My Sources for Old Malayalam Films.

Prem Nazir and Sheela in Rest House

For a state that has brought about some of the major innovations, technical and aesthetic in Indian Cinema, the legacy that it leaves for its future generations is woefully short. Whether it stems from being blissfully unaware of the technological advances happening around, or for that matter giving scant regard for anything but immediate profit, I don’t know. I suspect that it is the latter and I believe it is criminal. How else can you justify the mushrooming supply of VCD’s ( Video Discs) of old titles of Malayalam films, as compared to restored and colour-corrected supply of DVD’s of the same titles in the market?

For the life of me, I just cannot understand why the major copyright owners of the Malayalam film titles chose to release the movies on a storage media that became obsolete 5 years ago?

Movies on a VCD! Jesus Christ. Will discuss about this criminal intent and the feasibility of technology soon, but this being the medium of availability, I am forced to source my films in VCD format ( mostly), and have collated the addresses and contact numbers from the videodiscs that I have and hope it would be of help for anyone who is interested in owning old Malayalam film titles.


1. Moserbaer Home Video.

The biggest player in the segment nationally, it is said that they have more or less bought off most of the titles along with their rights from the significant players in Kerala. The online store is pitifully lacking in frequent updation and the refined search is a nightmare, but, guess one has to live with it till they decide to concentrate equally on their online store too. Their 3-in-1 combination DVD’s are NOT featured on the online store! Strange since there is a whole bunch of old B&W classics sandwiched between new titles and sold in these 3-in-1 combinations. My advice would be to check your popular neighborhood DVD store plus their online store for your favourites.

You can purchase online at their store here.

Update ( 10 Feb 2014) : The store, now re-branded as BoxOffice Boss is worthless and a nightmare in terms of navigation and engagement. And no, you will hardly find any Malayalam film titles there. Best Avoided.


By far the best, in service and in inventory. All latest titles are promptly updated and your call on their customer service number is actually responded by an actual  human voice ! You can go through their online place here.


Though I have had less than satisfying experiences with the place, it still comes heavily recommened. Maye it was bad hair day on both instances 🙂 . You can go through their online place here.


1.Harmony Videos.
The last time their website, seems to have been updated was in 2004! Thankfully their offline production and distribution arm seems to be very robust. The main player in Kerala, leading the criminally insane VCD revolution.

Contact Person: A.M.Raju, Harmony Videos,
East Fort Gate, Tripunithura – 682301, Kerala – INDIA
Phone : 0484 – 2783917, 2777917.

2. Empire Videos.
An equal competitor in the VCD production, the story of their online site is a little more bizarre. Their site does not exist, though it has been proudly printed on all their title cards !

Contact Person: C.D.Simon, Empire Videos,
Near Parayil Agency, Poothole, Thrissur, Kerala – INDIA
Phone : 0487 – 2384115.

3. Weekend Home Entertainers.
A relatively new player, with a slew of classics suddenly out, blissfully following the VCD pack herd, and mercifully don’t have an  online place till now.

Contact Person: T.Pawan Kumar, Horizon Audio & Video,
Safa Complex, TD East Sannidhi, MG Road, Ernakulam, Kerala – INDIA
Phone : 0484 – 4021473. Cell Phone : 9388639363

4. JT Audio & Video.
A veritable storehouse of old B&W classics. If only they put some more effort in converting them to DVD’s.

Contact Adress: Machungal Building, Behind Devi Temple,Temple Road, Cherthala, Alapuzha Dist, Kerala – INDIA | Phone : 0478 – 3295695.  Cell Phone : 9895080521

5. Highness Video
Seems to have an extensive catalog. Most of the B& W classics seems to be in their hands, incuding MT’s creations like Kuttyedethi.

Contact : NAS Shopping Complex, Thriprayar, Thrissur.
Ph : 0487 – 2391417

6. Shree Video Tronics
Have a surprisingly good collection of old B&W movies, though based out of Bangalore and essentially a Kannada audio & video label.

Contact : Video Tronics
New #108, Anjus Building S.P. Road
Bangalore City H.O., Bangalore – 560002
Karnataka, India | Landmark : Near TownHall.
Ph : 080 – 22271886, 9388639363

I am sure there are a lot more out there, and it would be highly appreciated if you could share it here. Thanks.

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  1. Theekali was posted instead of Theekanal, please post Theekanal, Kamam Krodham Moham and Sathi of Madhu, film star

  2. 1കണ്ണൂർ ഡീലക്സ് ,
    2കോട്ടയം കൊലക്കേസ്
    3ഡിറ്റക്റ്റീവ് 909 കേരളത്തിൽ
    5മൈനതരുവി കൊലക്കേസ്
    6മദ്രാസിലെ മോൻ
    7അടവുകൾ 18
    ഇതിൽ ഏതെങ്കിലും കിട്ടാൻ മാർഗ്ഗമുണ്ടോ

  3. Hello I dont know Malayalam…But i am a diehard fan of good Malayalam classics.I have seen some good movies which were available as VHS prints(which has English subs embedded).But many movies dont have subs.Can you plesae post a list of DVD’s which come with subtitle do that i can buy them because these online sites dont mention exactly whether subs are available in the dvd’s or not..please post a list..

    1. Dear Christy
      Themes with horror at the centre and peripheral of the story was there in the malayalam cinema right from the Black and White era. One sad information is that the print a few of these films are forever lost. However, let me tell the title of a few films in this category that i can recollect.
      1. Bhargavi Nilayam
      2. Urangatha Sundari
      3. Paatira Paattu
      4. Yakshi
      5. Paadunna Puzha
      6. Kuttichattan
      7. Chandana Chola
      8. Agnivyooham
      9. Prethangalude Taazhvara
      10. Pachavelicham
      11. Aatira
      12. Kalliyangaattu Neeli
      13. Ee Ganam Marakkumo?
      14. Nee Ente Lahari
      15. Jwaala
      16. Sreekrishna Paranthu
      17. Raakkuyil

      B Sajith

        1. Dear Nandan
          Within my limited knowledge let me inform you that the copies of these films are forever lost. A few songs of the film Chandanachola are uploaded in the U Tube

          B Sajith

      1. Sir, Prethangalude thazhvarayile
        Ragatharangini Enna song or movie kittan margamundo.. please reply sir🙏

    1. Dear Dharmarajan

      This film was telecasted by Doordarshan in the late 80s or early 90s. However, i am not sure whether Asianet channels telecasted the film. Somebody who know the fact precisely can comment.

