Sridevi’s interview in the Times of India, April 17, 2011

Sridevi's Interview in the Times of India 17 April 2011

Times of India carried this  interview with Sridevi , in conversation with Bharati Dubey in its All That Matters Segment, dated 17 April 2011. With her comeback movie project slated to go on the floors in June 2011, directed by Balki, this, I presume must be the first in a long list of soundbytes that would keep consistently amping up one’s curiosity levels till the movie release. With the grapevines still buzzing on whether it would be Big B – Sridevi pairing up together for the same, I just wish it had been Kamal Haasan ! I really do.

What I would really want is for her to   reprise the magic that the pair had onscreen, better than anyone else, (and I am getting a bit audacious here ) come back to Malayalam Cinema with this time an MT – Hariharan project with Kamal Haasan ! Now that would be something really interesting !

At one point in the interview, she is asked :

Kamal Haasan once called you his soulmate when it came to onscreen-pairings. What do you think of that?
I am flattered! He’s an extremely talented actor, and I, too, have enjoyed working with him in almost 40-odd films.

Read the entire interview here.

Download the Pdf Sheet of the Times of India E-paper here.

6 thoughts on “Sridevi’s interview in the Times of India, April 17, 2011

    1. Dear Breezze,
      The extract is from the interview itself – it can be that she might be wrong. While on the subject, is there any source which could give us a reliable filmography of this celebrated duo together on screen across all languages that they have come together? Would highly appreciate if you could share atleast a rudimentary list from which we could add upon.Thanks..Cinematters

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