Old Malayalam Screenplays |3 Bundles of Joy that I absolutely cherish

[ Please don’t try clicking through the thumbnails. They are NOT pdf bundles of the Maestros’ Screenplays. If you love their movies, why not show your appreciation by buying them legally?]

MT Vasudevan Nair’s Screenplays


Though it took three years for all the three to come around, it just didn’t matter. I consider all three of them close to my heart and would recommend these to anyone who truly appreciates the works of the masters. Had the rest of them (read Bharathan, P Bhaskaran and the likes of them Maestros) had effected the same at some point in their career, to have their screenplays kept together for future generations, this would have been a better place.  It is also poignant that all the three are brought out, courtesy of DC Books, perhaps a venture very unique to the publishing industry in India.  Maybe this would serve as an example of bringing out the scripts of the Hindi Classics too – what a delightful experience would that be!

Though DC Books had brought out each screenplay as a separate book  a couple of years back, its only recently they have bundled it   as a single tome. It has Nirmalayam(1973), Iruttinte Aathmavu (1967), Olavum Theeravum ( 1970), Kanyakumari (1974), Kuttyedathi ( 1971) and Murappennu (1965). It is  breath-taking in its entirety and you pat yourself when you can find the subtle differences in the screenplay and the actual film ( the opening of Kuttyedathi is an example). It is written in his usual  dispassionate  and wry style, with minimal interference of the creator rubbing off on the characters. The index of each also miss the actual list of actors who played the part. I wish that would be included next edition around.

P Padmarajan’s Screenplays –  I

Padmarajan's-Screenplays-I Front Jacket

In the foreword, Padmarajan speaks quite candidly about Screenplays place in the Great Big Order of the Literary World and says with a chuckle, its after all, a screenplay, not a literary work. Its after all,  the perfect roadmap for the Director to attain his vision of the movie. It has five movies of his early years, Peruvazhiyambalam (1979) – adapted from his novel, Oridathoru Phayalwan (1981), Kallan Pavithran (1981), Novemberinte Nashtam (1982 )  and Koodevide?(1983 ) – adapted from Vaasanthi’s Tamil novel “Moongil Pookkal“. Reading any Padmarajan creation is an intensely delightful affair, and the same goes for his screenpalys too. Its almost like reading one of his novels, though at times you wonder how effective were the actors in translating the nuances that he effortlessly describes in a single word or a phrase. But, knowing Padmarajan, he worked only with the best, though I personally feel Kallan Pavithran never did full justice o the screenplay though he had directed the movie too. Bharath Gopi somehow looked ill-at-ease in the proceedings and there was this somehow raw-around-the-edges feeling by the time you finished viewing the movie. Just my personal take. The collection is a treasure!

P Padmarajan’s Screenplays – II

Padmarajan's-Screenplays-II Front Jacket

The second bundled treasure, which consists of his later works and as such, ‘denser’ than the previous one. It has Rathinirvedam (1978), Kanamarayathu (1984), Thoovanathumbikal (1987) – a screen adaptation of his novel Udagappola , Innaley (1990) – another of Vasanthi’s novel adaptations,  and  Njan Gandharvan (1991) . Except for Rathinirvedam directed by his best friend Bharathan and Kanamarayathu directed by IV Sasi, the rest three have all been directed by him and all stay the bests among equals. But sadly, combined, they make only 10 scripts of the Maestro and I have heard there is one more tome that has been published, so will need to look at the ones in that too, in case of duplication !

All three are freely available at your friendly neighborhood book stores and as I mentioned earlier, a treasure for anyone passionate about the craftsmanship of MT and P Padmarajan and their celluloid visions.

You could buy a couple of the Screenplays here.

34 thoughts on “Old Malayalam Screenplays |3 Bundles of Joy that I absolutely cherish

  1. i have written a script and like to contact actor Dileep to tell the story.Any body can help me???????????????????????

  2. we r a group of students ,we would like to direct a malayalam short film,we want a good team from all the areas, anyone instead contact me,
    whatsapp no 9496308070

    1. Yes I’m ……
      I can help u in screen writing and dialogs….
      My brother is an artist 🎨.
      He may help u to drow the introduction background….
      …..bro please reply to me……

  3. I have a few stories and now running through my third film script (malayalam). i dont know how to make that nto a film. A director approached , but refused before reading the script. Can someone help me?

