Aakashangalil Irikkum from Naadan Pennu (1967)

Sheela in Nadan Pennu (1967)Aakashangalil Irikkum Njangalude (Our Father who art in Heaven) from K.S.Sethumadhavan’s Naadan Pennu (1967) still gives me goosebumps each time I listen to it. Like most of its contemporary compositions, this Vayalar creation was simple, sweet and beautiful. For anyone who knew the Lord’s Prayer, this was a step closer to divinity, and for most who haven’t, an absolute gem that captures the spirit of the evening vespers.

The film was adapted from Chembil John’s novel of the same name, and wasproduced by M.O. Joseph. I remember reading an article of Chembil John reminiscing about how the whole song came to be. It was during the end of the shooting schedule that he realised that there had to be a hymn that captured the spirit of the novel’s main characters’ social environment, and what better way than a celebratory one that gave thanks to the Lord, the Keeper and Provider?

He discussed this with the Producer who felt it was a good idea and together they landed up at Vayalar’s den. Vayalar, taken up by the idea, wrote the lyrics in 5 minutes flat and together they went to Devrajan Master, who was available in the next room, going over his latest project. Taken in by the simplicity and the strength of the lyrics, it didn’t take Devarajan Master any much longer to set it to the tune that we listen to, today.

Sung by P. Susheela (sometimes  I wish it had been  S.Janaki – Susheelamma’s pronunciation can be a bit cringe worthy at times!), this ranks among the other classics of the genre, simple, strong and eternal!

Aakashangalil Irikkum njangade

Film : Naadan Pennu (The Village Belle)
Lyrics : Vayalar Rama Varma
Music : G.Devarajan
Sung by : P.Susheela.

Click here for the complete lyrics.

16 thoughts on “Aakashangalil Irikkum from Naadan Pennu (1967)

    1. Think you have missed the Link under the Video for the lyrics. Here you go Sheena, lyrics courtesy Sreedevi Pillai from Malayalachalachithram.com.

      ആകാശങ്ങളിലിരിക്കും ഞങ്ങടെ
      അനശ്വരനായ പിതാവേ
      അവിടുത്തെ നാമം വാഴ്ത്തപ്പെടേണമേ
      അവിടുത്തെ രാജ്യം വരേണമേ


      സ്വര്‍ഗ്ഗത്തിലെപ്പോലെ ഭൂമിയിലും നിന്റെ
      സ്വപ്നങ്ങള്‍ വിടരേണമേ
      അന്നന്നു ഞങ്ങള്‍ വിശന്നു വരുമ്പോള്‍
      അപ്പം നല്‍കേണമേ
      ആമേന്‍.. ആമേന്‍… ആമേന്‍…

      ഞങ്ങള്‍ തന്‍ കടങ്ങള്‍ പൊറുക്കേണമേ
      അങ്ങു ഞങ്ങളെ നയിക്കേണമേ
      അഗ്നിപരീക്ഷയില്‍ വീഴാതെ ഞങ്ങളെ
      ആമേന്‍… ആമേന്‍… ആമേന്‍…

      Thanks, cinematters.

  1. Superb!!! Recently happened to listen to one of the programs on radio Paattinte paalaazhi which was put together by a chartered accountant called Sanal Kumar from Trivandrum. Was amazed to hear his take on christian devotionals in Malayalam films. He was saying that Vayalar Devarajan duo gave the best Christian Devotionals. But there is one song of P Bhaskaran – M S Baburaj combo- Paavananaam Aattidaya- sung by S Janaki and B Vasantha. What is so special about this song is that they used the sound of Church Bells in the BGM and it actually proved that there was music in it!!!!

    1. Totally agree to that Viju regarding the church bells.In the “Western” scheme of things, they have been used with brilliant effect to convey everything from Cheer ( Paul Anka – Let The Bells Keep Ringing )to omnious fear (For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica ) 🙂 Thanks, cm

  2. CM
    Was the film Naadan Pennu produced by M O Joseph and Balthasar in the Banner Navajeevan Films? need to check it. The same banner produced Tokkukal Katha Parayunnu

    1. Dear Sajith,
      I am quite sure of the Navjeevan Banner and the fact that it was produced by MO Joseph. ( A cursory look at the Paattupusthakam confirms it ). But am not quite so sure about Balthasar’s part – as in his name being mentioned anywhere. 😦 Will go back and check on the credit titles of the movie again and let you know..regards..cinematters

    1. Hi Siva,
      It is indeed a great song, also considering the fact that it is the earliest popular lyrical version of The Lord’s Prayer, that too from a Malayalam mainstream movie. Thanks for passing through and hope you come around again. ..cheers..CM

    1. That’s so true. Is this the song from Kochumon (1965), sung by S.Janaki? I remember it was set to music by Alleppey Usman. I do not have it, abut now that you have asked, will intensify my search.. 🙂 And thank you for passing through.It is interactions like these that makes the effort worthwhile.

      1. CM
        I got that song in my collection. Soorya TV has got the print of the film and the song was telecasted when Kiran TV was launched in 2003 04. Its a great christain devotional song. I still remember the scene… Sheela and Premnazir in the scene This film Kochumon has some of the beautiful melodies yet to become popular


  3. Wow…This is fantastic..At last, there is someone who really cares about old malayalam films passionately..:)

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