Christian Songs From Old Malayalam Films -2

Ragini in Bharya (1962)

Bharya (1962)

All the 9 songs in Bharya (1962) were super hits. Starting from Periyare by AM Raja, and ending with the dirge Dayaaparanaya Karthave, between themselves ensured that M Kunchacko laughed and danced all the way to the box-office.

Presumably based on the real-life incident of an illicit affair gone horribly wrong involving a college professor’s family, there were three songs that could be termed as Christian devotional songs. Written by Vayalar and set to tune by G.Devarajan, maybe they remain classic and timeless, even today, for the simplicity and unique structures of the songs. Speaking of uniqueness, nothing could beat Kanivolum from Snehaseema (1954) composed by Dakshinamurthi. That and more, as we go down the sepia lane.

Song: Omanakkayyil
Film : Bhaarya (1962).
Sung by : P Susheela
Lyrics : Vayalar
Music : G. Devarajan.

Song: Mulkeeridamithenthinu
Film : Bhaarya (1962).
Sung by : P Susheela
Lyrics : Vayalar
Music : G. Devarajan.

There is a third song, Dayaparanaaya Karthavey, the funeral lament which plays in the background, replete with omnious chord sequences and crashing cymbals, which is the only song of that genre in Malayalam cinema. I have not yet been able to convert the blasted format onto a presentable version which I will do soon.

Snehaseema (1954).

Of the 2 songs that could be termed Christian devotional compositions, Kanivolum from Snehaseema (1954), is the first,the last and the most fantastic version of a Christian devotional song structured in Shankarabharanam in Malayalam Cinema. Only Dakshinamurthi Swamy could have pulled off a master coup like that. Based on the fable of Enoch Arden, Snehaseema had also won the National Award in 1954, but the producer, the legendary T.E.Vasudavan, refused to go to Delhi and receive it, like the rest of his award winning productions!  Its hard to concentrate on the song when its Padmini onscreen!

Song: Kanivolum
Film : Snehaseema (1954).
Sung by : P Leela
Lyrics : Abhayadev
Music : V. Dakshinamurthi

The second song, Adwanikkunnavarkkum Bharam chumakkunnavarkkum (based on the Beatitudes) is a shade more popular than the 1st one, maybe because it went back to the waltz-mode of rhythm, and the way one could relate to the lyrics. The track also, sadly is unavailable at the moment with me, but would be on, soon.

Miss Mary (1972)

Song: Neeyente Velicham
Sung by : P Susheela
Lyrics : Sreekumaran Thampi
Music : RK Shekhar

Aranaazhika neram (1970)

Aranaazhikaneram, I personally feel was Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair‘s finest performance in his career. Chembankunju from Chemmeen paled before Kunjonaachan, the aged patriarch of the big Christian family who is waiting to die – and so does the family. The two songs, so fitting to the entire narrative, will always be remembered for its poignancy and depth, specially the film adaptation of Samayamam Rathathil, which is an very interesting composition.

Song: Deivaputhranu Veedhi
Sung by : P Susheela
Lyrics : Vayalar
Music : G Devarajan

Song: Samayamam Rathathil
Sung by : P Leela and P.Madhuri
Lyrics : Fr.Nagel, modified for the screenplay by Vayalar
Music : G Devarajan

I have heard that this has been translated into 17 odd languages. The most popular dirge  in Kerala. The tune and the lyrics have an interesting story behind that, and will post that as a separate note later. Its a lot for this tiny space. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Christian Songs From Old Malayalam Films -2

  1. The Song from the movie Chukku i like most Nidhyavishudhayam Kanyamariyame Nin nam vazhthaname

    1. Hi Kishore,
      Isn’t Nithyavishudhayaam from A Vincent’s Nadhi (1969) ? Yerusalemile swargadoodtha was from Chukku (1973), so was Vellikkurishu..Thanks, cm.

  2. Dear Bala,
    Thank you for writing in.Evergreen songs are truly forever. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t be still discussing about it her, wouldn’t we? 🙂 Thanks again..Cinematters

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