Maane Maane from Swapnam (1973), Tarun Bandopadhaya and the stately Nandita Bose.

Maane Maane Vili Kelku is one classic that always manages to set your foot tapping, it has a very infectious bass line and a structure which is so ‘Salil da ‘. It could even pass off as one of the legendary KJ Joy‘s compositions, if not for those quirky signature riffs that spells Salilda’s genius.

Nandita Bose in Swapnam (1973)

Swapnam (1973), directed by Babu Nandancode, starring Madhu, Sudhir (The man who made floral terylene full-sleeved shirts with a flashing Rado on your right wrist a fashion statement 🙂  ) and Nandita Bose (sigh) as the lady love torn between the two, was a long and drawn out masala film for what it was worth, but the songs were pure genius!

There were 5 songs in the movie. Nee Varu Kaavya Devathey, Sowrayudha Pathathil, Maane Manne, Kaana Kuyiley and Shaarikey – but my favourite will always be Maane Maane. It sounds quite amusing to base a song’s theme on the central idea of a long-lost lover pining for his lady love and calling out for her as he would call a doe ( she deer) all around the coconut-tree laden countryside, but hey..this is pure Salilda and I love it!!

Maane Maane from Swapnam (1973)

Music : Salil Choudhary
Lyrics : ONV Kurup
Sung by : KJ Yesudas

Interestingly, Salilda had composed  the original tune Aar deri nei aami aashchhi way back in 1971, and had it rendered by Tarun Bandyopadhaya as a non-film composition, to the best of the knowledge and from what can be gathered from Gautam‘s exhaustive and valuable compilation at

Listen to Aar deri nei aami aashchhi here.

Incidently, KJ Yesudas even sang the Hindi version of the same tune !
Listen to it here.

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3 thoughts on “Maane Maane from Swapnam (1973), Tarun Bandopadhaya and the stately Nandita Bose.

  1. Yes Salilda is matchless. His compositions touched the Malayalees’ heart and soul – be it Chemmeen or Swapnam. We are fortunate to have him too besides our own Baburaj, Devarajan Master, Raghavan Master, Dakshinamurthy swamy Chidambaranath, R.K Shekhar – all great and noble music directors! Nandita Bose is/was a class apart – majestic and elegant. We miss the old movies of 60s and early 70s!

  2. Dear Hariji,
    Always a pleasure to meet a Salilda fan, and its not everyday you meet one who is a Salilda AND a Nandita Bose fan 😀 It would take me another two decades of catching up, and I feel jealous of the movies and the music that you grew up with. Thank you so much for writing in..regards..cinematters

  3. I am from the old schoo, nearing half a century nowl! Your rebuff is so topical, Salilda was the best ever, apart from our own K Raghavanji. Your sigh on the actress is also justified, has there been ever a better one than her, never.

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