Remembering M Kunjandi, 9 years on

M Kunjandi I wish I was in Kozhikode today. I really do. Mathrubhumi reports about a memorial/commemorative meeting being organised by the SOCIETY OF REAL AND DEDICATED DRAMA ACTIVISTS (SRADHA ) at  the Town hall at Kozhikode today, at 6 pm. The event, organised by friends, peers and fellow cineastes who adored his work, it would be formally inaugurated by MK Raghavan (MP), and chaired by PV Gangadharan.

If you are at Kozhikode, and have never heard about this brilliant actor, this would be a great way to discover another gem from our exhaustive treasure trove called Malayalam cinema. If you  already have, this would be a great way to revisit his brilliant talent.

What makes M Kunjandi stand apart from his peers then and now would be the extraordinary talent he had in using his unique baritone in a way that best suited the characters he played onscreen. I am sure he must have cultured it from his extensive experience in theater, a veteran of the Malabar Theater circuit.

There is a flood of memories when one remembers this extraordinary actor. More on that soon.
Meanwhile, if you are at Kozhikode today evening and happen to attend the meetup, do let me know how it went.

A clipping from Doorey doorey oru koodu koottam ( 1986)

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