Poombatta’s Songs (1971) | G Devarajan, Sound of Music, RocknRoll and King Shibi

There were four songs and an instrumental dance track in Poombatta (1971). The lyrics for all the songs were by Yousuf Ali Kechery, set to music by G Devarajan. Being a self-styled ‘Children’s Film’, the songs were also crafted and set to music to gratify that belief, which also explains the song about King Shibi from the Jataka Tales.

Raagini and Baby Sridevi in Poombatta (1971)

I guess BK Pottekkad included it to probably propagate a sense of higher value and worth that the film conveys, but P Madhuri’s voice is not exactly what sounds agreeable to me as the voice of a loving mother (here Raagini) singing to her daughter ( Baby Sridevi). My personal opinion? S Janaki. ( then of course, its just my opinion, that’s all. The song is perfect, if you ask me) You can read in wonderful detail about legend of King Shibi here.

Shibiyennu Peraya

Music : G Devarajan
Lyrics : Yusuf Ali Kechery
Sung by : P Madhuri

Truly a rare moment in Malayalam Cinema, which I don’t think repeated ever! Raagini with baby Sridevi, in a one-of-its kind musical bookmark in Old Malayalam Cinema.

Paadunna Painkkilikku

Music : G Devarajan
Lyrics : Yusuf Ali Kechery
Sung by : KJ Yesudas

An ode to the sad existence of the street singers/ wanderers /wayside entertainers, also praising their independence as an afterthought.

An Instrumental Dance Tune.

Sekhar.R.K_Music DirectorMY FAVORITE!!!! Devarajan Master starts off with the opening bars, closely resembling  a mishmash of The Shadows’ Apache‘ and  the Birdie song and then progressing on to a delightful sonic tapestry of folk rhythms so close to the heart of our music, (signature of the Maestro), and at last rounding off with a generous dollop from the Sound of Music. Probably, Asst Director of Music R K Shekhar ( a legend, and the blessed father of another legend, AR Rahman) must have had a free hand in this composition, as its more Shekhar‘s forte of western improvisations into our classic sensibilities.  They close it off with a delightful sitar version of Do-Re-Mi!  And all through, the spunky duo of Baby Sridevi and Baby Roja Ramini jive, boogie, twist and dance through. You got to watch Sridevi’s moves. Maaaaan!!

There were two more songs in the movie, Manatharileppozhum – which was the opening scene of the movie, and was in praise of Guruvayoorappa, sung by P Leela and Renuka, and Arimullachedi, sung by Renuka. Unfortunately,  I do not have the audio or the video clips at hand currently, and will update the same as soon as I get to process them.

49 thoughts on “Poombatta’s Songs (1971) | G Devarajan, Sound of Music, RocknRoll and King Shibi

  1. Dear CM,


    This year I am conducting “Raginiyum Cancerum” -Photo Exhibition of Travancore Sisters and Awareness on Breast Cancer at Poojapura on October,2012.I wish that it would be better if you could share this idea in our Web or Richard;s blog,so that I could gather a few innovative ideas.Any way I don’t wish to publish the picks on line!

    Again,Thanx a lot. I will find sometime to share with you to chat on rare songs and a few Kannada/Telegu movies with you

    With Regards,
    Manu J.Krishnan(BA-MSW)

  2. Ragini’s last Malayalam Movie Alinganam’s VCD is released.We really missed her…
    What a brilliant movie.Every one Rakki,Rani Chandra,Ummer,Vincent,Sreedevi, Rahavan,Meena,Bahadur,Prathab Chandran(Guest n Role),has done it superb.

    Padmini’s voice has been patched up with that of Ragini very well.Infact my eyes were wet when I saw Ragini with Padmini’s voice.

    Film has been editted…….Thushara Bindukale……. song is not there in the VCD.I dont know y,all the songs were becoming automatically Cinema Scope

    1. ie bcoz they have used old vhs fo the commercila copy and for the songs.. they have used PATTU PETTY videos from asianet.. thushara bindhukkale was only there in the theatre i guess..