      B Sajith

  4. I want to share you sir…I wish to see old films of Prem Nazir, Jayan , Soman Sukumaran ….. and I want to see old film Manassinte Theerthayathra(Soman). I aslo want to hear old songs. Do you share me Sir?

    1. 1. KALIYUGAM
      3. MISSI
      9. SINDOORAM
      10. ANUMODANAM
      11. AMARSHAM
      18. SAMMANAM (OLD)
      20. MINIMOL
      23. ANWESHANAM

          1. Mr.Nandan,Im also a great fan of old malayalam movies.Hope you can help me too.

            Regards ……………..Uday

    1. i think, you are mentioning about VETTA mohan roop movie. that is not a suspense thriller. its a masala typical 1980 cinema where lal is villain having affair with his boss adoor bhasi’s wife. can you please specify me the role of JAYAN in komaram? i saw that film in your list. how long jayan is in that movie?

      1. veta mohanroop direct cheytha cinema thanneyanu. mammootty, mohanlal, heroin anjalinaidu. but ethil nalla oru paatundu. eeranmeghangal maanam moodunnu, kavithakal …………………..cinema direct cheythathu kuriyan varnasala. correct alle?

  5. Ullaasayaathra (1975)
    Agnipushpam (1976)
    Kaavilamma (1977)
    Snehayamuna (1977)
    Raajaparampara (1977)
    Makampiranna Manka (1977)
    Hemantharaathri (1978)
    Snehikkan Samayamilla (1978)
    Mattoru Karnan (1978)
    Midukkipponnamma (1978)
    Adimakkachavadam (1978)
    Aval Kanda Lokam (1978)
    Maalika Paniyunnavar (1979)
    Mochanam (1979)
    Kallu Kaarthyaayani (1979)
    Sandhyaaraagam (1979)
    Pennorumbettaal (1979)
    Chuvanna Chirakukal (1979)
    Sikharangal (1979)
    Pushyaraagam (1979)
    Komaram (1982)

    etc……………… 90 JAYAN FILIMS

    1. Do anyone have the movies like Devi, Chayam, Enippadikal, Chukku, Theekkanal, Mappusakshi, Vilakkappettabandhangal,Vazhipizhachsandhadi, Karuthakai, NGO,Rosy, Susy, Chenda etc.

    2. Thanks Milan.You are a LEGEND ! Not a single film except malika paniyunnavar nowadays comes in Television.Do you have VCD formats of all these or Cassettes ? All these were HITS of that time
      AMBIKA,SREEVIDYA and supporting caste.Will you share these 90 JAYAN movies with me.Kindly please also try to share movies of MADHU(1977-83) and more),SOMAN( mainly from 1977 to 1983),SUKUMARAN (1978 to 1984), JOSE ,RAVIKUMAR, KAMALHASAN(1976,77) and NAZEER.My mail id is

    3. I am a fan of late jayan I have seen all his movies but not kantavalayam it
      look like a suspense movie can you load to me sir in you tube .Jayan is superb
      hero what I have noticed whether a short role he do it very beautifully and make a record .I am a child when he expired

  6. (1979)

    etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 390 PREM NAZIR MOVIES

    1. Dear MIlan,
      Your are doing a great job of sharing the oldies. I was looking for old movies 1. Kaattumallika 2. Kallipennu 3. Thilothama 4. Kalithozhan 5. Anarkali 6. Anna.

      Please share your contact number or mail id to discuss

    2. Dear Sir
      Ee cinemakal engine kittum.Im a great fan of old malayalam movies.If you can please help me to get these old movies.Hope you will do needful.

  7. cm sir, dd movie club telecast cheytha oru paadu films nhan kandirunnu. palathum record ceythanu kandirunnathu. nirbagyavasaal athinte copy sooshichirunnilla. eniyum kure movies kanan agrahamundu. dayavayi enne help cheyyanam. pazhaya movies ullavarude detail enikku paranhutharanam

      1. CHATTAMBI KALYANI print rare alla… here in kerala many of us has got the print in the vcd or dvd format. Srikumaran thambi sir cheytha THIRUVONAM or AKSHAYAPATHRAM, ARIKKARI AMMU, CHUMADU THAANGI enninganeyulla movies aanenkil rare aanu… athu enne pole ulla 1980s beginning muthal video cassette collect cheyyunnavarude kayyil mathrame kaanukayullu..

          1. Mr. Sageer

            I am searching for Chattambi Kalayani and Chumaduthangi. Can you give me copies of this films.

        1. In an interview given by Shri Sreekumaran Thampi to a TV channel he was telling that the only print which was available of movie thiruvonam has been lost as it has got wet. It is not available with anyone.

  8. dear friends youtubeil old movies nalla collection und. Marketeil kittatha movies kure und. Olangal enna sitelum kittum.
    Faizal dubai

  9. sir
    night duty, brahmachari, sambhavami yuge yuge, aa chithra salabham parannotte enne cinemak aarude enkilum kayyil undo? Marketeil out of stock aanu, pls help me.

          1. So Pavithran saab and Faizal saab- here goes my list of movies I wish to get my hands on….
            ASHA DEEPAM (1953 SATHYAN)
            BHOOMIGEETHAM (1995 MURALI)
            KAMAM KRODHAM MOHAM (1976 MADHU)
            LAKSHAPRABHU (1961 PREM NAZIR)
            MANASAKSHI (1954- PREM NAZIR)
            PANCHAJANYAM (1982- PREM NAZIR)
            VIDYARTHI (1961 THIKKURUSSI)
            NEETHI (1971- PREM NAZIR)
            AMBALAPRAVU (1970, SARADA)
            MUHURTHANGAL (1977 SOMAN)
            – there is a common thread in all these movies. the main character is a lawyer/ or judge. i want to see these movies as part of a project i have been working on for a long time- about portrayal of law, lawyers and legal system in Indian movies. Bhoomigeetham is important because it has the finest performance of jagathi as a lawyer.
            I would also like to see KADINTE MAKKAL. this was a movie which I enjoyed so much as a kid featuring two monkeys as heroes. Want to gift the same for my daughters,

