Christian Songs From Old Malayalam Films -1.

Nithya Vishudhayam Kanya Mariyamey, the waltzy chorale from Nadi (1969) has always been a fond memory. Not just the fact that it symbolized a unique aspect of Old Malayalam Cinema – the transfer of the adapted Christian faith’s music into mainstream musical compositions in films. I don’t think there has ever been an other regional film industry that has so seamlessly integrated organized religion into the main fabric of the narratives and as a result given us memorable compositions, be it Christian chorale,  or ones that reflected the sanctity of the temple sanctorum, or for that matter the intensity of the faithful that assimilate their energy from the al-Masjid al-Haraam.

I have been trying to compile all the three streams right here, and will keep posting once those numbers reach critical mass, which I hope would be soon. Coming back to Nithyavishudhayam Kanyamariyame, it was the first tune I learned on the guitar, and when I think about it now, it was so amusing to listen to 20 discordant sets of the same song, strummed in earnest by young  fingers in the big hall, presided by good old Father Tycauttusseril, who almost had a surreal threshold of tolerance. That is just one reason. The main reason is much more closer to my heart :). Even now, as  I get to the part where Prem Nazir stars lip synching , I just cant help but mutter to myself, dear God, Sharada looks so beautiful !

So, here are the ones that I have been able to compile from the available digital resources, and a whole lot of help through This is a compilation of the ones uploaded in Youtube. There is a huge list with just audio files which would come next, and then the ones that are just details of songs that I hope I can lay my hands on soon.

Song :  Nithya vishudhayam
Film : Nadi(1969).
Sung by : KJ Yesudas and Chorus.
Lyrics : Vayalar
Music : G. Devarajan.

Song: Bavakkum Puthranum
Film : Makaney Ninakkuvendi(1971)
Sung by : P.Susheela, Renuka.
Lyrics : Vayalar
Music : G. Devarajan.

This song personally brings back fond memories of my Dad, humming this as he did Mom’s odd-jobs around the house – the first time I heard it from him….a good three decades ago..

Song: Ave Maria
Film: Jnaanasundari(1961).
Sung by : P. Leela and Chorus
Lyrics :Abhayadev
Music : Dakshinamurthi

Song : Kanya Mariyamaey
Film :Jnaanasundari (1961).
Sung by : P.Leela
Lyrics : Abhayadev
Music : Dakshinamurthi

Song : Amma Kanya ( Lyrical Prose)
Film : Jnaanasundari (1961).
Sung by : P.Leela
Lyrics : Abhayadev
Music : Dakshinamurthi

Song : Kannaley Nin
Film : Jnaanasundari (1961).
Sung by : P.Leela
Lyrics : Abhayadev
Music : Dakshinamurthi

A reprise of the popular Knayamariyamey, L.Vijayalekshmi looks so beautiful as the Princess.

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15 thoughts on “Christian Songs From Old Malayalam Films -1.

  1. is there any way to get the lyrics of these songs in Manglish. it would be a great help for kids who don’t know malayam.

    May our Good Lord Bless You……

    1. Hi Reese,
      I think I had explained it clearly in my previous mail to you.I have already requested a friend whom I think has a copy of the movie to check and if found get in touch with you. Both of us live in different corners of the planet, separated by time zones, and managing a lot of commitments, professional and personal, just like you and me. When one requests a favor, one should also be empathetic enough to understand the various limitations that come with it. And as I mentioned earlier, if you are in such a tearing hurry, why not contact the director of the movie directly, since you stay in Kerala, and as I understand, quite close to Kottayam, his place of residence ? Hope this helps.
      Thanks, cinematters

  2. Here’s an addition to the list:
    Snehathin Idayanaam Yeshuve. Vazhiyum Satyavum Nee Mathrame…
    Movie: Azhakulla Saleena(1973)

    1. Hi Justin,
      Thank you for those kind words. One tends to express emotions the best way one can when it comes to those Old Classics. I guess you would do the same too 🙂 Thanks for passing through and hope to see more of you at OMC..Regards..Cinematters