  4. Am living in The U K.I have stories for movies,but I could not make it as a screenplay.Pls tell me how could I get the information about screenply writing?Who would help me…?what is the format for the screenplays…?

      1. Roy, would like to contact you. please post your email ID. i too belong to the same category as Raji Joseph. have stories to tell….wrote stories…but an utter flop when turning them to screenplays

    1. We are a group of the people who loves film and doing hard work to reach our aim…
      we are almost to start our film with the support of lot many people….

      anybody can join with us,,,our banner named as Big MM productions…

  5. hey,
    i really want to read a malayalam script anyhow.. now i need to know that via online how can i find out that? please can anyone help me out??

  6. You missed two publications:

    1. A collection of scripts – Arapatta Kettiya Gramathil, Nammukku Paarkaan Munthtirithopukal, Innale, Nombarathipoove, Idavela

    2. Two movie collection – Moonam Pakkam, Aparan

    Recently DC has come out with 2 volumes of 14 of his works (all of his novels and novelettes). I just got it 2 days back. Great works. I think he had more flair for story-writing than script-writing.

    1. Dear Jerin,
      Thank you for passing through and writing in. About the three collections that I had written about – I have never claimed anywhere that these three were the definitive publications available in the market 🙂 There are a whole bunch of standalone screenplay publications and three-in-one bundles that need to be archived, which I plan to do slowly. The feeling about Padmarajan being a great story-teller than afilm-maker is a sentiment shared by many. Hope you enjoyed comparing the scripts and the adaptations of the same on screen, also its genesis from his novellas and short stories. Thanks again for passing through..Regards,,,Cinematters

  7. dear all , do u have any idea about the site where we can read the malayalam film scripts and screen plays .
    Please reply

    1. Dear Remy,
      You would have to search really hard around for that. Why not buy the original tome brought out by DC Books as in the case of the three books taht I have mentioned and also check at the Mathrubhoomi Online store too? ..Regards..Cinematters.

  8. hi there. any idea if there are other scripts of padmarajan out there? looking for any info on rappaadikalude gaadha and ozhivukalam. btw, i believe kanyakumari starred rita bhaduri, not sreedevi.

    1. Hi Tara,
      Thank you for passing through and writing in. 🙂 The two titles that you mentioned are the most cherishes amongst all of his Screenplays, from what I can gather. Raapaadikalude Gatha doesnot even exist as a print, though released in 1978, but the handscripted manuscript was traced to be in the possession of one of its Producers. Ozhivukalam is another one in my radar. The moment I get hold of a copy, rest assured I will keep you informed.

      And thank you so much for pointing out that error on Kanyakumari. Guess I must have been under the Poombatta spell to have been paying close attention. Have also duly informed akhottie on that correction too ! Thanks once again. Regards…CM

    1. Hi,
      Kanyakumari is centered around an orphan stone cutter, a girl who sells trinkets, their warm relationship, and a secondary grpoup of characters who come to stay at the Rest House whose lives get intertwined in surprising ways. It was Kamalahasan and Sreedevi who played the lead roles. ..CM

        1. Dear Hari,
          I believe that error was pointed out by Tara Ramanujam which you can read about in the comments section. If you still can’t find it, it goes like this,

          And thank you so much for pointing out that error on Kanyakumari. Guess I must have been under the Poombatta spell to have been paying close attention. Have also duly informed akhottie on that correction too !

          Found it a bit surprising as the correction by Tara falls right NEXT to the comment which contains the errata.

          Regardless, thank you for pointing it out and writing in..regards..Cinematters

    2. Hi,
      There has been an error in my previous reply on Kanyakumari, the lead roles were by Kamalhasan and RITA BHADURI and NOT Sreedevi ! ( Thanks to Tara for pointing that out!) Regret the error.. Regards..CM

  9. CM,
    those days movies were being liked for its good story content. Resultingly the industry was vibrant, Now a days that has swayed to a paramount focus on superstars leaving the industry lurch in wilderness. my two cents.
    thanx fo the info.

    1. Dear Prince,
      I guess the commercials and the priorities have changed, even the business dynamics. The ones who are said to be on the frontline deem this way the best to get the maximum returns out in the least possible time. It seems to be a hilarious roller-coaster ride…CM

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