    1. enna web sightil Night duty,Sambhavami Yuge Yuge available aanu,
      Aa chitrashalabam paranotte Youtube il available aanu. Brahmachari yude cd nattil available aanu

    1. Dear Sir
      No idea about the film Rosy. However, i remember that the film Navalokam was telecasted in the 90s (Or towards the end of 80s) by Doordarshan. I dont know whether there is a digital copy of the film available in the archives of Doordarshan

      B Sajith

    1. school master malayalam movie you tubel undallo. sandhyavision enna dvd company kettittundo, avar aval oru devalayam, panchamrutham, rathriyile yathrakkar, palazhimadhanam, tourist banglow, nadeenadanmare avasyamundu, ethu manushyano, jalakanyaka ennee movies release cheythittundu. enthenkilum informations ariyumenkil dayavayi share cheyyuka

      1. avar aval oru devalayam, panchamrutham, rathriyile yathrakkar, palazhimadhanam, tourist banglow, nadeenadanmare avasyamundu, ethu manushyano, jalakanyaka

        dvds engane kitum aa company epol undo

    1. Hi Raju,
      Thank you for writing in and I hope you get to read this reply as I am not sure as to where this would land up looking at the random gibberish you have given as your e-mail address. The use of putting in a relevant e-mail address works in two ways, 1. If someone would like to pass on relevant information to you via a Reply on your Comment, you stand to lose that valuable input as the email address you have provided doesnot exist. 2. Even if you Subscribe to this Comment Stream, WordPress will still have no idea where to send the intimations of the new comments as the e-mail id doesnot exist. Eitherways, YOU stand to lose information.No e-mail address provided here is used for ANY purposes, so you can rest assured. This is a non-commercial, information sharing platform and unless you have clear channels that help flow of information, it becomes a useless exercise.Regarding School Master (1964), video clippings of its songs are there at Youtube. Why not contact its uploader for more details? Thanks, cinematters.

      1. Dear Sir,
        nhan old malayalam cinema collect cheyyarundu. ee page adutha kalathanu kandathu. ethiloode oru paadu informations ariyan kazhinhu. you tuneloode kure paatukal kandu sir, chumaduthangi, chattambi kallyani, aseervadam, chukku, pripriyamvada, ullasayathra, athithi, mayiladumkunnu, abhimanam,, padmaragam, pushpasaram, ashtamirohini, kuttavum sikshayum,,parivarthanam, kaduvaya pidicha kiduva, enippadikal, etc. etc. ee films okke kanan kittumo,??? enikku kooduthal movies collect cheyyanam ennundu. sir enne sahayikkille……..

        1. പ്രിയ പവിത്രൻ,

          You Tube – ൽ താങ്കൾക്ക് ഇഷ്ടപ്പെട്ട പാട്ടുകൾ upload ചെയ്തിരിക്കുന്ന വീഡിയോ uploaders – അവരെ നേരിട്ട് ബന്ധപ്പെട്ടാൽ ഒരു പക്ഷെ അതിന്റെ മുഴുവൻ ചലച്ചിത്രവും കിട്ടുമായിരിക്കാം. ആ വഴി ശ്രമിച്ചു കൂടെ ? മാർക്കറ്റിൽ ഇറങ്ങിയിട്ടുള്ള ഒരു മാതിരി പെട്ട എല്ലാ ചലച്ചിത്രങ്ങളും (മലയാളം), My India Shopping, Indulekha – ഇവിടെങ്ങളിൽ ലഭ്യമാണ്.അവിടെയും നോക്കുമല്ലോ.

          – cinematters

        2. njanum oru classc cinemayude fan annu
          premnazeerinte filims annu kooduthalum
          ini 190 filims matrame kittanullu 380 filims aaii
          epozu serch cheyunnu…………..

          1. hai mr milan. great to hear that you have 380 movies of prem nazeer. angane aanenkil ini 190 cinemakal koodi undu enna ningalude kanakku seriyaano? athrayum undo? if you include the tamil/telugu films of nazeer, then you are right. ningalude collectionil nazeer abhinayicha 1950s cinemakal undo ie other than market release copies? like ACHCHAN,, MARUMAKAL, KIDAPPADAM, AVAR UNARUNNU etc? i have almost 500 movies of nazeer incl 28 tamil films (out of 39). enikku kittathe poyathu ee 1950s and early 1960s samayathe chila films aanu… baakki ellam ente kayyil video cassette aayi undu.. hope you will reply…

          2. @ hari 1995
            at the risk of repetition do you have JEEVIKKAN ANUVADIKKUKA (1967) LAKSHAPRABHU (1961) MANASAKSHI (1954),PANCHAJANYAM (1982) ORU THETTINTE KATHA (1984) and NEETHI (1971)???
            And would like to knwo more about Hari & Milan. Think our Prabhakaran Sir (not a member over here but an avid reader of the posts) who is working on a project about Prem Nazir (titled MOONAKSHARAMULLA PREMA NAKSHATRAM) would be delighted in hearing from Milan and hari. What do you say- Gopalji, Sibi & our CM

  10. thank you viju bhai for your comment.. almost all tv channels are now aware of this and ie the reason why there are plenty of scrolling advertisements when a film ios telecasted in channels.. especially those films whose commercial copy has not released.. so that the one who capture it for the purpose of releasing commercially (to earn revenue) cant do it easily )by simply cropping the size of video)..

  11. Thanks navjeevan for the reply.i checked with Empire videos and they have the rights for jackpot, but not planning to release it as of now.Basically am a fan of MD ilaiyaraja and hence was looking for this film and Sammohanam. Some other films am looking for are Dhooram arike,Vyaamoham and aaru manikkur.any help from this forum is earnestly requested. Thank you

    1. empire videos is not planning to release old titles nowadays.. they have got many old titles like THEERTHAYATRA.. with prints… but some how they are sticking with new films only.. chances for commercial release of old rare movies are very low from now onwards.. (whatever releasing in the market now are all tv channel prints) and the interesting factor is that TV CHANNELS have noticed this.. recently released almost all commercial copies of old malayalam films (like anupallavi, prasadam, kolangal, ayalathe sundari, babumon, etc etc) except that of SAINA videos and some titles of HARMONY, are tv channel copies…

      1. Yes I agree!!! Many of them are channel prints and the films are totally mutilated from the top and bottom where the watermark and scrolling advts appear!!! The same is the case with old rare Tamil movies!!!! Columbia films Malaysia has almost all the rarest of rare Tamil films and their prints are being edited by pasting watermarks of local companies wherever their logo appears!!! And Columbia films have come down heavily on these companies and have served them legal notice…

  12. hi
    can anyone help me get this movie “Kalam marunnu ” release 1955 i need this movie for my mom, she acted in that movie as daughter of actor sathyan please help me.

