KPAC’s Old Malayalam Drama Songs-4

Ningal Enne Communistakki ( You made me a Communist )

Of the 12-odd  dramas that were adapted to film, the ones that were the most popular had to be Mudiyanaya Puthran and Ningalenne Communistaakki. And amongst the duo, this had the upper hand. If not for anything, but for the fact that Prem Nazir, Sathyan shared space with KT Ummer, a veteran from  KPAC , who would go on to become one of the most handsome villians, made all the more better with his signature style of dialogue delivery and mannerisms.

The drama was the defining production that dexterously weaved in the principles of collective ownership, struck against the fiefdoms created by caste strictures and the ensuing poverty in Kerala’s prevailing social system, exhorting people to rise up and fight it, portrayed through the lives of a crumbling, gone-to-seed Illam (a sort of Manor House ) whose head was still stuck on past glory, and the son who was unemployed, firebrand and ripe for a revolution with a cause.

Lyrics : ONV Kurup | Music : G. Devarajan.

1. Vellaaram Kunniley Sung by : K. Sulochana

Another ode to the frolicking breeze, this time to the one that goes around playing the flute in the bamboo thicket on the slope of  the neighborhood hill, asking it to join in the  song and dance in the fields.

2. Ponnarivaal Sung by : G. Devarajan.

Devarajan Master at his romantic best, this is an outright come-hither song describing his lady love taht are sprinkled with similes and expressions only a farm-hand would craft from his heart, right from the Ponnarival Ambiliyil Kanneriyunnoley..literally translating to “The one casting sly pining glances on the sickle-shaped Moon..” Beautiful.

3.  Maarivillin Thenmalarey Sung by : K. S. George

KS George’s voice  had this ability to sear your heart  when he wanted, with its scalding, brooding sadness, and when it came to compositions such as Maarivillin, it was like a double whammy. This composition was a sort of  sulking against the rainbow leaving the scene after offering a brief visit, but the festivities were still on full swing in the farmlands. I still remember him singing this live, on DD, a year before he passed away. Even with the cancer-ravaged throat, it still retained the soul, if not  more.

4. Vallikkudilin Ullilirikkum Sung by : K.Sulochana and K.S.George

Another simple and infectious rhythm, by the duo, asking the koel to join in the singing and celebrations, as harvest season is here.

10 thoughts on “KPAC’s Old Malayalam Drama Songs-4

    1. Dear Ashtaman Vasudevan,
      Completely agree with you. If not for our love, we wouldn’t be even discussing it here, would we? Thank you for writing in..regards..cinematters

      1. Dear Balakumar,
        Thank you for passing through.What you expressed is perfectly true, these compositions are immortal. The relevance and the freshness of these simple melodies will continue to be, even after our times and the of the ones who created them.The only sad part is that the source of all these, KPAC seems to be hardly bothered about the legacy. Thank you once again..Regards…CM

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