Nilambur Ayisha conferred the Premji Award

Nilambur Ayesha in Paleri Manikyam (2010)

Nilambur Ayisha, the grand dame of Malayalam Theater has been conferred the Premji Award instituted by The Premji Foundation (not to be confused with the Azim Premji Foundation, please ) for her contribution to Malayalam Theater.

I personally feel it is the highest honor that can be bestowed on this living legend, that too instituted in the name of another, both of whom who managed to shake the very foundations of established social rot with their daring and resilience.  Nilambur Ayisha needs no introduction ( to borrow a cliche’), but there is a dearth of her achievements collated for the current generation ( and for the ones to come), something I hope would be addressed very soon.

Sadly, information on the Premji Foundation also seems to be sorely lacking on the Web, and I look forward to anyone who goes through these lines to share any information that they have on the same.  I can’t think of anyone who deserves this recognition more than Nilambur Ayisha ( there was one, you know, our own Shantedathi – P Shanta Devi, but I guess she is in a much happier place now). I will share what I know of this living legend but as a more inclusive effort, something which I intend to bring at least some amount of justice to that divine talent.

The award consists of Rs. 10,000,  a citation  and plaque.

Though the date has not been mentioned in the article, it is mentioned that it would be given away this January.

What do you think ?

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