    1. Hi Sudheer,
      This is indeed a pleasant surprise.This would have to be Kumari Leela, isn’t it? Wow! I am not personally aware of a copy of Kalam Marunnu (1955) available in the commercial domain as of now, but am sure there will be private collectors or archivists who will respond to this very soon. I too, am searching through the ones I know. Thank you so much once again. Will surely keep you updated on this.cinematters

      1. CM
        A programme was organised on March 14th in a function at VJT Hall at Thiruvananthapuram. by Devarajan Foundation to give away the G Devarajan Sakthi Gatha puraskar to Veteran music director MK Arjunan . I remember one female dignitary who was having some connection with the film Kaalam Maarunnu was honoured in the function by ONV. I think that it is the same Kumari leela…


        1. Dear Sajith,
          That was Lalitha Thampi who sung the first song of ONV-Devarajan team. She is the mother of Sri. G. Sreeram who created a super hit song KAATTE KAATTE through the film Celluloid……

      2. thank you for your offer to help, yes her name is leela .s .Nair, it will be a great help if you can find me a copy of the movie

  13. hello1,please help me ….it is an urgent message.i want the movie ‘jeevitha nouka’ malayalam immidiatly…in any form .plzplzplz…help me ….

    1. Hi Jishnu,
      There isn’t any reason for you get that agitated over the availability of jeevitha Nouka. In fact, if you had made an effort to search on the Web, you could have easily found it. You could buy a copy of Jeevitha Nouka here..Thanks..cinematters

  14. Firstly thanks for the info given regarding these looking for. Two films Jackpot and sammohanam.can somebody shed info regarding these.rgds

    1. commerical copies of jackpot and sammohanam!!! i dont think they are available now.. i have jackpot with me RAFA video cassette converted vcd. with fair quality.

  15. Hi CM,
    Recently i ordered some 11 VCDs thru Maebag. I was so happy to see they added Yakshi,Maravil Thiruvu Sookshikkuka etc..Now, im badly in need ot more classics such as Kattukurangu, Lakshaprabhu, Chattambikavala etc.. Could you please let me know the sources for the same? It wud b gr8 if u cud help me get Gopalji’s details too..cos im a native of TCR 🙂


  16. Do any one have the VHS converted or even VHS version of movie Utharayanam by G.Aravindan (1975 ).I am in search of the movie for long.Please help me if any one having it…!

  17. Do any one have VHS Converted copies of Mohans’ Randu Penkuttikal,P.Subramaniam’s Kumarasambavum,Kunjakko’s Pallattukoman? Only VHS Converted.Am also in search of Bheemsingh’s Senthamarai(Tamil)

    Can anyone send me Lalitha’s “Ulakkam Palavidham” and “Sudarshanam”(Both Tamil Versions) and Padmini-Ragini’s “Deivam Thunai”? Am very much thankful to all my friends here.Friends,try to get Colour version of Sree Valli(1960’s).Ragini & Padmini had made it excellent. Also am in search of Karmachand’s Thotilla(Kinavalli)

    1. i do have the asianet DVD copy of MARAVIL THIRIVU SOOKSHIKKUKA… and this, (if my knowledge is true) movie is all set to hit the market by this month end in VCD format..

    1. Dear Gopalji,
      I would have to come to Trissur and help myself to your galactic archive 😀 which I intend to do soon. Might as well put out Sajith’s misery for the time being. You are such a blessing. :)

      1. CM

        Progressing in my effort to compile the collection of songs as you suggested and the first set will be over within a few days. Need somebody to help me in uploading the audio files. Regards

        Sajith B

        1. Dear Sajith,

          Looking forward to it. You could send across the audio files excerpts once done, and would have them gladly upload it for you in your name. Regards..cinematters

    2. Dear Gopalakrishnan
      Really i need your help. What i can do is to compile the songs in a CD. Can it be in the mp3 format? But i need your help in the uploading part. Anyway it need some time.


        1. CM
          Going through the comments, i came to know that Gopalji belongs to Thrissur. My place is Tiruvananthapuram. Can i get Gopalji’s email/address?

  18. Please do you know where I can get a copy of ‘Ennu Swantham Janakikutty’. It was released by Kalpaka films and has been shown countless times on tv. But I am unable to find it in any of the shops or online. I find your website really helpful as I could get another movie I was madly searching for (Yakshi) in maEbag.

    1. Hi Meenu,
      I donot remember seeing a commercial release of that movie anywhere. I am sure you would get a pointer in the right direction from the more informed ones through these forums. Thank you for writing in. Glad that this place helped a lil bit in getting what you wanted:)..regards.. cinematters

  19. Dear all
    Large number of Old movies are available now. However, titles like Paticha Kallan, Veettu Mrugam, Arakkillam, Kaavalam Chundan, Tokkukal Katha Parayunnu, Penmakkal, Kanmanikal, Mayor Nair, Detective 909 Keralathil, Mister Kerala, Kayal Karayil, Pathirapaattu, Nishagandhi are lost. To my knowledge, these films were never telecasted in any of the channels. I remember that the video cassette of Manaswini was available. These films have some of the beautiful melodies. Anybody have any idea about these films?


      1. Yes. Of Course. I got a few films recorded in CD. But the VCDs that we get from the market are edited. For example, Ningalenne Communistakki released by harmony deleted two melodious songs – ellarum padathu (P Susheela) and Kothumbu vallam (Yesudas B Vasantha). Similarly two songs in the movie Panchavankadu released by harmony are deleted. The negatives of lot many films released are missing. You had seen a list i’ve posted earlier. I know that Doordarshan in the 80s telecasted Karuna, Vidyarthikale Ithile Ithile (Movie directed by John Abraham), Mayilaadum Kunnu, School Master, Puthri, Nilakkatha Chalanangal, Lakshaprabhu etc. But i dont know where the prints are now. Almost all films produced by Jayamaruti fils are available in the market. But i wonder why Kaduvaaye Pidicha Kiduva Priyamvada produced by Jayamaruti is missing.

