Sisters filmography backwards (ok,  that is some exaggeration, but it does drive home the point ), Minai who loves Indian Classical Dance (specially the ones on film and is a rabid archivist) – one stands amazed at how words strung across a page can bind people together in ways beyond comprehension. Specially, when it is centred around a common love for Malayalam Cinema. Speaking of which, it felt good when an esteemed team member from the MSI Community reached out to explore areas where OMC could work closely with its initiatives.

Under the hood.

Almost 77,000 pageviews ( with the existing  WordPress Stats counter, the number crunching is a bit limited), and a very interesting, insightful and amusing list of search engine terms that Google finds it fit to leave it at the OMC doorstep, the latter has at times given rise to hilarious moments. The most searched actor has been Jayan, Suparna Anand comes a close second. There have been audacious ( and highly demanding) search requests like ” complet Prem Nazeer flims download” , “IV Sasi Sax movie full” (poor IV Sasi, is he aware?) and “Malayalam Blue flims full” – somehow it all lands up here, damn if I knew why 😀 . The average search term that involves Seema also comes inevitably bearing its valuable prefix , Sex. I wonder why? Hasn’t the more cyber-friendly generation , generously weaned on the ‘liberties of the free Web” moved on?

The most searched director has been Padmarajan. Bharathan comes a close second.

Its been a heady ride. And I thank you all.

9 thoughts on “Old Malayalam Cinema turns ONE !

  1. please post the details of parankimal actress soorya… and also include her present day life..in 2013
    i guess majority search for suparna anand may be from my side…

    Thanks in advance….Keep going

  2. good work – stumbled upon this while reading up on some stuff…keep it up….and to many more successful years ahead.

    1. Hi Maya,
      Thanks for passing through and writing in. Appreciate your kind words. Hope to see more of you in these parts going forward. 🙂 Regards..cinematters

  3. Dear Sunny,

    Phew 🙂 Thank you for your warm wishes. You are very kind. “Just old enough to vote” send me scrambling to the nearest mirror ;). I guess the fundamental glue that binds this place and the ones that pass through have always been the love for Malayalam classics which I hope will never fade. This is also an attempt to let the young ‘uns realise that as an art form, Mlayalam Cinema is above “personal power centres” and we have a legacy that we should never ever forget. Thanks again..regards..

  4. Congratulations…!
    I’m sure this is only a nascent step. Your blog has been enlightening in more ways than one for me, as you write in the only language that I can read. The ceiling on my knowledge of malayalam cinema is being raised with your help.

    Its also a tribute to your interest in nostalgic movies which is pleasantly surprising as I gather that you are just about old enough to vote.. 🙂

    I love the humorous way you play with phrases….Keep infotaining us..


  5. Congrats, OMC! Has it been one year already?! The best part has been writing for OMC. I am no good expert yet I am thankful to OMC for giving me a chance to put together something worthwhile, including my rants. Though all the articles were written with the sincere hope that they will grace the hall of cinematic fame, I must thank the readers for putting up with them with absolute calm 😉

  6. Santhosha Janmadhinaasamsakal !! 🙂
    I dont know how to appreciate you for running the show. Each of your post has been educating and nostalgic. Keep up the good work.

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