OMC Profiles | Shyam’s Gospel Album in Malayalam

Sacred Songs-Tharangini's Christian Songs Concept Album by Shyam (1982)
Sacred Songs (Parishudha Gaanangal – original title) was an ‘event’ in the Malayalam music industry and one of the greatest commercial successes of Tharanagani Studio. To my best knowledge, it was the first music album centered around a concept/ theme, and an-out-of-the-cinema-playback set of compositions done for the first time by a mainstream film music composer/ directer ( read Big time Composer). Sacred Songs, released in 1982,  would also lay the template for the successful series of ‘Christian Devotional Songs’ series that would be put out by Tharangani Studio on a regular basis, mostly being released around the Christmas season. This album also paved way for the content format of all the albums that followed it, though most tried to keep up with some semblance of a theme, you could find one composition on Nativity and another on the Passion of Christ in almost every album that came out of Tharangini under the “Sneha” series.

Bichu Thirumala_LyricistEven if they missed out on the latter, they ensured that one on the former was de rigueur. The album covered the Old Testament and the New Testament with a set of compositions by Bichu Thirumala which stays timeless, relevant and fresh, almost 30 years after. The phrases and the expressions that he has used in the compositions would surprise you, starting with the opening track that revolved around the Ten Commandments. Comparing the faithful’s heart to the blank set of stone tablets which awaits the commandments to be seared in, for life was an idea which transformed into a majestic and powerful hymn, befitting the all-powerful, all-prevading ‘might and majesty’ of the imposing  Almighty. So much so, I recall reading in an interview  where KJ Yesudas reminisced about being choked up every time he finished with the first line, and it took close to 13 takes to lay down the track!

It was a coup getting Shyam, whom KJY introduces at the beginning with his Christian name, Sam Joseph as the 1980’s belonged to Shyam. And I am sure he must have taken to this project like a fish to water – because here was a chance to bring out his entire capabilities in composing chorale and setting hymnals to music – in short bringing out the  traditional strength in his dexterity on the church organ and the lessons imparted by Dhanraj Master. Each composition resound with his dexterity in composing songs of praise and reflection, often breaking conventional strictures in composition so much so that at times – it sounds like prose set to music. A special mention about the composition Halleluijah, which is a delightful aural trip in harmony and western parts-chorale. I have set out the entire track-listing from the album, and the ones that I could find shared on popular music-sharing sites. A CD version of the album is available under the 9th Angel Records label, out of Chennai.

1. En Manophalkangalil

2.Kizhakkudikkum Muthale

3.Appavum Veenjumayi Nin

4.Pithave kaniyenamey

5. Halleluijiah

6.Vannu Keralathil

7.Hrudayam Paripavanam

8.Niranam Palayur

To my understanding, the only composition/ song that is a tribute to the “7 and a Half churches” established by St Thomas in Kerala in 52 AD.  The song is also a wonderful mnemonic that enables you remember all of them at one go 🙂 Atleast, I do !

9. Ennum Ente Papam

10. Pulkudilil

I would love to hear about your thoughts on the album. Do write in !

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26 thoughts on “OMC Profiles | Shyam’s Gospel Album in Malayalam

    1. Hi Joseph,

      I quite did not understand about the “make arrangements” part in your message. Please understand that I am neither a dealer nor a supplier of AV media on Malayalam films. I got my copy from an audio shop near Parumala church and am sure you could find one too. Also the CD version is brought out by 9th Angel records, 27, 3rd Street, Abhiramapuram, Chennai – 600018. See that you are based out of Chennai. Why don’t you contact the said address to get a copy?

      Thanks, cinematters

  1. Very thanks.. I have the songs in audio cassette, but searched as mp3, thanks so much for the quality also very good. thanks so much for Shyam..

    I liked 5. Halleluijiah (Easter song) please can you try for this song also..

    And do you know Tamil christian song Infant Jesus songs (released by Bangalore Vivek Nagar church in 1980s) “Piranthar, Pranthar”, “Rajathi Rajan” by Shyam.. Please trying for this also couldn’t find.. even tried in those church.. Can you help please..