        1. Harmony didnt delete those songs intentionally.. the print they got was already reduced to 137minutes while the entire film telecasted by asianet runs over 160 minutes (NINGALENNE COMMUNISTAAKKI) and 148minutes (PANCHAVANKAADU).. THE VHS copy of BHARYA (1962) has as many as 10 songs and the print available at market and in ASIANET CHANNEL has only 8 songs.. these are not entirely their faults.. I hav the VHS CONVERTED COPY OF BHARYA duration 150 minutes …

          school master and puthri were telecasted by doordarsan some 3-4 years ago and I recorded these movies.. MAYILADUM KUNHU was telecasted in 1992 (i was 8 years old then) lakshaprabhu also telecasted during mid 90s…

          1. Dear Gopalakrishnan
            I am really happy to meet a person well versed in the subject of film archiving. A films produced by Udaya are telecasted and their VCD available in the market. But i dont know where films like Kadalamma, Susy, Inapravukal, Paavangal Pennungal, Kaattutulasi are. You got any idea?

        1. i have KADALAMMA (asianet copy) with me.. PAALAATU KOMAN (which i have been searching for more than a decade for atleast a VHS), KAATTU THULASI, INAPRAVUKAL and SUSY were telecasted only by doordarsan some 15 – 18 years ago.. sadly, i couldnt record those movies, i was hardly 8 years of age then.. I dont remember PAAVANGAL PENNUNGAL telecasted , but i do remember its VHS print that i saw during my childhood days.. i still remember the stories of all these films..

          1. Dear Gopalkrishnan
            Thanks for your prompt reply. I was surprised to hear that Suzy and other films were telecasted. I have almost all the CDs released in the market. In addition, i have a good collection of the old song books, gramophone records, cassettes and audio CDs. I hope you know that 70% of the old songs released through gramophone/vinyl records are edited. Hence, songs recorded from original sound tracks are quite different from the songs that we get from market. For example, Vasanthathin makalallo mullavalli in the movie Vivahita is entirely different from the same song available in the record. In the movie version the song is sung by P Susheela and Yesudas and in the record version it was sung by P Madhuri and Yesudas. Same is the case of Priyasaghi Gange (Kumarasambhavam) Similarly Swargathekkaal (Dattuputran), Chandran udikkunnu dikkil(Othenante Makan), Ottu Vala Edukkan Marannu (Aadyathe Katha)Sarva Raajya Tozhilaalikale (Anubhavangal Paalichakal), Chandrakiranam Challicheduthoru (Devi), Chuvappu Kallu Mookkuthi (Panchavan Kadu), Kasthoori Vaka Poongaatte (Viplavakaarikal ) – to mention a few in the long list are different from the record version. You agree with my Point?

          2. Dear Sajith,
            OMC prides in yet another learned archivist passionately discussing malayalam film history. As usual, I am just sitting back and learning every bit from it, savoring it just the same 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing these nuggets. Why not have the ones that you have highlighted -digital files from the Vinyls and the cassette tapes, maybe a minute each be uploaded on your personal audio/video sharing site and we could have them put together as a compilation here with due credit to you. let me know.


          3. Thanks for the reply. As suggested by you to share the songs that i have, please let me know what i have to do?

          4. Dear Sajith,
            You could make digital files of maybe a minute length (an excerpt) of each pair and have them uploaded in your account in Youtube and we could embed those here, along with accompanying text (Whatever you want to say on this unique phenomenon) which you could send across by mail. I’ll put the two together and publish it under your name here. 🙂 Regards..cinematters

          5. I shall try to do as you suggested. Please note that i need the assistance of somebody well versed in computers.Let me inform you that the files are audio. Also i would like to know whether this action will be an infringement of copy Right laws?

          6. Dear Sajith,
            I meant audio files only. A minute extract is a universally accepted way for audio files ( as far as I know )for sharing information and academic purposes. Amazon, iTunes, closer home the Malayalam Movie info portal MSI all stick to this rule. Over and above this, we would be always ready to have them removed if any copyright holders intimate us on violating copyright, without any hesitation. Moreover this blog doesnot in anyway engage in commercial transactions or ad revenue, so i guess our intentions are very clear -sharing information. Glad to help out in any way…regards..cinematters

          7. CM
            I shall start compiling the different versions from my collections of CD, Cassettes and records. Anyway i need your guidance for uploading these files. You got the copy of Divyadarshanam? The song Karpoora deepathin Kaanthiyil in the movie is much longer than the record version.



          8. Dear Sajith,
            I donot have a copy of Divyadarshanam With me. Glad that you have started on your endeavor :). Look forward to the invaluable wealth of information that would follow. Regards..cinematters

          9. Dear Gopalakrishnan,
            I m so glad to see you here. I am a great fan of old malayalam movies, is it possible to get the copy of some old malayalam movies such as ‘OLAVUM THEERAVUM’ , PATHINALAM RAAVU, KHADEEJA, ACHANUM BAPPAYUM, ACHANI, THULABHARAM, KANDAM BECHA KOTTU, MOODUPADAM, EZHU RATHRIKAL,



          11. Hi friend. Do you have Doctor. Can you give a copy of kadalamma. From where we can trace kattu thulasi

          12. Hi Gopalkrishna Pillai,
            I am afraid you did not quite get the objectives of this blog. There are NO video or audio files to be be downloaded or bartered here.Sorry about that. Thanks, cinematters

        2. CM,
          I am sending a few more today…for some reason it takes a while to upload..i downloaded this thing called silverlight micorsoft…still doesnt let me share the pics

          1. Sajith and Sibi
            uploading a clip, a miniscule portion of a movie or a an audio clip wouldnt violate copyright laws.Its protected by fair use law. however, if you plan to upload an entire movie for download purposes whether for commercial interest or not you would be committing a crime.
            I went through the various posts of Sajith…seems he and Sibi are the sole genuine lovers/ collectors of Malayalam cinema from Trivandrum.
            and of course, Gopalakrishnan has become a true friend, a saviour to me…and i guess to a lot others. some movies which i though i could never see in my lifetime, i got it through GK.
            Narayan, trivandrum

