8 Oct 2010 | KS Chithra awarded the Nandi Award by the AP Government for 2009

KS Chithra has been awarded the Nandi Award for Best Female Playback Singer instituted by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, for the movie Kalavaramaye Madilo.

The Nandi Awards are presented annually in Andhra Pradesh, India for Telugu cinema by State government. “Nandi” means “bull”, the awards being named after the big granite bull at Lepakshi — a cultural and historical symbol of Andhra Pradesh. Nandi Awards are presented in four categories: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper. A variant, Nandi Natakotsavam Awards is also given every year by the Andhra Pradesh government for social, mythological and poetic Dramas.

This is her 4th Nandi Award, starting from the one in 1996. In 1999 she won it for Swayamvaram and in 2004 for Varsham.

Here is KS Chithra at the Audio Release of  Kalavaramaye Madilo.

This is the title track. One word for it – Awesome!

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