  3. Dear CM,
    Iam sincerly unhappy because ,i brought Rakki’s Veluthampi Dhalava Film’s VCD.It’s my requset here to all fans of Travancore Sisters not to purchase this CD.I dont understand Y Malyalam Films are not released in DVD format.I remember,Padmini made guest roles in two Malyalam Movies.That were Shabarimala Shree Dharma Shastha&Veluthampi Dalava.But unfortunately,this VCD dont have that sceen.Padmini is missing in this VCD.There was a sceen in which she stands infront of a temple and prays to Kavilamma or some other Godesses.Oriental Films did this film.Do any fans of Rakki have the original full version of this film?if so let me pls know about it…

  4. Dear CM,
    Palattukoman is released? yahhh…i cant believe it. let me check with d Melody Corner near by. Well, if u could know try to collect her first movie.and for u it may b an easy task.She did her first appearance in a Kannada Film (that too in a dance sequence…i think it might b Kankanam-1943)If it is so,then u may easily get it ;becos,Kankanam was P.Leela’s first movie….Iam not sure of the film’s name…but is sure about her first appearance….

    With Regards,
    Manu J.Krishnan

  5. Dear CM,
    Yes i forgot to let u know something.Hope u knew that Ragini did a lot of hits under Udaya’s banner.Beginnining with Unniyarcha(1961),she did number of box office hits for Udaya.I have heard from a few refrences that Dhooradharshan Trivandrum Station posses songs of almost all old Malayalam songs.But they just copy songs from these old films and telecast these songs.their libraray contains neither of these films.I have seen popular songs of Palatu Koman(1967) like…”Poove nalla poove”,Chandanapallakil” etc in Smridhilayam (often telecasted in Dhooradarshan)…hope u wud also have noticed this.Hence,Mrs.Mollly Boban might pose prints of this film too.Her name is been put as Negative Right Holder in all the CD’s of Udaya Films.
    With regard to Shabarimala shree Dharmashastha,we may be quite lucky enough;because this movie was taken in both Tamil and Malayalam at the same time.Ragini came as Mahishi and Padmini did a guest role.I think Ambika was d heroine…

    1. Hi Manu,
      Thanks again for that update. Yes, I am aware of the movies Ragini did under the Udaya Banner and had even attempted to cover her Unniyarcha (1961) here. Also Unniyarcha and Palattu Koman have now been released in VCD format (urrgh) and I need to check with the learned ones as to how much of the movie and songs they have chopped off. I also look forward to Sabarimala Sree Dharmasastha too.. Regards.. Cinematters

  6. Hi dear CM,
    I would like to get a post on Ragini’s role in Ammayanna Sthree.I have seen this movie .Music was by AM.Rajah.But i think KR.Vijaya was given more popularity and fame;even Ragini did as Adv.(Sathyan’s Role)Movie was by KS.Sethumadavan.I think Ragini’s role is a turning point in this movie!

    1. Hi Manu, welcome back 🙂 I am yet to watch that movie though it is there in my Ragini Priority List, and would appreciate if you could direct me to get hold of a copy . I have checked Maebag and they don’t have it. It would be a pleasure writing about it, as always. Regards, CM

  7. Thanks for ur reply….. I came to know that kuttavum sikshayaum is a remake of the tamil film ”’Pennai Nambungal’. Interested to know about the story…. also interested to know about the story of kamal starrer ”eeta”.

  8. hi CM,
    Sincere thanx for ur moral support and love for my programme.I could do it and is happy that ,i could collect Rs.1500/- .The proceeds will be handed over on 30-12-2010 to Pain and Palliative Care Centre ,Trichur.
    dear unseen friend,Once again thanx and whole hearted love for ur special care .And kindly have a note of Richard’s tribute to Ragini at his blog.

  9. thanx for this unseen friend.Mr.Vijayan called me.And he reffred about u.
    And,i wuld like to know about Movie “Lakshyam” by Ragini.if u can pls gv me some informatoion.let me try if i can get some real of that movie

    1. Hi Manu,
      Glad that you connected. Hope something fruitful and productive comes out of it. Regarding Lakshyam, sadly, I have not watched the film and the only reference for that movie online is thankfully at MSI..It was directed by one Mr AP Jipson who seem to have story, screenpaly, dialogues and direction. You could go through the entire profile here. And now that you have met Mr Vijay Kumar, look no further. He is one the best you have got in clearing those cobwebs 🙂 ..Regards…CM

    1. Hi,
      To the best of my knowledge, Kumara Sambavam (1969), Swapnangal (1970),
      Poombatta (1971) and Theertha Yathra (1972). Please do recheck with other sources before you reach a final list. Regards… CM

