Songs and dances from Aana Valarthiya Vanambadi (1960)

Aana Valarthiya Vanambadi (1960)

There were 7 songs in Aana Valarthiya Vanambadi (1960), lyrics written by Thirunayinaarkurichi Madhavan Nair and set to music by Brother Lakshmanan. PB Sreenivas, AM Raja, Jamuna Rani and P Leela have lent their voice to the compositions and my favorite in terms of melody is the simple and sweet lullaby, Kanne Varna Malarkodiye. Also, Aana Valarthiya Vanambadi (1960) is not the FIRST film in Malayalam Cinema based on the jungle theme. Vijay ji mentions a movie Vanamala (1951) directed by G Vishwanath, shot at Udaya, but was a miserable flop at the box-office, starring Neyyattinkara Komalam as Mala, the Lady Tarzan.

1.Kanne Varna Malarkodiye

Sung by : AM Raja
Come to think of it, has this genre gone extinct ? I have to think really really hard to find one in the recent releases, give or take a few years. Dhramarajan, the adopted father is singing to the infant Meena, with Bheema lovingly rocking the cradle via a creeper contraption from below.

2.Kaananame Kanninaanandame

Sung by : P Leela
Our own Lady Tarzan, aka Malli is taking a ‘cruise through the countryside’, perched astride her best friend, Bheema the elephant. An ‘introduction’ number, it still amazes you with the ease with which Miss Kumari handles the ‘jungle scenes’ and the wild animals. I am thinking a lot of extra hands could have been involved along with some deft editing and great camera work for the times, but then again, she looks positively comfortable and radiant ! 🙂

3.Paimpaalozhukum Cholathannil

Sung by : AM Raja and P Leela
The besotted couple has the whole jungle to sing to, and each other 🙂 NS Mani’s camera seems to have done a superb job of capturing the outdoor lushness, and one can imagine how it would have translated, had it been in color. Maybe Kunchacko got his rowboat sequence inspiration for the Periyare, Periyare song (Bharya 1962) from here :-P.

4.Jodiyulla Kaaley Joraay

Sung by : PB Sreenivas
Songs from the Bullock cart – another genre that seems to have died a natural death. The last, I guess was in Mrugaya (1989) – the melodious Orikkal niranjum set to tune by Shankar – Jai Kishen. The title cards of the movie credited a Soman as the ‘vandikkaaran’ and I expected a cameo but was sorely let down 🙂

5.Jumboho Jumbaha (Theyyaare)

Sung by : Jamuna Rani
Minai is going to be delighted with this. The staple celebratory dance at the villian’s lair, with several imaginative costume changes ! Watch from 4:54, this could also be the first instance of the “Bird-AND-Snake Dance” in Malayalam Cinema, pantomiming snakes closing in on a hapless bird for the kill.

6.Avaniyil Thaano

Sung by : PB Sreenivas and Jamuna Rani
The second duet, Malli is all out to impress her beau with her ‘swinging skills’ and he looks pretty much impressed too.

7.Om Maha Kaali

Sung by : PB Sreenivas and Jamuna Rani
The final dance in the lair praising Mahakali, with the blubbering cronies held captive for possible sacrifice. The two dances in the movie seem to be choreographed and done by “Thankappan & Party” though I would love to know the identity f the beautiful trio that leads the dance.

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2 thoughts on “Songs and dances from Aana Valarthiya Vanambadi (1960)

  1. I’m in love with the Kanne Varna Malarkodiye song! How charming and adorable! Any song with elephants cannot be anything but. 🙂 And the tribal dances are very fun- I absolutely love the bird-and-snake-dance, with the exciting percussion and energy. How unique- I’ve never seen that before in film dances- brilliant!

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