Vayalar’s Classics gets a reintepretation as Paintings, courtesy KV Jyothilal

Vayalar Ramavarma_Lyricist Came across this fantastic re-interpretation of a magical kind altogether the other day, based on a small report in the Malayala Manorama daily. KV Jyothilal, an accomplished and experienced artist from Kollam has done this exquisite series of paintings based on the Malayalam Classics that we have grown up on, and have come to love and cherish. He has done a series on his favorites composed by Vayalar and another series dedicated to the classics by P Bhaskaran.

It is quite commendable and the more you go through his ontepretation of Vayalar’s compositions, one is amazed at the different layers and textures that he reveals, that is the best part about the sets. He had just completed an exhibition of the series last week,  a tiny report of the same that stoked my curiosity. And thank God, he did have the good faculties to have uploaded all of it as separate blogs termed Nirakkoottam ( a play on the term Nirakkoottu – color palette). I have attempted to showcase his creation against the celluloid original  ( as available on the Web ) that was his inspiration so that it becomes easy to put them in perspective. He has in total, painted 32 interpretations of his beloved classics of which only 10 have been displayed online. Here  are a few from the series.

Song : Indravallari Poochoodivarum

Music : G Devarajan
Movie : Gandharvashethram (1972)

Song : Sanyasini

Music : G Devarajan

Movie : Rajahamsam (1974)

Song : Shankupushpam Kannezhuthumbol

Music : G Devarajan

Movie : Shakunthala (1965)

You could go through the rest of the series at Artist KV Jyothilal’s personal blog here.

12 thoughts on “Vayalar’s Classics gets a reintepretation as Paintings, courtesy KV Jyothilal

  1. hello……dear frend, im artist K.V.Jyothilal…..its really a nyc wrk….feel so gratitude to visit this page….thank u 4 uploading my paintings..there r some more paintings to be included…..i wish to kno ur contact address…hope u wl snd me ur contact address soon…

    thank u

    1. Dear Mash,
      Glad that you liked it. Efforts such as this need their deserved encouragement and I’m happy to have done my bit, however small. Look forward to your complete set so that I could update it. All the very best…Regards…CM

    1. Hi Rajesh,
      Had a small chat with the artist, Mr KV Jyothilal who is an Art Instructor. He as promised that he would upload the entire set one of these days and keep me informed. Will do the needful once it is there. Have a great day… CM

  2. the pictures are out of the world.
    I think these cinema songs now stands the threat of being shadowed by the artist’s creation if it is given a befitting publicity. Heavenly creations.

    1. Dear Prince,
      Thank God, am not the one alone at that. Had a small chat with the artist yesterday and he said there are about 30-dd paintings he has done on the theme and would send across a soft copy once he is able to get it all together. Absolutely marvelous… CM

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