  10. Thanks 4 ur instant reply…. Myself being a Tamil had watched Sridevi and kamal Hassan in Tamil films… Later on I came to know that these two did quite a few films in Malayalam… This is the reason why I asked all such questions…


    1. Hi,
      Hope whatever shared was helpful to you. You are welcome anytime to share what you know and ask what you want to know at OMC.. It becomes all the more enjoyable then. Warm regards, CM

    1. Hi,
      I am surprised, that question was the very basis of our extended interactions. Naalumanippookal, which is the basis of IV Sasi casting Sreedevi in Aalinganam according to Sri Sreekumaran Thampi is shown as being released in 1977 and the latter is missing from her Wikipedia page ! Malayala Sangeetham Info ( MSI) which is another community-based project and one which I hugely respect shoes Naalumanipookkal (1978) and Aalinganam (1976) ! This is the dispute. Regards…CM

    2. Hi,
      This is with reference to your query on the release dates of Aalinganam and by that Sreedevi’s movies in Malayalam. B Vijaykumar, one of Malayalam Cinema’s respected archivists and passionate reviewer had kept records of all these and was kind enough to share whatever he could find from the records. This is his reply on the “issue” :

      “Details of Sridevi films, I hope I am right in these findings. Kuttavum Sikshayum released on 9th July, 1976 is her first released Malayalam film in which she has the full fledged role as the heroine opposite to Kamalahasan. Abhinandanam , Alinganam Ashirvadam etc are other films released the same year. Alinganam was released only on 26th November, 1976. Moonru Mudichu was released on 22nd October, 1976 (censored on 7th October).

      Hence by all means, it could be confirmed that Kuttavum Sikshayum was her first Malayalam movie as the full length role. Hope this will suffice the clarification you sought. Naalumanippookkal was released in 1978, and how come this name has come, I dont know. Hope I am right, I will inform the date of release of the film Nalumanippookal also, I have to find from my diaries.
      Yours sincerely,
      Vijay “

      So this is where things stand now.. Will keep you updated as an when I receive any inputs. Warm regards and New Year Wishes…CM

  11. Thank you very much….. Can u give the list of movies sridevi did in malayalam along with the date of release…… Thanks in advance….

    1. Hi,
      I do not have a complete list of all her releases along with the dates. The list given at her Wikipedia Page is fairly reliable with the years on Aalinganam and Naalumanipookkal disputed. Will keep sharing as and when I get hold of them here. You can access her Wikipedia Page here... Regards, CM

  12. Thanx CM,
    I am privileged about ur presence too for d Exibition.Its my life achievement.You knew Ragini met with a very tragic end,Lalita too.But Lalitha had a good better half even.Share some picks if u have.I will give them back after d xbition.Hope this will b a union of all fans of Travancore Sisters living in loops and corners of world.
    Well,Iam organising it by my own.all efforts are been put by me.Thanx once more .also please do convey about my programme with ur friends who are really intrested in.

    1. Hi Manu,
      The pleasure is all mine. I just can’t appreciate enough the efforts that you have put in for the exhibition. Regarding the pictures, I wish I had even one to share with you as a hard copy. If you have any advertising material that you have made for the exhibition, could you please send across a soft copy of that to pazhayapadam@gmail.com? I would love to feature that here and extend whatever support I can from here. Also if you could also furnish your contact number, I can also try with my friends in MMTV to explore any opportunities in covering the event ( if you haven’t done that already, that is). Please send across any promotional material and I would gladly put it up and spread the word in my circle.
      Warm regards,

    1. Hi,
      I am unable to recollect the entire story line ( it was a loong time ago)..From what I can recall, Sreedevi played this part of a blind street-singer or something close to that. The male lead was Vincent, now when you look back IV Sasi seems to have defiantly cast over Prem Nazir, a natural pick for those roles. A dear friend through these columns informs that the DVD/VCD of the movie will be out soon. We can wait, can’t we?…Regards, CM

    2. hi,
      Basically Alinganam was released in 1976.Vincent & Sreedevi were d here -heroines.Ragini,Ravi Kumar,Rani Chandra(chandrika for Tamil fans),and Ummer did the supporting major roles.Ragini did d role of a very possesive mother.Sreedevi’s name in the movie was Mini,this was a blac&white movie with A Certificate.The famous song of AT Ummer…thusharabindukale got award too.later,a few critics found that it was d song of Shri.Kanoor Rajan and not of AT.Ummer.

