KPAC’s Old Malayalam Drama Songs-5

Visharikku Kaattu Venda | Kathirukanakkili.

There is some confusion regarding these two drama productions included in the KPAC compilation of Drama Songs. For one, they DO NOT feature in the “official KPAC List of Dramas” as published on their website.

Update : 15 July 2010 The celebrated musicologist, columnist and Malayalam Cinema archivist B.Vijaykumar , confirmed that these two productions were from Kerala Theaters and had nothing to do with KPAC !!!!

The probable reason was that both the productions, Visharikku Kaattu Venda and Kathirukanakkili were creations of Ponkunnam Varkey, the enfant terrible of Malayalam Literature, and as such were very, very popular on the drama circuit. Maybe HMV was milking the franchise dry with stuffing the last soundbyte on vinyl and getting the ‘maximum dough’ out of it.

But then again, there were songs that were equally popular in the KPAC dramas selected, like Neram Mangiya from Mudiyanaya Puthran that didn’t make the cut.

Visharikku Kaattu Venda

1.  Bali kudeerangaley ~  Sung by : K. S. George
Lyrics : Vayalar | Music : G. Devarajan.


Lyrics : Vayalar  | Music : G. Devarajan.
Chakkarapanthalil ~  Sung by : A. P. Komalam

Here is another equally sweet one, Kalyana Pudava from Kathirukaanakkili.

21 thoughts on “KPAC’s Old Malayalam Drama Songs-5

  1. I am a collector of Malayalam/Tamil/Hindi film songs.I have a huge collection of songs with me.The songs are stored in Music managing software Database. .This is not intended for commercial purposes.If anyone wants any song for personal hearing, send e mail to me to my id The required songs will be sent to them by e mail attachment..Almost all old Drama songs are also with me.I find it a great pleasure in serving the needy with their favorite songs.

    1. Thank u very much. Will u pls send me the two songs I like much
      1. Odakkuzhalumay vannavsninnale
      2. Kayalinakkare pokanenikkoru

  2. I am grateful somebody can get the song oridathoridathoru rajyathe rajakumari song from the drama by KPSC puthiya akasam puthiya bhoomi. I have search a lot for the song, but could not find it. Please upload if any one have this song

  3. Hi Sir,
    I need a help..
    The drama named “Innalekalile aakasham” of KPAC won sangeetha nataka academy award -2002. At that time the hero was one Mr.Manikkuttan he was my dearest one. Unfortunately i lost his address and phone number etc. It happened before 10 years still am searching for him. He acted in the film Anyar of Lenin Rajendran Sir in a single shot. He weard a red shirt and came in the seen of blocking the car of Biju menon and Jyothirmayi in a hartal…
    will u pls help me..? i think u can easily find out him…I hope so…

    1. Hi Krishnapriya,
      Why not write to KPAC directly? And when I mean write, it entails taking out a pen and writing it the old-fashioned way.They more or less work that way even now. Address it to
      Adv. A. Shajahan
      Secretary, KPAC,
      P.B No. 6, Kayamkulam P.O.
      Kerala State, India, Pin: 690 502

      Or call them on this number 0479 2445078 and ask to speak to Adv A Shajahan. He is an extremely patient and helpful and would point you in the right direction. Thanks, cinematters

  4. Vennila cholayile enna oru athimanoharamaya nataka ganam undu.. Athu kelkkan valla vazhiyum undo… I have not been hearing this song after sixties…
    If anyone happens to have/hear this song, kindly reply here.
    Sreevalsom sree

    1. Dear Sree Valsom Sree
      The song you refer, i think, is from the Drama Doctor of Kalidasa Kalakendram. This song is sung by G Devarajan. A unique way of composition. I do agree that its a very good song. I have this song with me in one of my old cassette.


  5. Hi What you have done is an unforgettable gift and service to the Malayalees of the present and future generations because these songs are soul of malayalam drama movement.In the meanwhile let me point out some songs like -Palkudamokkathenthikonde padaswarangal kiliukikonde nritham veykum penkidave ithiri paal tharumo -,Oridathoridathoru raajyathe raaja kumaree oru muthassi kadhayude manchalil odi varoo nee etc also are good songs. If anybody has got these, please upload. The first song is from Puthiya aakasam Puthiya Bhoomi drama sung by Devarajan.Perunna Leelamoni was performing the dance for the song

    1. Dear Ravindran,
      Thank you for writing in and glad to know it brought back fond memories. The Drama Songs that have been discussed here is ONLY from the KPAC Drama Songs compilation brought out by HMV, which offers a snapshot view of the richness yet simplicity of erstwhile compositions of yore. I am aware of a lot more compositions that have been done for the various drams, and not just KPAC of those times, and I guess that would take an entirely new blog altogether, dedicated to Malayalam dramas 🙂 Regards..cinematters

  6. Hi,What you have done here is an unforgettable gift and service to the the present generation and also the future generation of Malayalees.These songs are soul of malayalam drama .In the meanwhile let me point out some more drama songs which are missing here need attention.Example -Palkudam okkathenthikonde padaswarangal kilukkikonde nritham veykum penkidave ethiri paal tharumo.It is from Puthiya Aakasam Puthiya Bhoomi, in which Perunna Leelamoni dances for this song.
    Please try to get it upload..

  7. it is the first time i am visitng your site and found it really good. i was infact searching for a long-lost song, that starts with a somewhat..”odakkuzhalumai vannavaninnaley omana paattukal is sung by sulochana, i think..though it is definitely a female voice..any idea..can you help me.

    btw, i appreciate your efforts in creating such a site..and would definitely visit it frequently from now onwards..


    1. Hi Rajeev,
      Thank you for passing through and your kind words. Regarding the song, its a first for me too and will surely check on it.If there are any other details that you can recollect, please pass it on as and when you get it. Other than the KPAC Drama Songs brought out by HMV, I donot know of any ‘legal’ compilation in the market, but I know of songs in the hands of private enthusiasts and avid collectors, and am sure one of them will have it. WE will try. Thanks again for writing to OMC..Regards, CM

    2. Hi Rajeev,
      The song that you are looking for is from the KPAC production Surveykallu, which was also made into a movie, which I have written about here. The lyrics was by ONV and music by G Devarajan. I am trying to get a copy of track through my acquaintances in Kerala who have contacted KPAC itself for the same. Will keep you updated. Regards, CM

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