Lying, half-ignorant tactics to sell you a crappy VCD of an old Malayalam Classic Film

Ormakal Marikkumo (1977)


It is one thing having to put up with crappy VCD’s of old classics in Malayalam, with their atrocious resolution complements and pricing that is surprisingly more than DVDs! Its quite something else to look at marketing gimmicks that attempt to push the same down your throat banking on the customer’s perceived ignorance. So, here I get a rude shock in my last outing for classical Malayalam movies, when I see MARUTHI VIDEOS proudly telling me, ” Here, buy this movie! It’s the only one with Kamalhasan and Jayan together in Malayalam cinema history!Whoever managing the marketing department at MARUTHI VIDEOS has to be extremely daft, ignorant or is too full of himself to think  he can shove it down an unsuspecting customer’s throat, robbing him/ her of their Rs 99/- !!

To whom so ever it may concern in Maruthi Videos,
Get your act together and grow up!
And for God’s sake, please check your facts before you thrust it down our throats.

Madanolsavam (1978)


The movie that they acted together without informing Maruthi Videos of the project. Its time N Shankaran Nair offered an apology to Maruthi Videos.

What say?

Just couldn’t stop myself from sharing one of Salilda’s Classics from Madanolsavam (1978)

3 thoughts on “Lying, half-ignorant tactics to sell you a crappy VCD of an old Malayalam Classic Film

  1. I had to chuckle at this post- too funny. I recently got some dance compilation VCDs and thought it was humorous that the cover said “digitally enhanced and mastered” despite being at most 240p. I think VCDs need to go the way of the dinosaur! Anyhow, very nice to see that Kamal Hassan song you posted- I always forget that he was in quite a few Malayalam movies since his Tamil ones get the biggest attention.

    1. Hi Minai,

      :). I recently spoke to one of the biggies who almost dominate the Malayalam Classics VCD market, asked him what is preventing them from selling DVD’s instead of the craapy VCD’s that they bring out. His answer was very profound and deeply philosophical. He said, “Most people have VCD players in Kerala, THAT’s why we still keep bringing out VCDs.” Do you have a response for that? I was too disoriented to answer. 🙂
      Glad you liked the Kamal movie. It was the Malayalam version of Eric Segal’s LOVE STORY. The film had fabulous songs, set to music by Salilda. He had a very fruitful innings with Malayalam Cinema, surprisingly. Even Eric Segal’s MAN, WOMAN and CHILD had a Malayalam version, made as Olangal (1982), with music by the Isaignani :). It was also Amol Palekar’s first and last Malayalam film :). It was remade as Masoom in Hindi !!

      Have a great day.

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