KPAC’s Old Malayalam Drama Songs-2.

Mudiyanaya Puthran.

Playwright – Thoppil Bhasi
Lyrics –  ONV Kurup
Music –  G Devarajan
Direction – Thoppil Bhasi

One interesting fact about all the KPAC dramas which were adapted for the screen was the fact that none of the songs that made it such a social phenomenon and contributed to the popularity in the first place, were NEVER repeated on screen! For Mudiyanaya Puthran ( The Prodigal Son), a new set was written by P. Bhaskaran, released in 1961.

Lyrics : ONV Kurup  | Music : G.Devarajan.
1. Chillimulam Kaadukalil ~  Sung by : K S George.
The song was about the naughty, playful breeze rustling up the neighborhood bamboo thicket with a tune on its lips. A sliver of thought that takes a lot of time getting used to, in this age of almost zero patience thresholds, more like  – “You got time to chat up with the evening breeze?!!!!” Bah!

2. Cheppukilukkana Changathi ~  Sung by : K . Sulochana

You can almost feel you head start bobbing with the simple yet infectious rhythm of Devrajan’s composition.

3.  Ambili Ammava ~  Sung by : K . Sulochana

Composed as a  playful psalm to the Moon by a child , addressing it as genial, aged Uncle requesting him to send across his/her most cherished things as gifts from heaven, as they are too poor down here. Beautiful!

4. Thunjanparambile Thathey ~  Sung by : G . Devarajan.
One of my personal favorites. We get lucky to listen to Devarajan Master rendering a song in his own voice. Simple as it may sound, it is full of quirky tone progressions and surprising chord changes. The song is about the divine parrot who narrates  Ezhuthachan’s Adyathma Ramayanam, appealing to the bird to come and bless the entire team with erudition,  the will to learn and perform more in their world of creativity!

13 thoughts on “KPAC’s Old Malayalam Drama Songs-2.

  1. A new era was generated through KPAC and its high esteemed soul lifting melodies. I am too much happy to be a Kayamkulam resident, millions remember KPAC and Kayamkulam.
    Latheef Valiyaparambil

    1. Latheef- you SHOULD DAMN well be proud of your Kayamkulam legacy…but the fact remains that not many care for the legacy of Thoppil Bhasi or his dramas today. I had in another post commented on the non-availability of book copies of Thoppli Bhasi dramas. Save for Ningalenne Communistakki and book version of Olivile Ormkal- Prabhat book store (TVM) doesn’t have any other thoppil bhasi works. same is the scenario in public library. only 3-4 dramas are available. I had written to Prabhat requesting the release the SAMBOORNA NADAKANGAL (now its the era of Samboornam- and the samboorna krithikal of every Tom, dick and harry is being released);but dont think nothing much would come out of it. then our CM had an idea and asked me, why we could not go directly to the KPAC Hq and demand the same. I agree with him- and seeing a Kayamkulam resident over here- i request you- could you go to KPAC library and see whether they would be able to release the complete dramas of Thoppil Bhasi???All the best.

  2. in my earlier days I was a drama fanatic and never missed any drama played at Cochin–as years pass by we have to slowly drift away from our likings–really happy to see a site fully dedicated to drama songs–my applauds to you.

    1. Dear Rajan,
      Thank you for passing through and taking your time out to leave that wonderful note. Theater and Drama in my childhood years were an integral part of the social life. I started the series on KPAC Drama songs because I couldn’t find a place where I could get any information on them. This blog also talks about the movies that have influenced and affected me along with everything I like about old malayalam cinema. There is a recent initiative that has begun for drama lovers called NADAKAM.Com which I think you will love to go through. Thank you once again…regards..Cinematters

    1. Hi Gopan,
      We sure would always be proud of this legacy, more than memories, it is the best testimony of an era that stood up to inequality and won. Regards…CM

  3. പ്രിയ പ്രഭാകരന്‍, നിങ്ങലുടെ ശ്രമത്തെ അഭിനന്ദിക്കുന്നു.പറന്നു പറന്നു എന്ന് തുടങ്ങുന്ന എല്‍.പി.ആര്‍. വര്‍മ പാടിയ ഒരു നാടകഗാനം ഉണ്ട്. അത് കേള്‍പ്പിക്കാന്‍ വല്ല വഴിയും ഉണ്ടോ?

  4. I had been searching for these soul-uplifting melodies since a long time. the most glorious moment of my whole life was the moment when I found this site on the web! Since my father (known as T K Chirakkal) was an actor-director for hundreds of dramas, my love for drama songs was incredibly increasing and thank God, that I found what I was searching. My most sincere thanks and appreciation for the individuals who labored to make this site a reality. – Prabhakaran T

    1. Dear Prabhakaran,
      Thank you for those kind words. It always feels nice to be the cause of a smile.. 🙂 The songs that I have covered have always been around in the public domain, and the article was also borne out of a need to find whatever details I could find on the entire project by HMV. I think have skimmed only the surface of the genre called Malayalam Drama Songs. This is my personal blog or passion whichever way you see it, but slowly, the participation is increasing, a day at a time, and I’m happier for it. I would also love to know more about TK Chirakkal’s work, and would love to have the same documented,with your permission. Look forward to hearing from you…CM

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