An ode to immortality by S Shiva Kumar


Happened to come across this short, sweet, fabuluous and highly thoughtful article titled “Immortality Ode” in The Hindu on New Year’s Eve . The article is about the demi-gods on screen that we have come to worship are slowly ‘ making it to the pages in history.” At  one point, he says,

South Indian superstars like NTR and Sivaji Ganeshan struggled to pull in their paunch and pass off as just out of college youngsters wooing heroines half their age. The acting was over the top, the costumes outlandish and the wigs bizarre.

I just could not help but think –  substitute the names and its equally relevant. So, is it an established practice that has become so ingrained in the working of the tinsel world, or is it a misplaced notion that “this is what the average moviegoer wants to watch onscreen?”

Read the complete article here.


2 thoughts on “An ode to immortality by S Shiva Kumar

  1. Even Sivaji settled down to do age-appropriate roles in his twilight years. I’m waiting for the day we might see the current idols stop chasing around heroines the age of their daughters and do the same……Sadly the article also reminds me how male-centric cinema has been…with heroes going up to four decades while the average actress is lucky with one, talent or not. Shame.

    1. Hi Prasanth,
      I guess that’s a sentiment shared by a lot of Movie fans all over. Sure, Sivaji had his epiphany and did them in his later years, but look if one looks around, things haven’t ‘changed’ much. Mohanlal has the dubious distinction of pairing with Poornima Jairam in Manjil Virinja Pookkal in 1980, and again had her daughter Saranya playing his lead heroine in Photographer (2006), 26 years later ! I guess its a vicious circle all the more intensified by unreasonable demands within the industry dynamics itself. But it is sure heading towards a hilarious climax, I can tell you.. 🙂

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