MT Vasudevan Nair | Screenplays for Directors

List Courtesy IMDB

These are the list of films collated from information available in the public domains about the movies MT has written the story and the screenplay for other directors from Malayalam Cinema.  Please feel free to correct/add/delete on any of the entries, if you think it warrants it. I look forward to if any.


Murappennu (1965) (writer)
Pakalkkinavu (1966) (writer)
Iruttinde Athmavu (1966) (writer)
Nagarame Nandi (1967) (writer)
Asuravithu (1968) (writer)
Ollavum Theeravum (1969) (screenplay)
Nizhalattam (1970) (writer)


Vithukal (1971) (writer)
Mappusakshi (1971) (writer)
Kuttiyedathi (1971) (writer)
Nirmalayam (1973) (screenplay)
Paathiravum Pakalvelichavum (1974) (writer)
Kanyakumari (1974) (screenplay)
Bandhanam (1978) (writer)
Ekakini (1978) ( Writer )……Thanks Sajith B
Neela Thamara (1979) (writer)
Edavazhiyile Poocha Minda Poocha (1979) (writer)
Oppol (1980) (writer)
Vilkkanundu Swapnangal (1980) (writer)


Thrishna (1981)
Valarthu Mrugangal (1981 )
Varikuzhi (1982 )
Aaroodam (1983 )
Manju (1983)
Aalkkoottathil Thaniye (1984 )
Adiyozhukkukal (1984 )
Aksharangal (1984 )
Uyarangalil (1984 )
Vellam (1984 )
Anu Bandham (1985 )
Idanilangal (1985 )
Rangam (1985)…Thanks Rajasree
Abhayam Thedi (1986 )
Hrithubhedam (1986 )
Kochu Themmadi (1986)
Nakhashathangal (1986)
Panchagni (1986)
Amritamgamaya (1987)
Athirthikal (1988)….Thanks Shaji Vincent
Aranyakam (1988)
Vaishali (1988 )
Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha (1989 )
Utharam (1989)
Midhya (1990)
Perumthachan (1990)
Thazhvaram (1990)


Venal Kinavukal (1991)
Sadayam (1992)
Parinayam (1994)
Sukrutham (1994)
Daya (1998)
Ennu Swantham Janakikutty (1998)
Oru Cheru Punchiri (2000)
Theerthadanam (2001)
Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja (2009)
Neelathamara (2009)


19 thoughts on “MT Vasudevan Nair | Screenplays for Directors

  1. You have left one script written by MT …..”Athrithikal” acted My Madhu and Sreevidya in the lead…It has a comedy song “Jeevitham Naya Nakki”….

  2. Manju filim nayakanta makan jayaraj (director) filimil nayakan aayi vannuvallo
    Enkil veendum.M T sirnta scriptil aa payyane veche manju re make chaithude

  3. Hi Sajith,
    Is there any way to get hold the copy of naalukettu tv serial? My wife did the role of Malu in that serial. If you have any information, it would be great.
    Thank you.

  4. Dear CM
    The serial Naalukettu was shot in the remote areas of Thrithala, Pattithara and Aanakkara Panchayats in the extreme western part of Ottappalam Taluk, Palakkad district. In fact, Koodallur, the native village of M T Vasudevan Nair also belongs to Anakkara Panchayat.
    At that time, i.e in between 1994 – 1996, i was working in that area and i even saw the little Appu of the serial who was then a student in Gokhale School, Padinharangadi. On enquiry it is known that the script was prepared by M T Vasudevan Nair. The serial was telecasted by Doordarshan in the mid nineties. No idea about the print of the serial. Maybe it will be in the record room of Doordarshan