      1. CM
        This time no exhaustive list. Only a few that flashed in my mind.
        The christian devotional songs composed by Devarajan, baburaj MB Sreenivaasan and Dakshinamoorthy varies in style. Organ is the lead in devarajan songs. But that is not always followed by others. Nithya Vishudayam KanyaMariyame ends with recital of the tune in Organ. In the Soundtrack you will get the full version.
        You can find the Western Music style as followed by Devarajan in Christain Devotional Songs in lot many other Devarajan songs. Apart from the christian devotional songs let me tell you his craft in the background music of just two songs. 1. Kaattil Ilam Kaattil (Odayil Ninnu) & Iniyente Inakkilikkenthu Venam (School Master)
        The Christain devotional songs i wish to add are as follows: –
        Easo Mariyam Ousephe (Mayilaadum Kunnu) P Susheela – Devarajan.
        Vishuddanaaya Sebastanyose (Pearl View) B Vasantha & Chorus – Devarajan
        Maathaave Deva Maathave (Naghangal) P Susheela- Devarajan. This song is sung by K R Vijaya in the film
        Yesu Naayaka Deva Snehagaayaka (Mariyakutty) Kamukara & Susheela – M S Baburaj. This is an excellent composition and Kamukara takes the song to its peak when he takes the part ‘Paazhmaru Vellathe Mundiri Chaaraakki Paapikalkkekiya Mishihaaye……’
        Paavananaam Aattidaya (Anweshichu Kandethiyilla) Vasantha & Janaki – M S Baburaj. The background music work is outstanding especially on that part where the church bell accompanied by the strings.
        Kanyamariyame Punya Prakaashame (Althaara) Janaki -MBS. Try to adsorb the guitar chords in the song. You have to get the high quality recording to appreciate it
        Parudeesa Poyi Poyore – (Akkaldaama) Brahmanandan – Shyam. Brahmanandan is really a bhava Gaayakan. His priyamullavale ninakku Vendi in Tekkan Kaattu is enough to prove it. The Anupallavi of Parudeesa Poyi Poyore is better than the pallavi.
        Kanivolum Kamaneeya Hrudayam (Snehaseema) P leela – V. Dakshinamoorthy. Normally christian devotional songs are composed in western and this song is composed in carnatic raga
        Njaan Urangan Pokum Munpaai (Thommante Makkal) S Janaki – M S Baburaj. This song is an excellent composition. Please listen the introductory background in Organ.
        There are a few songs that narrates themes from the bible both old and new testament
        Aadaminte Sandathikal (Padmavyooham) Janaki – M K Arjunan
        Daiva Puthranu Veedhi orukkuvan (Aranaazhika Neram) Susheela – Devarajan

        Malaaghamaare Marayalle Vaanil is a beautiful composition. I think that it is from the film Kochumon (Not sure) sung by Janaki


        1. Dear Sajith,
          You don’t have to try, it comes naturally 🙂 How can I go through the entire list of songs without even mentioning how informative it is. Acquired knowledge is a wonderful thing. But to have the willingness and an eagerness to share it unconditionally is what makes people like you and Gopalji invaluable. As I had mentioned earlier, by virtue of having grown up around Choral music, Western Classical, it was these unique glimpses or rather ‘alternate’ compositions by masters like G Devarajan that makes it extra special for me. Salilda coming out with those soaring church organ harmony chorale in the opening bars of Thomasleeha don’t surprise me to a certain extent as you know the amazing range of his composition. Same goes for MB Sreenivasan. But when it comes to G Devarajan ‘s arrangement of Vishuddanaaya Sebastanyose or Nityavishudhayam, I sit up and listen up with renewed respect. Another one that has always managed to give me goosebumps is MS Baburaj’s Paavananaam Aattidaya. Have also shared a datasheet with you. Please go through it when you get

          1. CM
            Vishudhanaya Sebastainaose and Nithya Vishudhayam are excellent compositions. But what do you feel about the lyrics? Its the synergy created by these two great artists that keep these songs ever lasting vismayams of Malayalam film song category. Benny Andersson of ABBA had once told why their songs are popular even today. Its the simple lyrics and the uncomplicated compositions that they rendered in their songs. Songs of today lacks this simplicity and the contemporary composers are delighted to express the intricacies of classical ragaas. Maybe this is the reason why the songs of 60s and seventies still live in the minds of people.

          2. Dear Sajith,
            I would say it is very difficult to actually apply yardsticks to our auditory sensibilities. 🙂 I am of the firm opinion, that, in everything, we get what we deserve :D. Simplicity is the most powerful tool and mnemonic in any domain, not just music.I believe simplicity endures. The best reason is Beypore Sultan’s writing. He was merciless in his editing to keep it that simple. I would say he distilled enough fragrance for infinity in his simple phrases. Same goes with all the songs that still choke us up :). Thanks..cinematters

        2. Also, the composition Yesu Naayaka Deva Snehagaayaka is from Thankakkudam, isn’t it? I guess the one from Mariyakkutty was the more ‘traditional’ Yseu Puthraney

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