“The Mythology of Aranmula Metal Mirror” in the DAMA competition

Venu Nair's The Mythology of Aranmula Metal Mirror

Director Venu Nair‘s short documentary “The Mythology of Aranmula Metal Mirror” has been nominated for the Delphic Art Movie Award aka the famous DAMA Award by the Berlin organisers. The 10-minute documentary which features the making of the world-famous Aranmula Kannadi (The Aranmula Mirror) and the craftsmanship associated with it is a part of the 136 films from 42 countries that have entered the contest.

Venu Nair - DirectorThe DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD 2011, is an international contest for documentary short films initiated by the International Delphic Council will for the first time decorate the winners at the ITB Berlin 2011 (the world’s leading travel trade show with a segment “cultural tourism”). Quite a proud moment for all of us, if Venu’s documentary wins the competition.

“The Mythology of Aranmula Metal Mirror” has already by now won the Kerala State Award : For the Best Tourism Film, for the year 2006 – 2007 and the National Award : National Award for the Best Tourism Film, for the year 2006 – 2007.

Here is OMC wishing you all the very best.

You can check out Director Venu Nair’s other award-winning documentaries at  his  website.

10 thoughts on ““The Mythology of Aranmula Metal Mirror” in the DAMA competition

  1. Hello Cinematters,
    I’m afraid I didn’t get the email you sent. MY email address is “pzero1” – sometimes people think it is “po1” – it’s a bit confusing. Or your email may have gone into my spam folder and been accidentally deleted. Can you resend it please? Thanks so much,

  2. Hello Cinematters,
    I ‘m from the US and have spent quite a bit of time in Kerala (1996, 1997, 2001, 2203-2204). I actually lived there in 2003-2004 to do research for my anthropology degree. When I came back to the US, I had a lot of family matters to attend to and didn’t think I would write my dissertation which is on film culture in Kerala. But I am almost finished with it and coming across your website has been such an enjoyable experience and given me so much information on many of the early films I wasn’t able to find there – I actually made a trip to NFDC in Chennai to see a bunch of Malayalam films. The reason I’m sending an email is that I need to cite you in some matters and for that I need your real name. So would you mind sending me an email so that I can properly credit you? Thanks so much,

    1. Patricia,

      Is that you? If so, Dameon and I would really love to hear from you–please contact me! If not, best of luck with your your research.

      Kathleen Stephans Carot (Alias Ms)

      1. Hi Kathleen,
        It indeed is Patricia. A copy of your comment has been already sent as an email to her mail address. I have taken the liberty of deleting your email from the content as this is in public domain and could be misused. Regards..cinematters

    1. Hi Musthafa,
      Thank you for writing in. Am not quite sure as to what exactly you wished to know more about – if it is about the documentary called the “The Mythology of the Aranmula Metal Mirror“, you could contact its director Venu Nair directly through his website or his published contact numbers, + 91 – 471 – 2479 998, + 91 – 92496 33606. If it is about the craft of making the Aranmula Mirror, you could start with the Wiki page on the Aranmula Mirror and follow the links. Hope this helps. Thank you once again.. Regards..Cinematters

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