An interview with Sreekar Prasad

My city’s Metro Edition of the Hindu carried an interview with Sreekar Prasad, the eight-time National award-winning Film Editor, who incidentally is also the editor of the much awaited Prithviraj-starrer Urumi.

He was also the same scissor-hands behind Kutty Srank and Pazhassi Raja if you consider his recent ones in just Malayalam alone. I love his perspective on the profession he has chosen, the responsibilities that come with it – a far cry from the ones that came with a graduate in the English Language ! He says, ” I just adapt to the director. I’ve been lucky that for most of my projects in the last 10 years, I’ve been involved right from the script discussions.” 8  National Awards for that too!

You can read the full interview here.

This is a video  interview that he gave in on the eve of Ravanan’s release .


4 thoughts on “An interview with Sreekar Prasad

    1. Dear Sunny,
      “Unnassuming” is a term that has become a misnomer when it comes to the ‘new-age’ technical fan-boys, and Sreekar Prasad is all that and more when it comes to his craft. As it is mentioned in the interview, it would be very rare to find someone in Indian cinema who should be starting a scrapbook on his National Awards with the caption, Same Award, Different President ” – 🙂 a rare level of excellence, which I fervently hope, will not be lost on the current generation of technicians. Thanks again for writing in. Always a pleasure to know your perspectives.. regards.. CM

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