Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare (1986) Songs

There were three songs in the movie, well, technically the same tune was repackaged with a different set of intro and delivered pathos style, but the composition of Mohan Sitara, with the lyrics from the legendary O.N.V.Kurup, G.Venugopal literally ‘weighed’ on your heart with his tonal brilliance. The song can be counted as one of those rare classic lullabies in Malayalam films.

And contrary to popular belief, this is NOT technically G.Venugopal’s debut as a Playback Singer in Malayalam films. His debut was for Joshi’s Nirakkootu (1985) with the melodious Poomanamey. Somehow, it was the same tune in K.G. Markose’s voice that found its way to the actual movie. But, it was only a apart of the song that was played in the movie. The full song was picturised on Sumalatha in the movie, with the obvious playback by K.S.Chitra. Yet, the cassette tape released commercially as the original soundtrack of the movie had the original vocals of G.Venugopal for the male version of the song! And that was what caught Navodaya’s attention!

Ponnum Thinkal Pottum Maaney.

Lyrics: ONV
Music: Mohan Sitara
Singer : KS Chitra.

G.Venugopal LIVE, with an introduction by ONV!

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