      I think,i d very next year this movie was remade in Tamil.Sreedevi it self was d heroine.Insted of Ragini,Pushpa(AVM Rajan’s wife)played her mother’s role.It was acolour movie.

      VCD may b released soon.Iam not happy withe VCDs of Anubhavam and Kalliyamkaatu Neeli.Also Yakshaganam’s VCD was very bad.Pls try to release d DVDs of Malayalam Films also…

      1. Hi Manu,
        Thank you for that update – am sure it would be helpful for a lot of Ragini and Sreedevi fans . 🙂 Regarding the quality o VCd’s, well. haven’t we been saying this since a long time which seem to fall on some callous deaf ears? One can only hpe things will improve.. Regards..CM

      2. Thanks, I think that movies was remade in Tamil as Pagalil Oor Iravu. Is it an adult film???? Also can anyone provide details about the film Aadhyapaadham.

    1. Hi Manu,
      I have quietly followed your interactions at Richard’s blog, updating myself and have the highest regards for you when it comes to a subject such as Ragini. I just know only the fact that Padmini had dubbed for Ragini for the movie and it was her last (sadly) in Malayalam. All I can say is that by the late 70’s, IV Sasi was the ‘hottest’ property in terms of the hits he directed and would have decided to include her knowing her condition and bring some semblence of work into her, helping her get on her feet as the goodwill and respect enjoyed by the Travancore Sisters in the South film industry had its effect on IV Sasi too. Please not that theese are my personal opinions and I would be glad to stand corrected. Also came to know fom Richard’s blog about the Exhibition on December 16. I’m trying my level best to be there and hopefully meet you too. Wish I could tell you more….Regards..CM

    1. Hi AK,
      Though I cannot present you hard numbers from the resources there are at our disposal, I would go with Moondru Mudichu, as Sreedevi’s career graph in Malayalam films was more or less a comfortable ride on her stardom from Tamil. Of the handful that she did in Malayalam, the memorable ones would be Kanyakumari and Devaragam ( her last one in Malayalam). Malayalam had its own fair share of leading ladies during that time with blazing careers and KS Gopalkrishnan bringing in Sreedevi in a movie harping in on the novelty factor of Sreedevi in her first heroine role in Malayalam wouldn’t have cut ice with the average Malayali. Just my thoughts. Needless will keep checking and keep you informed…Regards…CM

  13. Well people say its Moondru mudichu was her first film as heoine, perhaps first adult role…. Which got released first???? Moondru mudichu or any of her malayalam films????

    1. Hi,
      From what I have checked and received information from ( None other than Sreekumaran Thampi, celebrated Director), the first full-fledged acting role was for Moondru Mudichu, since her first movie as a full-fledged herione in Malayalam is KS Gopalakrishnan directed Naalumanippookkal,. Impressed by her acting prowess, IV Sasi cast her in Aalinganam! So that is straight from someone who has been around ans still is, in Malayalam Cinema -active and productive. Thanks …CM

    1. Hi akhottie,
      The year was 1976 to the best of my knowledge. The exact date is beyond me. Directed by IV Sasi, it was released under the Murali Movies banner which am sure would have gone defunct by now. I will surely check with the learned ones that I know of and get back to you.. Thanks…CM

    1. Richard,
      Srivedi started as son of Padmini in Kumarasambavum(as Lord Muruga).It was followed by as daughter of Shanthi in Swapnangal(1970-01).Thirdly she acted as Ragini’s step daughter in Pottekaad’s Poompaata.It was Sreevedi who acted as Raagini’s daughter in her last Malayalam movie Alinganam(1976).And it was d first malayalam movie in which Sreedevi came as heroine.(regarding Swapnangal release date plz check it with some one else)

      1. Hi Manu,
        Thank you so much for that update. The fact about Sridevi’s first Malayalam movie as heroine Alinganam(1976) directed by IV Sasi is unknown even in her Wiki page 🙂 Swapnangal was a 1970 release (though am too not aware of the exact date), and you could find one of the tracks Madirakshi here. I just managed to get hold of a copy of Kumarasambhavam last week. Thank you once again, Manu for those valuable inputs.

        @ Richard : The Travancore Sisters file keep growing, doesn’t it Richard? 😀

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