          2. Dear Narayanji,
            Thank you for that “seconded vote” :). Also, with regard to movie lovers, most are reasonably happy in their own worlds, and i guess it would take time for them to wade through the cyber slush to reach this little chai-shop. I have a few who are walking encyclopedias in malayalam films but are technophobic to the core 🙂 With Sibi and Sajith, I guess they just plodded on through the undergrowth and am glad they frequent here for their fairly regular dose of cutting chai. 🙂 With Gopalkrishnan ji, I guess angels with celluloid wings don’t come around too often :D.. And above all, THANK YOU ALL, for naking this corner of the web, a tad lively…cinematters

          3. Dear all
            Thanks for all. My venture will be complete to the maximum possible extent only after i meet the PRECIOUS GK. There is a song in the film Lottery Ticket sung by P. Leela – Oro Kanavilum – a sad song. This song is sung by Sheela in the film. This song is edited in the CD version of the film released both by T series and Saina. However, i still remember this song in the VHS edition. Anybody got the print of that movie having the song?
            Another area to open exchange of ideas is about the details of Malayalam films dubbed/remade from other languages and vice versa. The film Vazhvemayam was remade into Hindi as Aap Ki Kasam. Similarly i’ve heard that Chemmeen was remade into Hindi. The music of the Hindi version was scored by Salil Chowdhury. The Film Anurag in Hindi was remade to Malayalam as Ragam. S D Burman scored the music for Anurag and Ragam by Salil Chowdhury.The film Rest House was remade to Hindi as Jungle Ek Mangal. The Hindi version is close to the original Malayalam. Dil Ek Mandir of Hindi was remade to Hrudayam Oru Kshetram in malayalam. I Can any body add new information?


          4. When I said upload, I was talking about uploading photos of Prem Nazeer Anusmaranam and honoring Sreekumaran Thamby, at Kozhikode to be published here.

          5. @ Sajith
            here goes a list of malayalam movies inspired by other languages.
            PADAYANI a movie starringn Mammootty, Mohanlal and Devan is a direct copy of Hindi movie YAADON KI BAARAT- tale of three brothers lost in childhood finiding each other as adults. JOHN JAFFER JANARDHAN- yet another tale of brothers lost in childhood is inspired from AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY.SHOBHRAJ starring Mohanlal is inspired from hindi movie DON. ENGANAYUNDU ASANE – is a remake of the Rakesh Roshan starrer KAMCHOR; while the Nazir- Madhu movie ANKAM is a remake of Sanjeev Kumar movie DEVTA (hindi)
            NEETHIPEEDAM- starring Madhu was based on Alfred Hitchcok’s THE WRONG MAN and Victor Hugo’s LES MISERABLES. BANDHAM (starring Madhu and Lekshmi) was inspired from the Hindi movie SEETA AUR GEETHA. ITHA ORYU MANUSHYAN (starring Madhu) was remake of hindi movie AA MANUSH. JEEVITHAM (starrign Madhu, Rajkumar and Shankar)- remake of Hindi movie AVATAR featuring Rjesh Khanna. HRIDAYAM ORU KSHETRAM (starring Madhu, Raghavan and Sreevidya) was remade from Tamil movie NENJIL ORU AALAYAM. THEEKKANAL (Dir & starring Madhu) was based on the movie AMARDEEP starring Rajesh Kahnna, which also became a Tamil movie DWEEP starring Sivaji Ganesan. I am not sure whether the Hindi and Tamil versions were remakes of the Malayalam or vice-versa.
            SIMHAVALAN MENON is inspired by the 1979 movie GOLMAAL starring Amol Palekar and Utpal Dutt. the Jayaram- Biju Menonon movie CHITRASALABHAM (1998) is a direct remake of the Hrishikesh Mukherjee movie ANAND starring Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan.PARAYANUM VAYYA PARAYTHIRIKKANUM VAYYA starring Mammootty, Mohanlala, Shankar and Sreenath is a remake of the 1975 Hindi movie FARAAR starring Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjeev Kumar. Shankar steps into the shoes of the Bachchan charachter; while Mammootty essays the role portrayed by Sanjeev Kumar. Menaka portrays the heroine in the Malayalam version; while Sharmila Tagore had been the heroine in the original movie.
            AUGUST 1 is inspired from ‘Day of Jackal’ (English); Nirnayam (Sangeeth Sivan) – is a remake of ‘The Fugitive’ (English). Udhayananu Thram ( the post interval ) – a copy of ”Bowfinger’ (English);. Big B (Amal Neerad) – a copy of ‘Four Brothers’ (English). Anwar (Amal Neerad) – a copy of ‘Traitor’,. Malooty (Bharathan and John Poul) – a copy of ‘Everybody’s baby’ ; Thoovalsparsham (Kamal) – a copy of ‘Three men and a baby’ ; Thalavattom (Priyadarshan) – a copy of ‘One flew over the cockoo’s nest’; Kakkakuyil (Priyadarshan) – a copy of ‘A Fish called Wanda’ (English); Mr. Butler (Sasi Shankar) – a copy of ‘Gopala Gopala’ (Tamil); Boing Boing (Priyadarshan) – a copy of ‘Boeing Boeing’ (English); Ramji Rao Spekaing is See the Man Run; Aanaval Mothiram is SHORT TIME. Life Is Beautiful (2000)-Dead Poets Society (1989);Four Friends (2010)-The Bucket List (2007); Vandanam (1989)-Stakeout; VETTAM is from French Kiss ; ENNISHTAM NINNISHTAM from the Charlie Chaplin movie City Lights; EE SHABDAM INNTAHE SHABDAM from Deathwish; CHARITHRAM from CHASE A CROOKED SHADOW…I Could go on and on and on….but stopping right now- will be back soon,
            advnarayan at gmail dot com

          6. Did I hear a burrp :)..And wasn’t it *AMAANUSH* Narayanji? starring Uttam Kumar and Ms Tagore ? 🙂 We will go on and on..One step at a time..regards..cinematters

          7. Dear all
            Malayalam cinema is now looking to the past in search of plots. It started with Neelataamara, Rathinirvedam, , Raasaleela, Chattakkari, Ina, avalude raavukal….. The theme of this set of films, i think, are more or less same. Shortly we will be hearing the announcement of Itha Ivide Vare, Punarjanmam, alinganam, aa Nimisham, Chayam etc recreated. However, i doubt whether they can recreate the melodious songs in the older versions of these films? Is it possible to remake Chemmeen, Bhargavi Nilayam or Anubhavagal Paalichakal without loosing the rich cinematic skill applied by the great film makers in the older versions? There are a few films missing – Yudhakaandam, Teekkanal, Chukku, Karutha Pournami, aval etc. Lets hope that these films also will find place in the forthcoming remake versions.