      1. Thanks for the songs. I m so happy. Can you please help for the songs

        Tamil christian song Infant Jesus songs (released by Bangalore Vivek Nagar church in 1980s) “Piranthar, Pranthar”, “Rajathi Rajan” by Shyam..

    1. Hi Sijo,
      May I repeat once again, there is NO SHARING of audio or video files in this blog, what is shared is INFORMATION. Would suggest you explore other options that have peer-to-peer sharing of files for your song. Thanks.cinematters

  2. Dear Roji,
    Thank you so much for that headsup. I am sure Felix will be overjoyed 🙂 I have forwarded your note to him. Any idea whether the album has been re-released on CD format:in the market? Thanks so much once again..Regards..Cinematters

  3. Hi All
    i have the casset tape of Thapasthuthi. all songs are great. the male singer is Jolly abraham. without God’s blessings it is impossible to compose such songs.

  4. plz send me or post in the site the full songs in the cassette ‘parisuda ganagal’by Shyam ,Bichu & Yesudas.Its really wonderful.Iwas searching these songs for the last couple of years & atleast I cud find it now.lot of thnx…………

    1. Dear Joseph,
      Thank you for passing through and sharing your happiness in finding information on Shyam’s Christian Gospel Album, with Bichu Thirumala. I have made it amply clear across many engagement points in this blog that I DO NOT INVOLVE OR PARTICIPATE IN FREE PEER TO PEER FILE SHARING OF AUDIO or VIDEO FILES HERE. In fact I have amply made myself very clear here.. The Audio CD is available in all the leading shops that sell Christian Music, specially the ones around the Church at Parumala from where I got a legal copy. Regards.. Cinematters

  5. CM,
    heard these songs many times over,
    even then,
    a whole new experience it was this time around,
    having gone through the write up gripping and educative.

  6. Hi CM

    Yes its true. Hariharan voice springs off in the title track. I just wish they had made available the samples for all the songs. The listing shows an interesting mix of singers he has used in the album.
    Regarding Shyam’s other albums, this is what I got from the web. I am not sure whether it is a comprehensive list. Will ask him when I talk to him hopefully soon:

    Thapasthuthi 1984 Lyrics: Mankombu Gopalakrishnan
    Yesuve jeevarakshaka 1992
    Yesuve aathamnayaka 1999 Lyrics: Arban

    I haven’t heard any of these albums though !


  7. CM

    En Manophalangalil set a benchmark which I think is very difficult to surpass. I was talking to a music director recently and he told me frankly that one has to work very hard and at the same time have divine blessings to compose something that would even compare to En Manophalangalil. And anyone who has listened to Shyam’s compositions would readily recognize Shyam’s signature in all the songs in this album.

    Each and every song in this album is a gem and choosing a favourite is like asking to select one among the ten fingers !

    Another hallmark of this album is that as far as I know, this is the first xtian devotional album that talks about events after the ascension of Christ i.e the work of the apostles in spreading the Gospel, namely St.Thomas in this case. Usually xtian devotional albums are usually centered around the theme of Christ and events surrounding His time on earth and sometimes around the events mentioned in the old testament.

    I am planning to talk to Mr.Shyam soon, and will remember to ask him about his experiences in composing this album.


    1. Hi Felix,
      Thank you for that lovely note. It absolutely true on what you mentioned about songs that describe the Christian faith out of the ‘main subject.’ It is great to know that you would be speaking to the legend in the near future, and while you are at it, also check with him where it would be possible to get hold of a copy of an album which he has brought out in Tamil called Yesu Pugazh Paaduvom – I remember reading about it in 2003 but has been unable to find a copy.

      Thanks again, CM

        1. Hi Felix,
          Thank you so much for that link. Have already ordered it. And the news of other albums in Malayalam is news to me ! ( I’m kicking myself here) I would love to know more. The sample song/ title track takes you staright to the 80’s though he has now added the current bass loop requisites to satisfy the producers, I guess :). Thanks once again… CM

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