Chitranjali Studio names its new wing honoring G Devarajan

Chitranjali studio Thiruvallam, Trivandrum
Chitranjali studio 2009, Courtesy KACKC

Malayalam Manorama
reported about the inauguration of the new wing that houses the new shooting floor by the Kerala State Minister for Education, MA Baby. The new wing has been named “G Devarajan Master Memorial Chithreekarana Vedi” (that’s quite a mouthful) in memory of the legend in music composition in Malayalam language, G Devarajan Master.

The earlier facility covered an area of 12,000 sq. ft. the second largest of its kind in Asia while the sound proof floor had a ceiling 50 ft high. Chitranjali Studio, a part of the KSFDC recording theatres are frequented by great film makers like Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Shaji.N.Karun,T.V.Chandran, to name a few.The great Malayalam film maker Late G Aravindan had used its recording facilities for almost all his films. (from the KSFDC website)


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