        3. CM

          On top of the page, there is a poster of an old Malayalam cinema. I believe that it is from the song book of the movie, Line Bus, produced by MS Productions. From my collection of the old song books, can i upload a few? How can i do it? The song book contains the list of actors, details of other technicians, story of the film ( without the description of last scene) and the songs. The song book of Kumarasambhavam even disclose the Raga in which the songs are composed. Another interesting information regarding this subject is that the song book of Drikshakshi starring K P Ummer, Sujatha and Vincent looks like a Gramaphone Record! The song books released by Manjilas are all similar in size – devi, adimakal, makkal, vazhvemayam, aranazhikaneram etc. Anybody got additional information about song books?


          1. Dear Sajith,

            I am aware of the little treasure troves that they are, and at times they are the only validation of movie productions that have been lost or destroyed. Malayalasangeetham info has a collection of these, painstakingly scanned and uploaded along with their songs database but most of the times, the links are broken and hence would be a weary affair, plodding through them, but from the volume I have seen, they have a sizable collection. At best you would be simply duplicating the efforts. Also there is the “accepted norm” of lifting off what you have painstakingly scanned and uploaded along with relevant content, stamping someone’s else’s watermark and passing off as their own – I can give you atleast 10 examples from OMC, which leaves you angry and sad. What I would suggest would be to select those with their unique stories like the ones you have just mentioned, writeup a small note, get high res images ( a minumum 2 ) of the relevant pages ( 300 dpi or more in Resolution settings of the scanner ) and send it to I will make sure they are published under your name. Fair enough? Once again, thank you so much for your continued engagement and interactions here at OMC. Appreciate it a lot..regards..cinematters

    1. Kavalam chundan was telecasted in doordarsan tvm, some 18-20 years ago.. the once existed ASIANET GLOBAL channel had telecasted some of these films (veettumrigam, paticha kallan, kayalkarail etc) atleast one time each..

  20. Dear Cinematters,

    I am in the look out for many titles…. a ray of hope is our Dear Gopalji…. Can I get his his contact details….Many movies have come in Doordarshan. like Kaattukurangu, Ambalapraavu(Thomson had come out with the VHS)( Incidently I believe this is a remake of a Hindi Movie- don’t know which one but) Being in Dubai its so tough to get old titles… though have made some massive purchases from Maebag…Their service as you said has been very good…


    1. Dear Mr Viju ,
      Kindly upload the videos of some of the songs in AMBALAPRAVU in ‘Thane thirinjum Marinjum’.. .plz its a request…

      1. I had uploaded, but not shared….now it seems to have been removed…. will upload again in a week and let you know… 🙂

    2. Its interesting to hear from you that patichakallan, veettumrugam, Kaayal Karayil and kaavaalam chundan. But do they have the digital version of these films? Great to hear from you this information. Thanks.

  21. Hi
    Does any one have the following films?
    1. Yudhabhoomi
    2.Vijayam nammude senani
    4.Pattalam Janaki
    5. Ente shathrukkal


    1. Their ICICI bank account number is given. You can deposit the required amount with it and follow it up with maebag over telephone. I followed this process for getting few old malayalam CDs from them and it worked satisfactorily.

      1. Ok..first you have to call them and talk to them..and then deposit the money in their account? Once they get it they send you the order..thats how it works..ok good.Thanks for the ingo

      1. Hai, I am also very fond of old movies. I shall be too happy if you could share with me the collections you have got. thanks,

      2. The VCDs I have got include Eranakulam Junction, Danger Biscuit, Cochin Express, Ratri Vandi, Sambhavami Yuge Yuge, Kaalachakram, Velluvili, Padmatheertham, Kalpavriksham, Sindhu, Shastram Jayichu Manushyan Thottu, Maru Nattil Oru Malayali, Cheenavala, Bhoomi Devi Pushpiniyayi, Aaraadhika and DVD – Chemmeen, Lankadahanam, Postmane Kananilla.

  22. cine matters… have you got any idea about the availability og PAZHASSIRAJA (old), PALATTU KOMAN, KUNJALI MARAKKAR, KOTTARAM VILKKANUNDU etc. only doordarshan has telecasted all these so far (also THE ONCE EXISTED GOLDEN TELEVISION CHANNEL FOR OLD MALAYALAM MOVIES, “ASIANET GLOBAL” ALSO TELECASTED THESE.) surely the above mentioned vcd/dvd companies do not have these films or even its prints. any idea abt personal collections?

  23. Hello how do i contact shri. gopalkrishnan. i too am interested in some old movies. the movies I am on the lookout for are:
    Manasakshi (1954- Prem Nazir)
    Asha Deepam (1953 Sathyan)
    Vidyarthi (1961 Thikkurussi)
    Lakshaprabhu (1961 Prem Nazir)
    Jeevikkan Anuvadikkuka (1967 Prem Nazir)
    Sthree (1970- Sathyan)
    Akalangalil Abhayam (1981 Madhu, Sukumaran, Soman)
    Enikku Vishakkunnu (1982- Nedumudi Venu)
    Manthrikakuthira (1996 Manoj K. Jayan, Dileep)
    Ottayadipathakal (1991 Madhu, Revathy)
    Oru Thettinte Katha (1984 Prem Nazir)
    Bhoomigeetham (1995 Murali)
    Oru Sumangaliyude Katha (1984 Sukumaran)
    Porutham (1996 Murali)
    Kamam Krodham Moham (1976 Madhu)

  24. Hello, this is Prakash.
    I am also an old fan of Prem Nazir movies though I started collecting VCDs of old movies only recently. You can buy some of the CID movie collections through online from I have purchased the following detective movies from them. Love in Kerala, Lankadahanam, Postmane Kanmanilla, Ernakulam Junction, Danger Biscuit, Ratri Vandi (hero – Vincent) . The other movies I purchased through them were Marunattil oru Malayali, Bharyamaar Sookshikkuka, Shastram Jayichu Manushyan Thottu, Achchani. Some of the other CDs I have bought through The services of are also very good and they have a huge collection too.

