Malayalam Films | 1928 – 1950.

The story of archiving our movies for future generations, has been one of callous indifference and sloth, once you take an effort in looking at what could have been saved, what was saved, and what luck ensured for posterity.

The human intervention, in all these, as far as contribution is concerned, has been sadly, hugely short-coming.

Even now, save for some passionate individuals  who zealously guard their archives from being squandered and wasted away, the state machinery chugs on, blissfully unaware of its responsibility.

If only, they woke up and smelt the disintegrating celluloid.




The Lost Child/Vigathakumaran 1928 J. C. Daniel
Marthanda Varma 1933 P. V. Rao
Balan 1938 S. Nottani
Jnanambika 1940 S. Nottani
Prahlada 1941 K. Subramaniam
Nirmala 1948 V. V. Rao
Vellinakshatram 1949 Felix J. Beyse
Nalla Thanka 1950 P. V. Krishna Iyer
Sthree 1950 R. Velappan Nair
Sasidharan 1950 T. Janaki Ram
Prasanna 1950 Sri Ramalu Naidu
Chandrika 1950 V. S. Raghavan
Chechi 1950 T. Janaki Ram

4 thoughts on “Malayalam Films | 1928 – 1950.

  1. Name of producer, Artists ,music director are also to be included in the long run..any how itz amziing contribution.

  2. Hi Saji,
    Thank you for writing into the Old Malayalam Cinema Blog. It would be nothing short of a miracle to get hold of a copy of ANY of these movies as most of it is presumed lost/destroyed, unfortunately. As commercial copies, theare not available, as far as I know.Your best source would be getting in touch with private collectors and their peers. Thanks..cinematters

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