  5. Saw Nizhalattam last evening.
    The treatment by Vincent of MT’s story on the ultimate fruits of a decadent lifestyle was a strong statement against vice and debauchery, and the evil paths that lead one to downfall.
    But surprisingly there were undercurrents, too- whom we thought were upright (read “Socialist”) were, in the words of Sheela’s character, spineless despite all the noble aspirations. Kaviyoor Ponnamma’s character: the despondent bed-ridden and raving hypochondriac mother of the house, with flashes of manic anger, was brilliant. Sankaradi as the long-suffering, silent, man-servant had only an emotive face with sadness at the ongoing downfall happening around him was touching. Bahadoor as the drunk Mr Kurup was very convincing and provided slight comic relief with his numerous references to those glorious old days in Malay, back in 1937. It reminded me of a few of my relatives.
    But the extended scenes of partying, drinking, the occasional cabaret dances, the bands, the blind extravagance, throwing money around, the neglect of one’s work, addicted to drink- even going to the extent of asking his wife’s help to raise money… came across as capable of raising extreme disgust in my mind at the character enacted by Prem Nasir. Kudos to him! The English emoted by Prem Nasir’s character was cool! “Clear Off!” he says off-handedly to his brother enacted by Sudheer, in one office scene- was much like an Englishman would.
    Altogether, a wonderful movie. And, for the year 1966, this was indeed a ‘forward’ movie in its depictions of unbridled merry-making. Especially the wonderful evergreen song “Swargaputhree Navarathree” sung onscreen by Jose Prakash amidst a drink party with a visibly uncomfortable Sheela’s character, was totally brilliant.
    Though the movie was off a VCD and bore the legacy of all associated problems inherent in this media: poor picture quality, scene freeze and pixelation, the sound was, thankfully, proper. The strength of Vincent’s direction really was evident throughout with control kept on the elements of the story, with the intent of making the gorge rise.

  6. I havent had a chance to watch the latest KVPR yet. Hear MT faced criticism over the script. How was the movie? Also any of these titles NOT available in the market or with archivists?

    1. kerala varma pazhassiraja was not anywhere up to the mark considering the fact that it was MT – HARIHARAN film. script wise saying, old PAZHASSIRAJA was far better and KOTTARAKKARA has done more justice to the role of pazhassiraja than mammootty. i dont know how many of you agree with me!! but if you have watched old version, then you will agree with my verdict.

      many of the movies in the aforesaid list are available with asianet, say IDAVAZHIYILE POOCHA, or PAKAL KINAVU or THRISHNA, or VALARTHU MRIGANGAL or VELLAM, or IDANILANGAL or AAROODAM etc. but NO IDEA ABOUT VAARIKKUZHI (sukumaran was the hero) MAAPPUSAKSHI or PAATHIRAVUM PAKAL VELICHAVUM (prem nazeer) etc

      there is one more film EVIDEYO ORU SATHRU (starring JALAJA, VENU NAGAVALLI and SUKUMARAN) it was a very good thriller but unfortunately has not released yet. MT – HARIHARAN team is coming together again with EZHAMATHE VARAVU this year and the script is very much similar to EVIDEYO ORU SATHRU. waiting eagerly for that film. i believe sukumaran’s role is given to INDRAJITH.

      1. Dear Goplaji
        I’ve also heard that the older version of Pazhassi Raja was much better with a few good songs composed by R K Sekhar. But no idea about the print of that old movie. Mappusaakshi, i fear, was a flop. Cant remember even the songs. Vaarikuzhi was released and i remember that the film was shown in some Film Festivel. I think that Vaarikuzhi was directed by M T.

        Anyway, his film Nirmalyam (Pallivaalum Kaalchilambum – Orginal story by M T) is one of the best in the entire Malayalam movie history. I don’t know whether you all agree with me in this statement. The selection of location, script, music and above all the effort of P J Antony along with K R Sumitra, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Sankaradi, Sukumaran, … everything was optimally combined to create the classic. Just recall the last scene in which the depressed velichappadu succumb to death after spitting his blood which oozed from his forehead to the deity !.


        1. i have seen both versions of pazhassiraja. though picturised in studios with limited technology, udaya version was much better. i beleive the old version was not a big hit as expected. NIRMALAYAM was indeed a classic. no doubt about that fact. but i prefer THAZVARAM as my favorite SCRIPT of MT. lalettan at his best. and vaarikkuzhi is the best film (according to me) directed by MT.

  7. CM
    I think the list failed to include Ekakini, directed by G S Panicker starring Ravi Menon and Sobha. Am i right?

      1. CM
        Among the scripts, can we include his Naalukettu telecasted as a serial in the mid nineties?

          1. CM
            I think it was telecasted in the Doordarshan. Shall make an enquiry and reply


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