    1. Hi Prakash,
      My two instances with myindia shopping left a very bitter aftertaste and I have mostly avoided that place. Will check again. Thanks for the headsup. Regards..cinematters

  25. Hi,

    A very interesting and dedicated site.

    I am a fan of Prem Nasir detective / crime films e.g. Rest House, Lanka Dahanam, Love in Kerala, Kannur Deluxe etc. Is there an exhaustive list? Are they all out on VCD / DVD? I have a good collection but I need to ensure everything is completed.

    1. Hi Satish,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am a die-hard fan of his CID movies too 🙂 Unfortunately, the titles of the films in that genre, to my knowledge, have not been categorically collated anywhere. One has to keep searching and discovering. I usually keep checking on for updates and online buying plus my friends’ circle in Kerala to do the running around. Rest House, Love in Kerala, Lankadahnam are out on DVD from Moserbaer. Kannur Deluxe is available on VCD at the Maebag store..If its possible to share the ones that you have maybe i could add in with what I know are missing in that. Also I could update mine too 🙂 Thanks once again..CM

  26. I would be grateful if somebody can help me to find out from where the following old movies CDs/DVDs can be had: Padmavyooham, Lisa, Raathriyile Yaathrakkar, Pattalam Jaanaki, Kadalkkaattu, Ithaa Oru
    Theeram, Pushpasharam, Tholkkan Enikku Manassilla, Tari Car, Maravil Thiruvu Sookshikkua, Aal Maaraattam, Aanaym Ambariyum, etc. thanks, prakash

  27. I am interested in the following old malayalam movies: Padmavyooham, Taxi Car, Maravil Thirivu Sookshikkuka, Prethangalude Thaazhvara, Ernakulam Junction, Rahasyaratri, Aanayum Ambariuyum, Aalmarattam, Soothrakkari, Raathriyile Yaathrakkar, Lisa, Pattalam Jaanaki etc. Would you please able to tell me from where I can have the CDs/DVDs of these films. thanks

    1. Hi Prakash,
      Thank you for passing through and checking on the availability of your favorite classics online and offline. From the list that you have mentioned, Maravil Thirivu Sookshikkuka and
      Ernakulam Junction are released as VCDs to the best of my knowledge, and you can buy them online from You could also check with them on the availability of the rest. They are very reliable. It also included some of my favorites too, so will keep you posted as and when I get a lead on anything. Thank you once again. Regards, CM

    2. i have alomost all the movies in your list in my collection.. would you like to contct me??? GOPALAKRISHNAN from trichur…

      1. Hai Mr.Gopal, pleased to note that most of the movies which I desired to have, are available with you. Please let me know how to contact you or how to get those for me. thanks,.

      2. Have you the following old malayalam movies:
        1. Ayalathe Sundari 2. Mayiladumkunnu 3.Padmavyooham 4.Chukku 5.Taaxi Car 6. Kottaram Vilkkanundu ..

      3. Dear Gopalakrishnanji ,
        I have read that u have all the movies which have been mentioned by M.D, Prakash . I am also very intrested to seeing all that movie. I really like 70s movies. where could i buy all those movies. and pls tell me wha is this VHS copy . i am littile ingnorant of technical things . thanks

        1. VHS means video cassette.. many people still believe that they will get DVD copies of old malayalam rare films.. fact is that only VIDEO CASSETTES are the source for getting old movies ( i mean except the television channel telecasting films, even the commercial copies of old films releasing in markets are all TV channel copies or prints ) you wont get a DVD (both commercial or TV channel copy) of KOTTARAM VILKKANUNDU or THIRUVABHARANAM or ABHIMANAM or CHATTAMBI KALYANI or such movies… the once existed video cassettes are the only hope.. and even those video cassettes are not available now.. almost all video shop owners destroyed their video cassettes once the VCDs and DVDs took the place in the market..

      4. Hi Mr.Gopalji,
        I am visiting Thrissur and would like to meet with you? Can you provide your contact number. Thanks, Chandrakumar

  28. I Want Oldflim For premnazer Pls Send List Of Prem Nazer Films PLs Sending To My Email id.

    1. Dear Zakkariya,
      You can find a selected list of his films here. I DO NOT deal in sale of DVD’s or VCD’s. If you could let me know which are the titles you want, I could check and let you know from where to find them..Happy viewing….Cinematters

      1. Hi cinematters,

        this is rochni. i am a BIG mallu movie fan! but essentially the sathyan anthikad-sibi malayil-fazil type movies. The golden malayalam movie period of 1987-1993 is what i m crazy about!!!

        have been trying to procure some titles for the loooooongest time now but none of them r available!??! Tried real hard, close to giving up now. Cud u please be my last shot & help me with where i cud find these movies?

        here goes the list:

        1. Panchavadi Palam
        2. Doore Doore oru Koodu kootam
        3. Sanmanasullavarkku samadhanam
        4. Bharatham
        5. Vellanakalude Naadu
        6. Chakkikota Chankaran
        7. Azhakiya Ravanan
        8. Katha Parayumbol
        9. Meenathil Thalikettu & Vettom (among the few dileep movies i like)

        these r some of the movies i have been searching high & low but no luck!
        Cud u pls lemme know how i cud get my hands on them?

        thanks a ton!

        1. Hi Rochni,

          Thank you for passing through. Most of the titles that you mentioned are locally available, save for Chakkikkotha Chankaran and Meenathil Thalikettu. Sadly most of them are marketed as VCDs which I think is a criminal denial of quality, but then again one has to put up with it till someone more sensible enters the market. Also, depending on your location, most of the titles can be bought online too. Let me know your options and I guess would be able to suggest the most practical one from that..:). Happy viewing.
          – Cinematters

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