The Tamil film songs of music director Raveendran

[ Another treasure "reclaimed" from the defunct archives of DHOOL. Republishing Saravanan Natarajan's tribute to Raveendran Master, written in the year of his passing, in 2005. Saravanan takes you through the 7 Tamil movies of Raveendran Master, amongst which are surprisingly, the Tamil versions of "Ezhu Swarangalum" and "Thenum Vayambum" !  ]

Ganga Creations’ Hemavin Kaadhalargal must have been years in the making, for while it was released in 1985, the EP sleeve of the movie mentions its year of manufacture as 1982. The film was produced by Ganga and was the second film of the acclaimed Malayalam director T.V.Chandran. Continue reading

S Janaki, an HMV best-seller LP and Devarajan’s ire.

S Janaki  Courtesy The Hindu[ This came originally as a detailed response from Sajith Bhaskaran to a post here on S Janaki, and knowing the amount of information he manages to pack to each response, strongly warranted a "place" of its own, and hence this post. S Jankai, P Madhuri and G Devarajan have always been an intersting trio for any Malayalam music buffs who care about Malayalam Film Playback history, for the musical creativity and output between them and a certain degree of intrigue that surrounded the great music director's choices in vocals over some of the best-loved gems from Malayalam films of yore. Over to Sajith]

This is a note on the post of yours on the songs of S Janaki. Your selection of songs traverses through the path of Malayalam film music right from the sixties to the nineties.

In fact, HMV, in the late sixties released an album of selected songs of S Janaki and a few songs in that list are also found among your favourites. Continue reading

16 Jan 2014 | Prem Nazir Samskarika Vedi’s Tribute to the Evergreen Hero

Prem Nazir - the Evergreen Hero This 16th marks the 25th year of passing of Malayalam cinema’s only Evergreen Hero, and the Kozhikode-based Prem Nazir Samskarika Vedhi, as with the previous year is organising a 3-day extended tribute to the actor.

Maybe a quarter century is an auspicious-enough number for the powers-that-be, that there has been celebrations galore announced by the state machinery to remember Prem Nazir. Minister for Culture, KC Joseph has announced that the government is still “searching” for a suitable location in Thiruvanathapuram to erect a life-size statue of the actor.

The Kerala government has also announced the ‘Prem Sruthi-2014‘, a tribute jointly organised by the Department of Culture, Kerala Film Development Corporation, Malayalam Cine Technicians Association, Association of Malayalam Movie Artists, Film Employees Federation of Kerala, Film Chamber and the Prem Nazir Foundation.

Coming back to the Prem Nazir Samskarika Vedi’s 3-day long tribute that kicks off on January 16, 2014, this year’s program include felicitating Director Sasikumar and actor Sudheesh, who completes 25 years in movies this year, who also hails from Kozhikode. Continue reading

A labor of love that will be a benchmark for future legacy digital projects in Malayalam.

Bharat GopyTo the question of where the janitor of this place had been, for the past three months, here is the answer.

The last three months have been a whirlwind of activity, which was a natural culmination of another 5 months of extensive collation and sorting of archival material, digital assets and print to create the most extensive, exhaustive and engage tribute online, for an actor we have revered ( yes, I use that word after a lot of deliberation) onscreen – Bharat Gopy. Continue reading